Posted on May 3, 2015

by Zaki Khalid

Jamaluddin is a self-exile in Heidelberg, Germany and who is a strong proponent of ‘The State of Jinnahpur’. This, he claims, is for the supposed protection of the Urdu-speaking community. In the past, he has continued to pen propaganda and vice against the state of Pakistan and its institutions in particular the military and intelligence services. Furthermore, he calls ‘Punjabi terrorism’ as the supposed root cause of chaos in Pakistan. In the early 90’s, Jamaluddin was recruited by the Indian intelligence agency RAW after he developed internal disputes with comrades in MQM. He had escaped before he could be captured by the Military Intelligence which was on the lookout for him owing to the maps and designs in his possession as he was one of the main architects of the Jinnahpur conspiracy, which received massive funding and support from the establishment across our border.

In his message to the international journalist community, Jamaluddin warned that the military establishment of Pakistan wants to “corner and eliminate MQM” in Karachi through guerilla warfare. This, he alleges, is being done “through Talibanized factions of Pathan and Punjabi political parties”.

Moving ahead, Jamaluddin appealed to MQM leader Altaf Hussain to beware of Pakistan’s military and intelligence institutions adding that Altaf is being treated “as yet another Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman of Bangladesh”.

During the course of his latest message, Syed Jamaluddin made claims that Pakistani intelligence reports predict a sharp rise in terrorist attacks by separatist Baloch outfits against the state of Pakistan in 2015 under the leadership of John Kerry. He added that making of the ‘Republic of Jinnahpur’ might also gain momentum as a consequence of possible disintegration of Spain in 2015. “Karachi is Pakistan’s Catalonia and Kosovo”, says Jamaluddin.

Near the conclusion of his message, Indian intelligence asset Jamaluddin urged Altaf Hussain to announce “an emergency within MQM” and issue orders to workers in preparing “an effective action plan to combat all possible attacks”.

Lastly, he called on Indian government and the RAW Chief to urgently intervene in Karachi to make sure that the ‘Republic of Jinnahpur’ becomes a geographical reality. “Let the youth in Karachi not waste time in music or social enjoyment but prepare for a massive sacrifice”, he concluded.

In context of this development, this scribe communicated with a senior official of Rangers in Karachi whose identity is being kept anonymous for various reasons. Highlighting achievements made by Law Enforcement Agencies in counter-terrorism efforts, the official stressed that the security services of Pakistan, be they civilian or military, are above all racial, ethnic and linguistic bias and act against armed wings of various political and religious parties.

“It is not just one particular party of one particular class of people we act against”, the official said. “We receive sound human intelligence from across the localities regarding armed miscreants who belong to various known political and religious groups. Hence, to claim that the LEAs are bent on action against a specific group is simply ridiculous and a regrettable accusation. We have received due cooperation from senior leaders among these various groups in spotting out the black sheep among their ranks”.