The Happy Ending

Posted on January 12, 2015 Articles

DISCLAIMER: The following article is a work of satire and fiction and in no way attempts to depict events in real life.

Wasn’t it like a test match? It started off, went on and on and finally ended with an official ceremony though with less celebration. Who says less celebration? Haven’t you seen the jashan that commenced in August, sustained extreme weathers and tensed situations? Yeah, but let’s not be a hurtful follower at the moment and be happy on the happy ending.

No doubt, this left many thinking in different directions. Some believe it was a wrong choice as one of Khan’s followers confirmed that, “I don’t have problem that he has married but I am hurt on his choice” and some consider it political suicide as another supporter says that, “He has surely lost the support of majority of Pakistan now, women constitute 51% of Pakistan’s population”.

After a careful research survey, conducted by My Times, it is apparent that 86% of respondents believe that Khan should have consulted them before proposing the other Khan. 92% believe that this is part of foreign agenda and she is an American agent. However, Khan’s ex-wife has dramatically won the hearts and majority of respondents suggested that she was better than the new bride while still believing she was also an American agent. Anyhow, things happen and graphs change over the time.

Among the affected followers one famous celebrity declared the decision “of course”. Speculation remains if she is a comedian or an actress. She was gracious enough to email her statement to My Times as she expressed that, “of course he is not the beast all-rounder and I only merry with the beast. I was telling to crickinfo and they told that actually Sir Garry Sobers keeps more average than Khan”. Rest of her message was decoded after days of efforts in which she stated that she now plans to settle in West Indies to persuade Garry Sobers to propose him.

Another affected party was the leader of cousin party who said that, “I am also of 62 and I held the parallel match. Nobody, including the third umpire, told me about the reward system. I also qualify the criteria since I also joined in, played till the end under same circumstances and on same venue against same opposition then why is this inequality, biased and inhuman behaviour?”

In reply to this Khan has already issued a press release in which he stated that, “It’s not just about being of 62 and even then he is of 63. Every player in the team does not deserve the reward at the end of the match but it’s only the Man of the Match (MOM) who receives the distinction. Those who are now claiming for the same reward should have shown the sportsmen spirit”. He has also responded to the research survey that My Times carried out, “I damn care, I am of 62 and that makes me wise enough to take decisions at my own like I have been doing earlier”.

Political effects of Khan’s decisions cannot be predicted at the moment. His bride seems to have the potential to act as his best adviser or even go on to play an active role in the politics but this might also result other way round. Whatsoever the case may be, Khan’s personal life does carry a connection with his political life.