Increasing Iranian Influence in Middle East and Pakistan

Posted on May 1, 2015 Articles

With the cooperation between Iran and Israel and Iran and Europe becoming more clear and open to the world, the Muslim world rulers have also started realizing the true colors of Iranian Terrorism, and becoming aware of the threat it pose to the Muslim World. Iran is currently fully involved with its army personals in


Recently Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan statement is one of the eye opening statement that “Iran is trying to dominate the region. This has started to bother us, the Gulf States and many countries in the region. It is really not possible to tolerate this” (

Its time that we should also look at the growing influence of Iran in our country Pakistan also. Pakistan media has always been silent on Iranian Terrorism. Nobody in media ever highlight anything against Iran or Shia. They are the people who have tried to change the history of Islam and Quran by their fake stories. So nothing is beyond their propaganda.

There have been number of Pakistani Shias fighting in Syria from the Shia side and killed. But no newspaper reported them. if they have been Sunni fighters all media would have been questioning governments capabilities. (
The bodies of these Pakistani’s Shias are buried in Iran. Just think Why? isnt it clear enough proof that Iran sponsored those people? (
Iran Helped USA in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan.
Iran has nuclear deal with Israel and many of its weapon from Israel (
Iran has nuclear deal with USA
Iran has defense deal with India against Pakistan.
Shia militia backed by Iranian forces have been involved in ethnic cleansing in Iraq and USA is providing Air Cover to them ( – Subscription may be required)
Iraq Shia militia leader is a fugitive and has been using a fake Pakistani passport for fleeing. Just shows how much Shia machinery has been active and helping to anti-Sunni elements around the world (
Pakistan Shia has been frequently visiting Iraq and providing armed men against Sunni population. (

Lot more is available online but the point i am trying to make is that firstly the main stream media is all against Sunni Islam & Muslims and if the same things are done by Shia no one highlights it. Secondly Shia has been slowly and steadily and in recent time more actively trying to move Pakistan against the Sunni world and away from the real Islam.

Its time that we wake up and realize the threat to Islam and more importantly to Pakistan from Iran and Iran Backed Shia militancy and terrorism.