Altaf The Traitor

Posted on May 3, 2015


I belong to a family who migrated from Indian held Jammu and Kashmir in 1947. The village my family lived in belonged to my maternal grand father. That village was given to him by Maharaja Hari Singh .My grand father died soon after and one of my maternal uncles became the Nambardar (Chaudhary) of the village and the surrounding land. Than came 1947 and the day of independence The Sikhs and Hindus attacked the village and my whole family had to migrate to the new land named Pakistan. During the migration some of the family members were killed. My uncle who was the Chaudhary of the village could not bare the loss and lost his mind he started to have epileptic spells and after few years he died in that condition. We are the muhajirs (refugees) too. We came to this land with nothing but here Allah gave us a very decent living further more Allah gave us an independent country that we can call our homeland and I can never think or see in my wildest dreams betraying or harming this country.
Now I demand an answer from a drunken ass hole that is hiding his ass for the last 24 years in UK and whereas he and his party are hard core criminals and murderers who have turned a beautiful city of my country named Karachi into a city of fear, thugs and bhata khores.
What right do you have to degrade our national security forces?
What right do you have to ask the help from Indian agency “RA?”
What right do you have to sit in a western country and making people listen to your miserable drunken bull shit speeches for hours ?
Who gave you the right to represent me and millions of other muhajirs across the country?
Who gave the right to thug like you to get drunk all the time and speak ON MY BEHALF?
You scum of the earth we muhajirs are patriotic people and we love this God given country no matter what!
Allah never forgives a traitor of the religion and the homeland. So try save your ass while you can because Allah is going to come after you .