Imran Khan confirms marrying Reham Khan: British media

Posted on January 6, 2015

I HAVE married BBC girl, says Imran Khan: Cricketer-turned-politician reveals he has wed mother-of three after ‘denying it’ as his sister says she is ‘taken aback’ by U-turn

– 62-year-old Pakistan cricketer-turned-politician has wed Reham Khan, 41
– Said he was travelling to Pakistan to share news and had ‘nothing to hide’
– But days earlier he said rumours of union were ‘greatly exaggerated’
– Sister Aleema shocked by U-turn, telling MailOnline: ‘I’m taken aback’
– She said: ‘We haven’t met her and I don’t know that we want to meet her’
– Aleema said family had confronted her brother and he had denied marriage
– Khan’s new wife previously lived in Britain, when she was BBC weather girl
– He divorced Jemima Goldsmith in 2004, after nine years of marriage

Imran Khan confirmed last night that he has secretly married a former BBC weather girl days after his family said he had denied it – provoking a furious reaction from his sister.
The 62-year-old Pakistan cricketer-turned-politician, who divorced heiress Jemima Goldsmith in 2004, has wed 41-year-old divorced mother-of-three Reham Khan.
On New Year’s Eve, Mr Khan said rumours of marriage were ‘greatly exaggerated’ and his sister Aleema said the family challenged him ‘a few days ago’ over the news and he denied it.
Speaking to reporters at Heathrow airport last night before boarding a flight, Khan is reported to have said: ‘I am going to Pakistan to share good news about my marriage with the nation. I have nothing to hide.’
Told by MailOnline that her brother had revealed he was actually married, Aleema Khan said: ‘Really? Really? Let’s see if he announces it officially. I am taken aback.
‘This is a real challenge for him. We haven’t met her and I don’t know that we want to meet her.