Learning Method Explored By The Parents Of School-Age Children

Posted on March 2, 2015 Articles

The Montessori schools offer a learning method which should be explored by both parents of school-age children and those who are merely curious about the education of Child care centers Mississauga. An Italian teacher, Maria Montessori, formulated the theories in the beginning of the century that these schools are based upon. While many schools will call themselves a Preschool Mississauga school, and they may do so proudly, there are things you should keep in mind. While a school may say ‘Montessori’, it may have a loose definition and with no standards for using the name Montessori, you will find that the standards and method of teaching may vary greatly from another Montessori School.

Traditional public school typically operates where the children sit at desks and are given written material to work with. Children often have trouble retaining information because what they are learning at the time is not important to them and they are still expected to learn it. Montessori schools, on the other hand, seek to foster learning in the child by enlarging on the child’s existing interests. The teachers are there to help students when needed, but also give suggestions on alternative ways to learn. This approach not only gives a student the desire to learn, but also sparks an excitement about learning.

You can expect Montessori schools to be very proactive and engaging during the evaluation process. There is a strong emphasis on coming up with a theory and then heading out to test it, and as a result, you will often see a lot of implementation of the prospects that are being taught at this point. One goal of the Montessori method is that children can learn the most in bursts of intense focus and concentration. At this point, the instructor typically will let the child work on their own while taking a backseat as an observer in the learning process.

This method of teaching is based on the one practiced at Montessories, which state at its core that the children are capable Preschool Mississauga and interested to learn by themselves. This method finds that it is important for educators to be people who observe the child rather then dictating or lecturing to them.

Through observation of what the child does and what he or she is interested in, the teacher will be able to find a way to show them the skills that they need to to know. When you are looking at schools that use the Montessori method, you will find that they are most commonly elementary schools or junior high schools. Montessori high schools are a bit rarer but they do exist.

One reason that you will see so many Montessori elementary schools and middle schools is due to the theory that states Child care centers Mississauga that a child has a very absorbent mind from birth to the age of six. Here, the theory says they have unlimited motivation to learn and to develop certain skills and knowledge.

When you consider how much a child needs to learn by certain ages, it’s easy to see why this is. Children of this age are extremely impressionable to learning from their surrounding culture – if they are encouraged to pursue these interests at a young age, it can become a life-long habit.

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