Iran, India & Israel Nexus against Pakistan

Posted on April 21, 2015 Articles

Recently some interesting news came in the international media which our local Pakistani media totally ignored showing its own bias towards Iran and Shia.

First News: We saved Jews 3 times, Netanyahu should revise history lessons – Iranian FM (Link)

Second News: Iran & Israel cooperate over nuclear testing – (Link)

Third News: Iran Signs Defence Pact with India against Pakistan (Link)

First thing clear from Iranian FM statement in the first news is that Iran is never going to attack Israel so all the conflict shown in the statements are just fake. You dont remind someone your gifts if you are planning to eliminate them.

We already know that India has defense pact with Israel (Link). India has defense pact with Iran (According to that pact Iran will provide bases and support in case India is in war with its neighbor. And i think its pretty easy to understand that neighbor is going to be Pakistan). Iran has defense pact with Israel now. so this nexus is not hard to comprehend. Only thing required is one is able to connect three simple dots.

Also India play in Afghanistan through Iran. and India is investing in Iran’s port. Keep in mind India is not a very wealthy country either. (Link)

So if we are thinking that by siding with Iran we are securing our western borders, then we are living in fool’s paradise. Iran is a much more close ally of India then it will ever be of Pakistan and there cooperation history goes long time back starting from Mir Jaafer and Mir Sadiq. But that will be discussed in some other blog.

Turning a blind eye or not acknowledging this nexus is not going to save us.