5 Pakistani Dramas That You Will Never Forget!

Posted on April 11, 2015 Articles

From the inception of the Pakistani entertainment industry, there have been some drama series, which dazzled and prompted viewership in many ways. From excellent depiction to the masterful acting everything has been enough to make fans following of thousands. Here, I have compiled five dramas which I think had a consequential impression and a footprint on the minds of people.
Let me make one thing clear, that it is not about the Pakistani classics like Dhoop Kinary, Andhera Ujala and Alpha Bravo Charlie etc., because it would be prejudiced to juxtapose these contemporary dramas with the maestro in the entertainment industry, nor is it about the TRPs because most of the comedy and light-hearted dramas also acquired the attention of audiences. But these serials had their own flavor and charm which, till now, endures in the hearts of many.

Remembering just the name gives me goose bumps! I perfectly recall that when I heard about this series from a friend of mine and watched an episode on YouTube (which was not banned back then) I instantly became a huge fan of the bubbly Sanam Baloch and our charming chocolate boy Fawad Khan.
The back drop of this jaw dropping TV series is set in Independence. The story follows the oppression, tyranny and gruesome behavior, the Muslims had to face while leaving for Pakistan. From emotions to love, happiness to despondence, lost to found, this drama is the quintessential representation of the bitter facts and realities.
It wiped the Pakistani audience as soon as it was on-aired and even our neighbors couldn’t resist appreciating the effort.


How our society always finds a way to blame a character of women, no matter on whom she swear of proving herself guilt free. The story of this breathtaking drama revolves around Saba Kareem (Samiya Mumtaz) falsely accused of the crime she never committed. This drama is the best portrayal of the idiom “What comes around goes around”. How Saba is accused heinously which tormented her life, is worth the tears. It revolves around the time span of two generations, during which the truth unfolds.
It will not be wrong to say that it was the first drama which glued the Pakistani nation to our very own channels once again, when our Drama industry was in the dark phase.

Our very own Fahad Mustafa in a titular character, namely, Abdul Qadir captured the hearts of millions. Each phase has its own taste and joy which makes audience stick to the Television screens.
This drama was a true representation of the problems a Pakistani teenager, in order to attain status, has to go through. The spiritual satisfaction and tranquility which Abdul Qadir grasped after learning different lessons of life is mind blowing.
Apart from the story line and acting, youngsters were also seen humming along the pop music and refreshing lyrics of the title track.

Although like the dramas mentioned above it is not on the very serious side, but it has its own taste. Apart from portraying the mainstream story of a father leaving behind his daughters, which is quite common in Pakistan, It is also inspiring in its own way.
The story of a girl struggling to attain the top and to prove that women are no less than men, only and only education can make you have a topmost position in society and beauty and good looks will fade away.
In the midst of this all, she forgets that we all need someone special to make our life bearable. After spending a strenuous and exhausting life, she finally gets the love of her life.
This drama spreads the smile and happiness along many. It also became the popular Drama in India as well.

You think that your mother spend her entire life in great comfort and serenity with your father. But, suddenly the truth unravels that she has been an epitome of sacrifice, in her entire matrimonial life! What would be your response? Will you be shocked? Will you be in disarray? YES!
Durr-e-Shahwar was basically a story narrated from a mother to daughter in order for her to have a secure relationship with her husband. The way the entire story was presented was enough for everyone to have a tissue so that you may not soak yourself into tears. It is A must watch drama serial.

These five dramas for me are not just the stories, but the real life depiction of the events surrounding our lives. I know a lot many people will be disappointed by not seeing their favorite drama serial, but these were once in a life kind of stories. Apart from providing us with quality entertainment these serials left a footprint on the mind of many.