A Change In Politics Of Dir

Posted on January 28, 2015 Articles

They were their coalition partners, most like minded, but now PTI seem to strangle Jumaat-E-Islami. An allegation of rigging in NA34, can be the demise of Jumaat, from the hands of PTI.

Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf’s tsunami might not have been that strong to snatch the political ring for itself, but its tides were strong enough to challenge every political party, and in every stronghold. It will never be wrong to say that PTI has been the major victim of electoral riggings, but a case that emerged against their coalition partner’s, from the hands of their own candidate, seems to take the most exciting turn.
Dir has been JI’s Kingdom since the beginning of electing process. After a break of boycott, JI came down to the ring, but the story was slightly different, the most lovable underdogs of the country and its tsunami has reached Dir too, although the provincial assembly candidates for PTI were rather weak, but Muhammad Bashir Khan, running for NA34 was simply giving a tough time to JI. JI managed to win, but first time in the history have someone touched them so near, a lead of just above a thousand? The PTI candidate bagged above 45K votes. But at the end, JI emerged the King of Dir politics, getting the only National assembly and three out of four provincial assembly seats.
But wait, this wasn’t the end. PTI’s candidate Bashir Khan would not accept the electoral results, and alleged JI of rigging, and using unfair means in the election. He filed a case in the election tribunal, and asked to check thumb impressions of the voters, as he suspects that illegal Afghan Muhajireen has casted votes, which surely is illegal.
But why would JI bother? They would just ask the Election Tribunal to check it, they are pure Islamic figures, enjoying respect of being virtues, they wouldn’t cheat. But no! They get a stay order from Peshawar High Court, and wont let the electoral results of NA34 to be rechecked.
Time passed, case went on, and a time came that at least Peshawar High Court retained Election Tribunal’s decision and asked to carry on with thumb impression check ups. It is still nothing to bother, JI will come up as clean as pure soul of newly born child.

Seems like the reputation of JI has been challenged, the face of politics in Dir seems to be changing.

But again it didn’t seem like JI is not bothered, oh yes, they are. The constitution of JI doesn’t allow the Ameer to hold a provincial seat, first rumors were, the member of NA33 and Siraj-Ul-Haq will swap seats after he was chosen to be Ameer. It was a shock, why wouldn’t Siraj take NA34? His own constituency? But those questions weren’t answered, and the rumors died.
Siraj gave up the ministry, continued to be an MPA, and later rumors were he will join selenate. But on the eve of PHC decision to lift the stay order from NA34, JI was a bit panicked, suddenly news flashed that it will be both Siraj-Ul_haq, and Muhamma Yaqub incumbet MNA of NA34 will resign, and Siraj will contest NA34.
That is were one thinks that there is indeed something in the “dhaal” (NA34) that is black, rather very black indeed that JI fears that the people of Dir will not be able to digest a single palate.
On the other hand Muhammad Bashir Khan emerged to be strong, not only did he managed to take tremendous vote, but also showed that he knows how to take what is his, no one in the history of Dir has ever challenged JI like this. He hails from one of the princely families of Dir, and enjoys political leadership of many tribes in the area. So he is competent, financially and politically. Being the pioneer of PTI, and enjoys close ties with chairman of PTI.
Insafians of Dir seemed to support Bashir Khan greatly too, and hate the dictatorial behavior of JI, alleging them for being hypocrites, and seemed to want their exit. As most of insafians of Dir are, those who left JI.
If the fate of NA34 goes against JI, they wont only lose the seat of NA34, but Siraj’s provincial assembly seat is also in danger. As Bashir Khan has only complaint and demanded checking of 26 polling stations, those which lies in Provincial Assembly constituency of PK-95, of which Siraj-Ul-Haq is the incumbent MPA. Any irregularities in the thumb impression which raise questions on Siraj-ul-Haq’s membership.
In short, this one case seems to have taken JI by storm, if the allegations are proven to be true, JI will be exposed as hypocrites, and will have to face the end of their politics in Dir, and that is only they exists, and if it didn’t, which is in my opinion very less likely by judging the behavior of JI, JI might manage to get some of its old vote bank again.