Iran and Saudi Arab Reaction to Pakistan Nuclear test (May 1998)

Posted on April 18, 2015 Articles

As its a common knowledge that Pakistan joined the nuclear club by conducting 5 nuclear explosions on 28th May, 1998. So most countries around the world didnt like this exercise as this made us the first Islamic country to declare nuclear capability. But most of the muslim countries around the world were not only joyous but over overwhelmingly celebrated our nuclear explosions. But one country which condemned or sort of disliked our nuclear tests is Iran.

In a Friday sermon broadcast on Iranian radio, senior Iranian cleric Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati called the tests by India and Pakistan “a cause for regret and distress“.

“You are all aware of the latest incidents in India and Pakistan. It is really regrettable,” Ayatollah Jannati said.

“Nuclear tests are now a threat, an alarm bell, wherever they may take place. May God curse those who first started them and those who are still pursuing that path and tell others not to do so,” he said. (

Similarly Iranian Foreign Minister at that time staid

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mahmoud Mohammadi said on state television, “Iran follows with deep concern the crisis created after the recent nuclear tests [in Pakistan on 28 May 1998]. The Islamic Republic of Iran calls on Pakistan and India to promptly cease all tests and stop the nuclear race and join the [Nuclear] Non-Proliferation Treaty.” (

It shows how much regret and said they felt on seeing Pakistan becoming a nuclear state. We also have to remember that Iran is the country which tried to malign our scientist and get our nuclear program rolled back.

On the other hand Saudi Arabia provided us free oil for 4 years which continued during the Musharraf era too. So it was not free oil to Shareefs but for the Pakistan otherwise they would have stopped giving it after the Nawaz Shareef government got overthrown by the dictator. Also Saudi Arabia is known to provide us with funds for our program.

Its really sad to see now and i think the Saudi Arabia is justified in feeling betrayed by Pakistan when we at their time of need shows our back to them, when they always have come forward to help us in our troubled times.