Karachi Opperation

Posted on February 28, 2015 Articles

Agha Mehboob

The operation of karachi which was started against terrorist, Target killers & criminals, is still going on. All political parties including MQM & PPP were demanding such operation by the agencies and were on one plateform. The federal Government launched this operation and deputed Chief minister of sindh Qaim ali shah as commander of this operation.
Now let us see what results we got from this operations? I think this operation could not achieve its target. It is correct that only few street crimes like mobile snatching and small amounts snatching could be controlled, and the graph of the street crime reduced, but at the same time the citizens of Karachi are very sad and un-comfort when they see that Bank dacoties, “Bhattas” and other major crimes are still as same before, for example citizens can see the bank dacoity of today when one criminal entered in bank with pistol and a bag with and looted the bank while there were 5 bank guards were available at the bank, but non of them nor police could secure the bank.,. When such big incidents are happening even after operation then people feel uncomfort and say that there is no need of such operation in which a huge amount of public taxes is going to be spent but results remain zero.

The citizens of Karachi are more worried about them selves when the listened an interview of Nabeel Gabol a famous politician who recently left MQM. He said that it has been decided by the federal government that after elections of Senate a big operation will take place like KPK @Karachi against terrorism. People of karachi on one side praying for such operation to be successful but on other hand they are worried too that such operation may not be started against a political party ie MQM on the name of terror. If Government and forces are sincere and honestly wish to fight against terrorism then they have to treat all political parties with the same stick.. If there is a criminal wing in any political party it may not be excused, But if only political workers of a particular party are arrested, then forth coming operation will also become controversial.
All the nation and the citizens of Karachi at this moment are with our brave forces and hope that their efforts will restore the peaceful karachi and they will once again feel ease . May Allah make my Karachi a bright city of Pakistan as before( (Agha Mehboob)