PTI Next Strategy

Posted on March 15, 2015 Articles

To let the rigging of Election 2013 go under the carpet is not expected from Imran Khan. Public in general supported Imran Khan throughout Azadi Darna in Islamabad and shut down calls of Faisalabad, Karachi, and Lahore. Due to unwarranted circumstances Imran Khan left with no option but to rap up the Darna from Islamabad. This was a hard, difficult and tough decision that PTI leadership made. PTI put its political future on stake while taking such decision. For the sake of the National Unity, PTI took risk and called off the Darna.
It was expected from Nawaz Sharif to announce an Independent Judicial Commission (IJC) to reciprocate the PTI decision to end Darna. In fact, on 18 December 2014, the spokesperson of Prime Minister addressed the media and stated that Nawaz Sharif welcomed PTI decision to end Darna and Judicial Commission would be formed to satisfy the demand of PTI. Likewise, PMLN Government back tracked its commitment of forming Independent Judicial Commission once again.
Meanwhile, further proofs and evidences are simmering up which are further validating the demand to probe the General Election 2013 and hence giving further fuel to Imran Khan to agitate on streets once again if Government fails to form Independent Judicial Commission.
Revelations from about NA 122 and later, by MQM sector-in charge regarding rigging in Faisal Sabazwari constituency in Karachi are making it clear that General Election 2013 was massively rigged. Latest revelations and evidences are making public-opinion in favor of Imran Khan and his demand of Independent Judicial Commission.