Rumors About Karachi Operation

Posted on March 4, 2015 Articles

Agha Mehboob

Whole of my country Pakistan is under pressure of terrorist, and our brave force is is trying to destroy their places and do not give a chance to them to act more. But even though the terrorism is not controlled compleatly till now and the terrorist has moved from KPK to sindh where they attacked a mosque and Imam bargah at Shikarpur a city of Sindh. We have not to claim or blame security providing agencies for these terrorism activities as the number Police is very low and the population is much more huge.
Let us see karachi whose population is about 20 million (2 crore) while for their protection Police is about few thousands, when there is such difference then how can we expect good result from police for peace.
Looking these facts our Government and political parties decided to get help of Rangers and Army for restoration of peace in karachi & to end the terrorism and target killers from Karachi..After the decision of Govt. and political parties Karachi is handed over to rangers to control the criminals, target killers,& kidnappers etc.
Since last year our forces including rangers are performing their duties honestly and with their efforts the crimes graph has reduced and they are still fighting against terrorist and criminals. But since few weeks a political party MQM is suspicions about this Karachi operation and they say that on the name of this operation their party workers are going to be killed and arrested with out any reason, while rangers has tol in their press release that they will continue arresting criminals even they belong to any political party.

MQM and the citizens of Karachi are worried about their future as One Politician after leaving MQM has given interviews on different Tv channels that after the recent visit of Gen. Raheel Sahreef and PM nawaz Shareef rangers has been given free hand for a grand operation at Karachi after senate election. Now the residents are praying that if these news are correct for a grand operation then that operation must be against culprits and criminals only.Residents of Karachi are looking towards Army chief to make sure that operation will not be specially one political party, no political party may be arrested if he is innocent. However if any criminal belong to any political party should be not only arrested but also must be punished
In the end of this article we are sure that majority of people arfe with forces for restoration of peace at Karachi, and nation also hope that MQM will co operate with the rangers to bring peace.
May Allah make the coming grand operation successful and soft and fair with out any revenge or political pressure

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Agha Mehboob
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