“WHERE IS OUR MEESIAH” An open letter to General Raheel Shareef from Shikarpur

Posted on February 3, 2015 Articles

Dr.Agha Inamullah Khan
February 3rd 2015

Dear Sir
Writing this with deep respect for you, and a hope that I have that you are our ultimate savior but me and many others are getting frustrated as each day goes by without a significant change.
“This state is criminalized and is consciously dead on human values and the only institute which could revive it is Army”, said one anchor Mr. Zafar Hilali today on feb 3rd 2015 in a talk show on channel 24, besides our Halal and Haram dilemma that we choose to adhere to in our daily routine lives and still genially play hypocrisy to get our job done.
“The judiciary has failed to deliver justice he further aided, institutions are cripled. Do you not see it! Or do you want someone to say it officially”, he added.
What could be more official than that when a renouned anchor makes that claim on private TV channel? May be it will sound more official if it was aired on National TV by our retarded Prime minister.

“Man divorced his wife and was secretly having an affair with wife’s younger sister and officially filed suit seeking divorce through court consequently that has led up to situation in court when wife began to beat the husband up in court premesis”.
Now is that breaking news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel humiliated and disgusted as a Pakistani.
May be it is breaking news from Islamic Republic where people talk of Islam all the time and never practice it within their hypocritical brought up.
Sir out of 67 years since birth of Pakistan, it has been ruled for more than 30 years or so by only 3 Generals, and rest of its so called prosperous years by more than a dozen civilians. And traditionally sitting governmet blames the one before to have left them tangled in web of problems for their wrong policies and rationalizes their failures by quoting others and blaming them, but at worst they still continue to loot rather than to straighen things. Also one big excuse through so called democratic genious minds voclaized is blame on previous Martial laws to be soul reason of today’s failing institues and bad governance and violent behaviors of commoners and the grave state of the country. And lately it has been advised on number of occasions by Ex President who remained in Khaki uniform holding duel powers as COAS and Presidential seats of power ; that parliamentary system has failed and that we must exercise Presidential form of Rule.
Well, Let’s give it a try, if you think so, provided if you stick to constitution. Even America has one where Presidential form of rule is in practice and their Presidents are elected and not selected like here through some kind of Reffrundum Fraud, sometimes in the name of Islam and sometimes scaring the nation of some kind of grave national threat. More or less they are precisely not selected ; or cleverly engineered as elected as it happens here. They are even tried in court of law for wrong doings whereas he did not give a hoot to court proceedings or even thought was important to go for a court hearing when he was being tried. What a humiliation and then they discuss on TV, judiciary has failed.
Covert polices are no more covert Sir,with the advent of internet ;it has been openly discussed and said that by year 2015, there will be no country with the name Pakistan on the world map and some are even discussing that our own army could be part of this facilitation of Balkanization of Pakistan. Now what shall be my answer to them, how do I defend the uniform that I have respected and saluted as school boy over the decades; however I am not the spokesperson for the Army but I surely am worried for my motherland,with all that is happening around and I am dead sure Army is not behind it.
They may have committed mistakes yes, but could never be part of its Balkanization.
May be those bitter decisions they made in past apparently seem wrong, cruel, unconstitutional but they could never be anti-Pakistan. Never! I am not buying that sort of crap.However they may have missused power or been dictatorial in their approach never to listen to “NO” for an answer but never anti-Pakistan. But is that sort of behavior not to be expected from a soldier who is to abide by the orders of the higher ups or higher ups quite used to listening to “YES” for an answer from their subordinates. That is how system works there, for right or wrong decisions; but orders have to be followed and that is what we call a discipilline rather, which in civillian terms is considered dictatorship. That is one reason why countries choose Army rule to be last option they could have when things go out of control.
Unlike parliamentary system you do not make decision by collective participatory involvement of all, however despite that fair rule, we have seen dictatorial way of running the show by Parliamentarians as well. But why is this country being ruled from Dubai, London, Jiddah or Washington? Why can’t we decide for ourselves for our fate for what is good for us! Why should not all these corrupt politicians and Generals in past (with due respect) and Beaurocrats, and Judges be punished for the state we have reached?
What is the fault of common lunatics like me here, who still vow to give their sweat and blood for this country and prefer to die here than to run away with few million dollars looted from this nation to live safe lives along with their loved ones in Dubai, London and New York.
Media discusses no to Army rule scaring us of its dire consequences and quoting its past performance track record. At the same time media shows public opinion, who say nothing doing; only army baton could put things right. So who does media reflect any way!, when mases are in favor of clean sweep of the corrupt lot and eagerly demand them to be baton charged and lashed publically and the looters to be hanged on Highways and from bridges. But if now no one made an effort to facilitate in delievering the justice; people might rise and do the needful themselves but that can lead to seriuos situations because each one will carry a gun and decide as per his individual perception of the situation and decide the punishement and that would be a chaos and precisely a civil war, which in its partial definiton , has begun already.

I am sure we all are aware, that doctors went on strike yesterday. Now this the height of lawlessness that doctors went on to strike to protest to give them security so that they could serve in hospitals with ease to save your lives when you need us. People have different views about their strike call, but their demand is just. 17 doctors were killed last year; majority of them in Karachi for not paying ransom. They have not been provided any security and not even allowed to carry a gun in their self defense relaxing 144 clause for their safety. What choices do they have then? Some have been heard saying it is not the local culprits from militant organizations or militants within political parties but rather a mercenary organization Black Water. Now black or white, we need to breath in safer Pakistan.

As a sensitive concerned die hard Pakistani patriot I keep observing on what is happening around; hence I know what is it like at the borders and I am sure you can best analyse that threat level.
Today’s Pakistani politicians & media are ignoring the threat from India at their own peril who is instructed by devil for the final strike on nation in pain. All Intel suggest India is increasing buildup on border with all necessary logistics for invasion. I know it’s our national duty to act as responsible patriots and change our current behaviors and to stop looking at things with negativity. External & internal forces of change are too powerful now to be stopped but nothing is impossible. If the internal forces do not bring a change, externals surely will change our very map as they have been openly saying,” that by 2015 Pakistan will see its fate same to that of Yugoslavia, with political rivalry, and civil wars”. No doubt Pakistan may not remain the same in the coming days as Iraq and Syria are not the same now, for better or worse, but together we can face this fury. All the traitors within the country are coming out hissing against the army. Every act of terrorism in Pakistan is foreign sponsored, using local angry youth and as mercenaries taking advantage of the situation supported by CIA & RAW arming and funding TTP, BLA, ANP MQM and Sindhi Nationalist parties. And that brings to my mind a quote of Sultan Salahudin Ayoubi who said,” To destabilize a country; all you need is to create an enmity between people and its army”. But has the responsible forcess be it media, army, judiciary, or politicians done enough to curb that impression being created among civilians against Pak Armed Forces.
There has always been a Moses in disguise in the kingdoms of Pharaoh, and Allah is the best planner of all. Sixty seven years of slavery, corruption, lawlessness, political instability, looting, poverty, religious extremism, extrajudicial killings, extortion, injustice, racism, nepotism, the Pakistani nation is desperately seeking a Messiah, a true leader who could be voice for their needs and cries for justice. Shouldering the fears and anxiety of commoners like me, allow me to say on the bases of that common notion created against Pak Armed forces to be Pharos, so if among the kingdom of Pharos of Pak Armed Forces has risen Moses to be our savior to pave the path in the ocean of miseries of common people like us in this country, then it’s a blessing already and we are right behind him, provided justice must be done and justice to be delivered to all equally; regardless of cast, creed, or ones social, political, and financial status. If the khaki has done damage he needs to be dealt with as well, or else it’s all over, and we hardly have few months left to straighten ourselves or be part of torn pages from an abandoned book once written on Global History. Move forward sir, you have a job to do. Remember, nation has hope in you.

To win people’s hearts, facilitate them with justice. They are not asking you for piece of bread and bowl of curry. They can go to sleep without a meal but they need their lives, and children to breath in safer Pakistan. Pakistanis are sick and tired of all that has happened. Majority of them know they have to live and die here, not everyone has an option to fly off to Dubai, when worst of worst scenarios begin, but all they need is hope and believe me they will fight shoulder to shoulder with their forces against any aggression once their anger has been cooled of their 67 years of humiliation, looting, and injustice done to them. We are people with big hearts; just dare give us a big hug. Resolve your blunders and promise not to repeat them again. We will not let you down. Bring all of them to justice, do not let any one run away from this country, hang them on roads, and bring all that money back in our banks. It is the money looted from this poor nation. In the current scenario who ever does that, will forever be engraved in the hearts of 18 million souls of this land, and no power on earth could ever defeat us. All that is required is rebuilding that confidence; that shaken national unity, and it will never come in our hearts with any more promises, made by politicians. We have had enough, done with it already. Despite all that is happening I do not see any substantail effort to put things right by any of the institutes which serve as basic pillars to keep the system going. Despite the ammendement in Army Act to deal these fanatics and terrorists and their smypathsizers the situations seems to be in status quo, and we witnessed the other day; blood shed in the most important district Shikarpur adjoining already burning Baluchistan, and hardly any suspects are arrested to hunt down the culprits or significant efforts made which further frustrates the commoners and many questions then come to one’s mind eventually.
India, since the rise of Modi to power is injecting Hindutva doctorine among its nation and is ready to strike us at heart with all methods of war, and has it already not done so; the Peshawar tragedy on record and now Shikarpur which has seeen worst tragedy of its history that day. There is a funneral in almost every neighborhood of Shikarpur.
India is enthusiastically working on National Cadet Core training of its youth and such trainings are propagated by their organizations like Sangparivar or RSS, so that they are ready when its all out war. Where as we are acting like ostrich burrying our heads in sand hoping every thing will be all right and boast about over cup of coffee that we have 400 nuclear war heads, hence no one can dare. And were we not fools to have abondoned NCC trainings from our educational institutes?, since the demise of Zia-ul-Huq, which by now could have been further geared up adding little more vigorous trainings and limited war courses or tips to deal urban insurgency. The chapters on civil defence from our academic curriculum and civics was subsequently eliminated and we are dictated as to what should be taught in exchange of few million dollars that our governments beg from west, ultimately serving their goal of turning us in to slavery.
Indian trolls on social media are read as advising their government that they must deal with Pakistan issue once and for all, Eliminate Pakistan from world map is their demand.
Besides our fading national unity, socio-economic crises, criplling government infrastructure, near extinct education systems, corrupt politicians, corrupt judiciary, is there anyone who would or could put things right!  More or less same spectrum of problems may be reflected in other countries as well but that could never be an excuse to defend our failures, and especially when we try to rationalize our failures by compairing our failures with our arch rival India but atleast they have been constantly working on maintaining that national unity in their camp and prospering. In addition to live their Hindu doctorine, they are getting their nation ready for Hindutva. Are we ready for our 1400 years old call of Ghazva-e-Hind!!!
Is your media playing any role, besides Aman ki Aasha drama and scaring the nation by renouned anchors like Najum Sethi himself that if Pakistan did blunder of engaging in with India it will never win rather lose a lot. Is that how nations are boosted with hope and that vigor and vallor to face the odds. Such a shame!! Is this freedom of Speech!! Reputable clergy heard on TV justifying the massacre of children in Peshawar school and calling it to be holy Qital and get away with it and no one to raise finger on them. What are we!! Are we humans at all!! Even beasts have a way when they tear the meat they hunt. What is our responsibility as a nation!! What should be the role of media in current siutation. Freedom of speech or furnishing the hidden agenda in exchange of dollars. Can you not shut them up!!
Pakistani nation has great hopes in the army but they are scared, remembering, Ayoub, Zia and Musharraf. If you want to defeat the enemy, stop making circles in the sand, think clearly, do not do anything else at the moment, just facilitate delivering justice to commoners, hang the looters, you will be surprised to have added 18 million troops to your lot. And if there are any obstacles in your way by politicio-beaurocratic Corporation of fascist rulers then do the need full Sir, please. Go for it; break all the rules to achieve a goal. If other Generals in past forced their will, you have the right to do the same if we know it is for better Pakistan. And I know it is. I see that light in you, I see that hope in you to die for and that determination on your face.
The enemy is not scared of your bombs, but has found golden opportunity of your shattered national unity. Once you have regained that lost national unity no one will dare dictate to you; their agendas or pose any threat or dare any terror attack like the one we witnessed in Peshawar School or in Shikarpur the other day claiming 65 innocent lives and dozens injured, besides the fact that we have 400 nuclear war heads. Russia probably has even more, but its nuclear arsenal could not save it. It’s the unity of nation, the faith and hope that counts and you know best how to regain it. Just do it Sir, there is not much time left to think.
Does anyone feel the responsibility to lead. Where is our Messiah?????????
God bless Pakistan