Axact and Media Jahalat

Posted on May 28, 2015 Articles

All Anchors on different channels claim that they are journalist but actually they are “par hay likhay jahil” they never bother to investigate any story to break. I don’t know weather axact is right or wrong but any common man knows that all over the world different collages and universities out source there marketing, finance and “back office” to countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka just like call centres. And these platforms hired by the different companies, but what ever company is doing, is nothing to do with that platform, it is just like when a lawyer represents a criminal in court and if any criminal is convicted by court, doesn’t mean Lawyer is convicted as well. Now as long as the degree awarding without study is concern it is very simple. All over the world it is a common practice that they assess your prior learning and your practical experience and give you certificates and degrees it doesn’t mean they are fake or selling fake degrees. It is same like engineering degrees from Pakistan universities are some time recognised in Australia some time they only transfer some credit hours and some time they doesn’t recognise at all, it doesn’t mean that your degree from Pakistan, is fake. My request to journalists is, first be familiar with the system and procedures of the particular area before breaking any story in media, and please don’t give your expert opinion where you are not an expert. And only relying on a stupid reporter who him self is just a “Kuwain ka maindak”. This all hype created on media is just a funny show of jahalat of our nation. It only proves that how unaware we are from the developed societies of world. At the end I want to add this that some times it is not only Media Anchors who are misleading people but our experts as well misleading people because we have no merit in Pakistan and all the so called experts in all the fields in Pakistan (approx 70%) are fake every one who know nothing they claim we are jacks of all trades but actually they are master of none. Including private sector. Our beloved Pakistan is run by dung tapaoo laws and desi, jahil and corrupt jugards.