Posted on February 25, 2015

Dr.Agha Inamullah Khan
25th February 2015

After the responsibility of the blast claimed by TTP (Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan),speaking to media representatives on his visit to reassure the injurds in Lady Reading Hospital; of the Peshawar Church blast that claimed lives of 81 christian brothers, PTI chief Mr.IK ( Imran Khan) stressed that government should take negotiations seriously, and even allow TTP to open its office in KPK so that we could resume and solve this issue with dialogue. This was reported by Dawn news a leading news agency in Pakistan with print and electronic media, dated September 25th 2013 at 06.50pm.
How on earth Mr.IK forgot the ideology; that no religion teaches violence, and killing of 81 people from minority was barbaric and cowardly act of terror and that deserved all our honest untiring efforts to actually hunt down the culprits rather; instead of demanding to sit and engage in dialogue with them; and what would have been the agenda!!! Strange! Imran Khan even offered to broker a deal between the Pakistani Taliban and the government. In his own words he said,”I don’t want it to seem as though I am doing deals with the Taliban behind the government’s back. I told the Prime Minister, Yousaf Gilani, I will broker a deal, and before I left for Britain, two of the Taliban leaders contacted me to say they would go along with it – they trust me. I am the only one they trust because I am not seen as an American stooge. The people know I am independent.”
So he is the only one they trust!! What assurance made him claim to change that mindset and convince those Khwariji to stop this brutality, that what they did or have been doing is anti-Islam and anti- Pakistan and will find no justification in any religion or government system. And would they have bought his idea and surrendered the master mind and perpetrators of that heinous crime to be handed to law enforcing agencies or court to try them and then order their hanging!!  In exchange of what on the negotiating table with the terrorists!!! And we witnessed another blood bath in Peshawar Army Public School, murdering innocent souls in cold blood. If they were serious to negotiate and trusted you, was that the soft gesture to begin a dialogue!! Answer me Imran Khan.
After cunningly eliminating Gandhis from India and Bhuttos from Pakistan, the Indo-Pak political arena is devoid of true leadership these days and the political vacuum is filled by Blacksmith brothers in Pakistan and a tea-vendor in India. Pakistan does need a Messiah to rid the nation of on going slaughter, lawlessness, extrajudicial killings, kidnappings for ransom, extortion, corruption, nepotism, socio- economic disequilibrium, corrupt judiciary, incompetent corrupt Police and spectrum of multitude of other problems; but is Mr. Khan really that Messiah!!!
I always knew him as magnificent cricketer but I also recall his attitude with his team mates had always been rude, arrogant, and it gave you a feeling as if he felt for rest of his team members to be some  people from lesser class, illiterate loosers and especially how he had been unfair with Javed Miandad. I heard him describe the pain he felt for the nation which compelled him to decide to go for building a Shokat Khanum Memorial Cancer hospital but after his mother’s name, self projection again really, is it not!! The money was donated by whole nation and last but not the least the big donations were given to him by sitting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who is a prime sinister himself, hence should the name not have been Fatima Jinnah Memorial Cancer hospital for the amount of funds that poured in from the nation which stood behind him for the noble cause. We all loved him as a cricketer and still do and he blessed us with Cricket World Cup trophy. The way matches are fixed and nothing stays hidden these days and the manner  how we had played in pool matches back in 1992, it brings to my mind all kinds of doubts now. Was that Cup given to us in exchange of some agenda to be persuaded for which his projection was necessary!! Or am I simply being paranoid. Soon after he clinged  the trophy; I came across reading an article by him in Urdu in popular daily Jang, and I was amazed at his political insight. But my doubts adulterated with more ifs and buts when one of his close ally who runs his IKF(Imran Khan Foundation) met me during my service under United Nations flag; post floods 2010 in Sindh, Mr. Isfand Yar Kassuri. I actually demanded for IK’s email from him and Mr. Kasuri praising IK said, “He is a simple man and does not know much about writing, he further added “Mr.IK does not even know how to send an email, he is completely unaware of the basics of operating a simple computer even”. Wow!!
Anyway Isfundiar is the Program Director of the Imran Khan Foundation (IKF), which was established in 2010 to serve Pakistan’s most needy populations in the post-disaster environment. Isfundiar has 10 years of experience across various sectors, has worked in banking, sales, and marketing, and is the Founder of Flat World Media, a video content producer that documents the work of NGOs operating in Pakistan. He took a short video interview from me as well while standing at the breach that inundated about seven union councils of district Shikarpur in Sindh leaving thousands homeless. He told me he is nephew of Mr.Kasuri then minister for Foreign affairs in Rt. General Parvez Musharraf’s cabinet based on Q-League coalition government. Isfundiar was born in the US, grew up in Karachi, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from University of the Punjab. Isfandyar is the regional fellow for The Acumen Pakistan Fellows Programs. The Accumen Pakistan Fellow Program is a one-year, fully-funded leadership development program that gives 20 individuals fom across Pakistan the training they need to accelerate their social impact and leadership potential. Its corporate and Foundation partners are JS Bank, Jahangir Siddiqui Foundation and edmond de Rotshchili Foundations. Edmond de Rothschild Group is a private Swiss banking group. It was established by Baron Edmond de Rothschild(1926-1997), of the non-wine making branch of the French Rothschild family, in 1953. Since 1997, the group has been managed by the late Baron’s son, Benjamin de Rothschild. It describes itself as an independent, traditional, family-owned business, based in Paris,Geneva and Luxembourg. 
Well we all saw Mr.Khan’s political insight during his dictated speeches with short breaks carefully instilled with Billboard hits and songs of praise composed for him for his planned 100 day sit in with only one point agenda ,”Prime Minister should resign”, that almost has ended his pseudo-political espionage career staged on his air-conditioned container in to which he was often heard late at night giving out daily progress report on his increasing fame to his half Jewish sons in England telling them soon he will reach the Premier seat of Pakistan. I always thought and believed Imran Khan could do better without tangling himself into barbed web of political intrigues and should have continued to serve the nation with a vision on social platform and nation would have continued supporting him.
Strange really, Aftab Sherpao was attacked with a suicide bomb and luckily survived, Blore lost his life, Benazir Bhutto assassinated, Rt. General Musharraf attacked twice but IK is spared by TTP. I think Imran is sailing on death boat already, he has already signed his death certificate by jumping in to Politics, whatever the agenda or vision he has, who ever wants him in premier seat, or whoever he is bluffing with, only time will tell but for now lets not judge his fame on the bases of new platforms of CIA’s Mockingbird operation like Facebook and Twitter. Whoever he has vowed to serve, if disobeyed he has threat here on streets of Pakistan and if he indulged in any intrigues that serve the agenda of the secret societies then he is on target on Pakistani nation. His party manifesto is basically a corruption free Pakistan indeed, but just take a look at the assets of those around him in his Party, nobles like Jehangir Tarin or Shah Mehmud Qureshi whose inherited spiritual throne is snatched by his angry brother for looting their followers and spending too much money that otherwise is for noble cause of humanity. Any educated person in Pakistan can tell you how things should be and what needs to be changed and straightened, does everyone then qualify to be in premier seat. Well why not! If a thug like Zardari serving in prison could become president, obviously then Mr. Khan does have a golden opportunity, I agree.
But don’t you need to have that political skill ! to win the table talks on international platforms and the negotiations and diplomatic dialogue that is required of brilliant minds that are pushed to those seats of skillful handling of a state , it is something different than off spin or in swinger; dear Mr. Khan.
PTI Chief Mr. IK during his sit ins, one Saturday said that after coming into power he would select his team purely on merit, which will consist of most competent people both from the inside and outside Pakistan, unlike Nawaz Sharif’s samdi Ishaq Dar. Well that roar by Mr. Khan may have compelled the crowd to applaud him with few extra minutes of clapping on Attaullah Niazi’s song Saada Imran, but do we know what IK was hinting to?, and who was he hinting to? Obviously the financiers of his sit ins for so many days, the Qadiyani group. Khan was hinting and had promised a 39 year old Pakistani-American, professor of Economics at Princeton University and the most influential lad nominated by IMF (International Monitory Fund) to be one of the 25 young economists who are expected to be most influential in decades to come, Mr Atif Mian. Atif Mian was born in Nigeria but mostly grew in Pakistan, is also a member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community an International revival movement within Islam. The Ahmadiyya faith is practically banned in Pakistan and its members face severe persecution across Pakistan. Not just that Article 260-3 in the 1973 Pakistani Constitution declares Ahmadis to be “ non-Muslim”, and Mr. Khan has promised him ministry of Finance once he reaches the premier seat. However in a video message widely circulated PTI chief IK vowed that he would neither revise nor repeal any current laws pertaining to the Ahmadiyya community, since these were in consonance with his personal beliefs. Qadiyani group(Ahmadis) quickly reacted and the way IK switched from one statement to another awarded him title of U-Turn Khan. Ahmadis reacted saying, Mr Khan wants to have an Ahmadi Muslim as his Finance Minister but on the other hand he and his political party PTI effectively deny them their religious freedom which is a fundamental human right. Now that was forced self destructive in swinger that he bowled to himself pulling out the middle stump.
I still cannot digest the thought how TTP has spared IK when MI6 could not bare the idea of possible Muslim influence on the future air to throne of England when princess of Wales Lady Diana Spencer was having an affair with Doodi Alfaed; the Egyptian lad and was pregnant with his child. Had she not been eliminated; the Royal House feared her frequent legal meetings with Prince Henry and Williams might bring in to the Royal House a Muslim influence, hence even princess was not spared. But here our retarded minds are unable to think that Mr. IK who still is well connected with his ex-Jewish wife Jemima Khan, whose twitter id had been khan over the years despite their separation and she was in touch with him during his sit in around D-chowk Islamabad and used to take minute by minute updates of the events until January 9th 2015 when she finally retained her ID as Jemima Goldsmith when IK announced his marriage with former BBC Weather girl Raham Khan, however the special keyword to search her on Twitter was retained as ‘@Jemima_Khan’ …. and that Mr. Khan whenever he goes to England to meet his half Jewish blood sons Solomon and Qasim, stays with his mother in law, former mistress and then wife of Mr. James Goldsmith. Well we know that many questions were raised on the other girl who worked in close coordination with BBC, writing in her diary for corporation on life close to Taliban, code named Gul Makai the brave Malala Yousufzai who was used either by her father or the cruel media that nearly took her life to finally clinge Nobel Prize and almost every possible award available in the world by now; whereas no one knows much on other two injured school girls along with her which raised many questions for them being ignored. So lets wait and see now this former weather reporter on BBC, IK’s new wife Raham Khan behaves? What agenda does she carry especially after controversial Muslim-Jewish union of IK-Jemima that created doubts.
Sir James Michael “Jimmy” Goldsmith (IK’s former father in law) was born on 26th February 1933, was an Anglo-French billionaire financier and tycoon. Goldsmith’s father Frank changed the family name from the German Goldschmidt to the English Goldsmith. The Goldschmidts, neighbors and rivals to the Rothschild family, were a wealthy, Frankfurt-based, Jewish family, who had been influential figures in international merchant banking  since the 16th century.
James’ great-grandfather was Benedict Hayum Salomon Goldschmidt after whom IK(Imran Khan)’s one son was named Suleman. Jews pronounce and write the name Salomon which Koran refers to as Suleman. Salomon Goldschmidt was a banker and consul to the Grand Duke of Tuscany.Tuscany is the ancient Italian region with province Florence and capital city Florence of Italy. The historic Jewish communities in the region are the most influential ones. While the evidence of Jews living in Tuscany in the Roman Era is scant, the history of the Jews in Florence really begins with Italian Jews from the south emigrating to Florence and the Tuscan  region by the beginning of the 14th century. The Great Synagogue was built in 1882. In 1899, the Collegio Rabbinco Italiano (Rabbinical College of Padua) was relocated to Florence. Ashkenzai Rabbi, Samuel Hirsch Margulies became the principal of the college where he remained until his death in 1922.Rabbi Margulies was an enthusiastic Zionist and was very popular with the young Jews of Florence.The Tuscany restaurant near Jinnah Super Market in Islamabad Pakistan is probably either direct or indirect a Jewish franchise, exactly as we know that popular Geo TV channel by now has been bought as second party contractor of RAW.
Sir James married three women, the last one his mistress Lady Annabel Birley, Imran Khan’s ex mother in law with whom he stays in England. Her eldest child was Jemima born in 1974, Zacharias in 1975 ( Zakriya A.S as we know the name of prophet from Koran in Bani Israel) and Benjamin born in 1980. Khan told Davae Brook of Daily Telegraph,”My boys always spend Christmas here with Annabel,” then half the holidays with me and half with their mother. Jemima is very good, she always sends them to me, and in the summer I spend two weeks here with them, too.
“Being able to stay here, with Annabel, it is like family,” he says, before correcting himself, “it is family. Annabel, Zac and Ben, and Jemima and I, we have managed to stay friends. They all support me. Jemima and I have a very good relationship. I am glad, because it can be a disaster, especially for the children. Divorce is bad, a nightmare, but for us it has worked out the best.”
In 2003 Benjamin married heiress Kate Emma Rothschild (born 1982), daughter of the late Amschel Rothschild and his wife Anita Guinness of the Guinness Brewery family. Speculation about Goldsmith’s romantic life was a popular topic in the British media: there were claims that James Goldsmith was the father of the family friend Lady Diana Spencer, due to his friendship with Diana’s mother, and later with Diana. The point to ponder here is if Diana was assassinated for keeping friends or bearing child of Muslim lover then how on earth was IK spared for marrying a Jewish woman of that level, was there an understanding on some kind of X-task ! Is it still long way to go! Is it going by the book of Rothschild and the invisible governments of the secret society!!!
In 1987, having anticipated the market crash that year Mr.Goldsmith liquidated his assets. However he continued corporate raiding, including an attempt on British-American Tobacco in 1989 (for which he joined Kerry Packer and Jacob Rothschild). 
The first member of the family who was known to use the name “Rothschild” was Izaak Elchanan Rothschild, born in 1577. The name means “Red Shield” in German. The Rothschild family is a family descending from Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a court Jew to the German Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel, in the Free City of Frankfurt, who established his banking business in the 1760s. The House of Rothschild, this “Jewish” bloodline which claims to support and protect the Jewish faith and people. In fact they use and sickeningly abuse the Jewish people for their own horrific ends. The Rothschild’s, like the Illuminati in general, treat the mass of the Jewish people with utter contempt. They are, like the rest of the global population, just gentile to be used to advance the agenda of global control and mastery by a network of interbreeding bloodlines, impregnated with a reptilian genetic code, and known to researchers as the Illuminati.
Kerry Packer(Full name Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer), was an Australian media tycoon. Outside Australia, Packer was best known for founding World Series Cricket. Kerry Packer sent out invitations to all the best cricketers of the world for his World Series Cricket and paid them with large amounts of money. Today’s premier leagues are based on the idea seeded by Kerry Packer in 70s. Pakistan cricket Board had disallowed its players to participate in Kerry Packer’s  Cricket Series in Australia and warned if anyone violated would be banned from Pakistani Cricket. I remember in those days Imran khan, Sadiq Muhammad, Mushtaq Muhammad, Majid Khan, and other top players all had gone to play for Kerry Packer and were banned by PCB for few years and Pakistani Cricket had suffered major blow in those years. It is probably through Kerry Packers relations with Goldsmith family that Imran Khan might have found his way in and finally ended marrying their young girl Jemima. Well he would know the best. Imran Khan himself was on most of cover pages of big magazines including Play boy, owned by these big tycoons in those days, and almost every woman wanted to marry him. Imran Khan was known to be worlds no 1 Play boy at one time, it probably was around that time, plan must have been chalked out.
Christopher Sandford on Sept 21 2009 under caption “ Imran Khan: The Cricketer The Playboy The Politician, in The official Biography Paperback writes that Imran Khan has always been a controversial figure, a man who gives rise to hot debate on account of his strong conviction and hard line views. From his achievements on the cricket field as the Pakistan captain who captured the World Cup and the game’s best all-rounder in history, through to his racy social life—the practicing Muslim boogieing on the dance floor of Annabel’s; an “astonishing love maker,” according to one overnight partner; praised by Diana Princess of Wales, close friend to his then wife Jemima Goldsmith, as a “devoted husband”—the Imran story is full of color and contradictions.
In the 1980s, he was friendly with celebrities like Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. Acquaintances described his apartment in downtown London as a mixture between a hippy pad and a harem tent. He says that he has enjoyed the life of a bachelor to the fullest. Mick Jagger however is gay.

The billionaire industrialist Lord Gordy White’s daughter Sita had an affair with IK for 6 years. Tyrian Khan daughter of Sita and Imran Khan was proven to be Imran Khan’s daughter from Sita White in 1997 paternity test. Imran kept denying for her to be his daughter until the legal suit proved it otherwise, and he had not met his daughter Tyrian until she was six years old. Imran Khan married Jemima in 1994. In first week of May 2004 Sita white suddenly died of a heart attack at a Beverly Hills yoga center near her home. Although Jemima had never met Sita but they were in regular contact about Tyrian. They had a very good relationship.” According to reports, Imran flew to Los Angles to see about the future care of his 12 year old illegitimate daughter Tyrian. Khan kept denying regarding the legitimacy of Tyrian being his child but declared Guardianship of Tyrian on Nov 18th in UK court until finally an American court in Los Angeles gave verdict that Imran Khan is the biological father of Tyrian. The very same year Jemima divorced Imran Khan but continued to carry her name as Jemima khan until he married again Raham, to finally retain the name as Jamima Goldsmith. Jemima was heard saying the reason she married Imran Khan was because she loved democracy and human rights and she loved Pakistan- and perhaps- because her former husband had asked her to. Really!! And what was actually on her former husband’s mind, we do not know. Obviously she loved him more than IK to fruit his will and married Imran Khan. Well whatever her intentions may have been but she actively participated to stage international protests against then president of Pakistan now retired General Musharraf when he imposed Emergency in Pakistan.
Who knows may be Jemima divorcing IK and yet still carrying with her name the title Khan was a secret agreement between the two as it was effecting Khan in his political career for having a Jewish wife which is against Pakistani nation’s mindset, even the sight of a Jew; that is how they have been brought up and learnt Jews to be their bitter enemies especially after when Bhutto went for nuclear bomb that was labelled by Jewish and Zionist controlled US media as ,”ISLAMIC BOMB’ the ultimate reason for Bhutto being hanged to death.
Who does not know today that Daish(ISIS) has close links with most clergy and Mulllas in Pakistan including the terrorist wing TTP, and it is no secret anymore that Daish ISIS is creation of Israel’s MOOSAD and USA’s CIA, while recruiting goes on by many other agencies like RAW in sub-continent and by MI6 in Europe and even through Facebook and twitter; the new platforms used for CIA’s old propaganda tabloid Mockingbird Operation.  And most of these agencies work for secret governments owned by Rothschild, Illuminati, Freemasons and many other wings of secret society in Power to capture most of the World’s wealth and with their power and money bring about regime changes of their choice, balkanize states and redraw the borders as per their aspirations with ultimate goal of Greater Israel. If IK could leave  Sita White and marry Jemima and leave Jemima and marry Raham Khan, not to count numerous other women for which he was awarded title the lady-killer, then could he not go back to Jemima when Zionists have achieved their plan and big tycoons like Rothschild or Goldsmith are in power seat in Greater Zeo Black territory and Khan with his two sons already there with Jewish connection. Why did Khan really bother for Tehreek Taliban Pakistan to be allowed an opening of an Office keep aside all their terror attacks on innocent people of Pakistan. No wonder if they thought IK to be their man of choice in Pakistan. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that TTP PTI and IK are the beads of same rosary used by Devil’s advocates, the Rothschild, the Goldsmiths, the Illuminati, or the Freemasons. So watch out Pakistan who you bring in with your votes.
God Bless Pakistan.