Posted on January 5, 2015

Dr.Agha Inamullah Khan
January 5th 2015

The problem always at its heart has been how to maintain the writ of the government while ensuring that marginal and peripheral groups are fully included as citizens of the state and their rights and privileges firmly safeguarded. We know that national security interests must be kept in balance with those of human rights, civil liberties and democracy. However countering consequences albeit of religious disharmony, political instability and foreign hand involvement that has engulfed our country with terrorism, may have led to loss of innocent lives as well; but has it not been worst in the name of collateral damage when United States besides precision of its equipment has droned you. Keeping aside the foreign hand involvement and cursing Martial Laws in past that have been the ultimate reasons as you repeatedly quote to be behind of what you face today, what measures have you taken to curb the growing terrorism and economic disequilibrium that has almost transformed in to civil wars. Did you ever bother to have in depth analysis of the root causes? or addressed them or even asked your media to have a debate to take nation in confidence rather than as they envisage on your foreign trips to attract business for Pakistan while you make billions from here burdening the nation with foreign debts to clear; which you steal form the National reserves or the loans you take for development sector. What does your constitution say when someone loots the country and plunges entire nation into never recovering state rather for generations to suffer when it is so strict on labelling it as treason if someone loses its mind to abandon it? You have over the decades carried on with making mockery out of your own sacred 1973 inventory amending it to adjust to your greed, but when the only existing capable power; the strongest and only unshaken pillar that you have always looked at to save your butt takes on charge whenever you feared there was national urge, you consider it to be prefixed story. Now that very pillar finally took the decision without worrying about that imbalance between the national security and human rights and civil liberties for the utmost desired safe tomorrow for all of us, still you continued hesitating to agree, because your very own ass was at stake for the alliances you made with terrorists behind closed doors and the promises you vowed fearing it would backfire and might cost you your lives or the lives of your children. Did you ever think of our starving children! while you fly out to New York or London because your five years old needed to be looked at by the best doctors in the world for sneezing too much, while our children are not even sure if they will make home safe from their school. You pretended to be patriot but rather gave out a feeling to all of those murderers that you are making that choice under pressure from the Army. And even few months before Peshawar Army School tragedy; when your friendly opposition was challenged by Mr. Khan on the road exposing your failures ,corruption and nepotism; only entertaining your friends and relatives ripping apart the merit lists rather raping it and your by-laws and the constitution, bringing in this amendment and that amendment without a shame, even then the only face saving that you could sought was making mockery out of the Army, voicing your fears through your brokers on private TV channels, that they are the ones behind all of this dirty political science; including Mr.Khan himself, who kept wishing for the third umpire who he made sound like a bookie rather to raise his finger considering Pakistan to be a cricket pitch rather, almost turning that paranoia; in to an understood bitter reality. Such a Shame, we always throw our garbage on uniforms and blame them for being indecent and power hungry, camouflaging our corruption. It is also undeniable fact; that their past track record has been doubtful the way they took over power in their hands, for which they ought to make an official apology on national media to regain that lost national unity, but have we ever bothered to look in to the reasons. Keep aside the same greed they might share with you, but what about those past five golden democratic years without them!! What did you give to your nation? Just start your morning till evening and take a walk down the road from private sector to government departments you interact doing daily chores and you will know your so called claimed achievements.
Democracy is the best revenge that I heard too. But revenge from who!! Nation!! Commoners who sacrificed and pushed you to be able to make that choice of what Khappay(want) and what not Khappay(do not want)! And then award another party five years to make it look rather a family affair as if we were your mistresses and slaves. I am not the spokesperson for the Army; but it is my basic right as a commoner even the way you call us commoners, where is our national unity!! A Pakistani who is desperately seeking that lost national unity, whose morning used to start switching on TV with IQRA and a National anthem to listen before going to bed. Who is desperately looking for that taught brotherhood, tolerance religious harmony, and patriotism and about brave hearts like Tipu Sultan, Sultan Sallahudin Ayoubi as a child in school rather than worrying about lessons on Rudolf Ressndyl and Princess Flavia in today’s academic text that our children are advocated; to serve whose agenda!! I as a Pakistani do not believe in your deceptive “Aman Ki Asha fathom” struggling on peace and economic development sending gifts to the first lady of the murderer who engineered the rape and pogrom of your Muslim brothers and mothers and sisters in Gujrat. Did you have any shame? How could you not imagine the scene of demolition of Barbari masjid minarets from your Rawind Palace Minaret and not attain to your spiritual religious Gherat (pride) or national pride when those Mullas roar from the loudspeakers echoing in your gardens from their annual religious assembly at Rawind. If those Khwariji with their Devoband dilemma from India do not feel it, then you not feeling either is enough evidence for me to realize the fact that you are a Khwarij too. I may have been a Sindhi speaking, diehard Bhutto fan, but Bhuttos are history and so is their legacy masked by Zardarisim, and unfortunately to best fit your desires I could not alter my Afghan genetics who would prefer an Abdali doctrine of Marching with his heart and soul over your Aman Ki Asha and die with dignity or conquer with pride than to be humiliated in front of Allah and his prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) who we have promised Ghazva-e-Hind to be our utmost destiny, Inshallah.
I remember from Islamic history when Hussain (A.S) beheaded head was brought to the durbar of Yazid and he thought he was a conqueror and recited a verse from Koran,”Wa tu iz mantasha wa tu zil man tu sha”(Allah who He may bless with dignity or disgrace). Should we believe that killing prophet’s children in humility and by reciting a verse from holy Koran; Yazid the ruler of Islamic caliphate then atoned rightfulness. That was difficult time for believing women and indeed for Uma (nation) then to decide, who to follow caring less about their lives in their struggle to Godly path. Have we not reached almost the same national equation to solve that algebra when some group with its own doctrine, serving the goals of neighboring snake who is ready with its venom to sting you, and we get to hear justification made by some Khorasani twisting Hadith and Koran justifying their brutal murders of Peshawar holocaust? Have we not reached that National equation as our country that is now ruled by a Sharif ruler and a Sharif Commander in chief and we are pushed in awkward position to choose between the two as over the decades we have been so concretely advocated with lust for western style of secure instant lives, sucking out the very marrow of this country looting it and making it insecure for commoners flying away to be safely living abroad abandoning the bones of our ancestors who are probably now fertilizing the daffodils. Remember it’s the evil plan of the one eye symbol drawn at the peak of pyramid of that Dajal the illuminati; who at its behest wants to snatch that spiritual connectivity between you, Allah and your departed loved ones. The connection you endowed over centuries with unconditional love for land and when you used to be known as brave sons of soil is more special and eternal. So cleverly masonic cults have invaded your hearts and minds and singled you out of this rosary of faith bombarding you with their corporate materialistic glamorous short lived transit euphoric years promising you their self-created delusional Heavens for you. It wishes to push you forever in hell in its war with Allah. As a Muslim and as a true son of soil, it is about time you make that decision. Choose Sharif who is your utmost savior and does not have to worry about his billions of dollars kept in foreign banks or business arena in Dubai, India, London or New York or the Sharif who recites Koran before making his speech full of lies, in his so called durbar e Yazid, who has desired to be Ameer- ul- momineen with a masonic stamp.
Did you have any other better choice or plans up your Einstein Brains? How would you have rounded up those 3200 most deadly terrorists enjoying in your prison cells. Would you have dared to hang them, when more than 60,000 of your troops have already been martyred combating them, and double that figure of civilians as well when they bomb you in your cinemas, parks, hospitals, schools, mosques, Imam Bargahs, Churches, Police Headquarters, Army Headquarters, not going in detail here as to why not KFC, MacDonald’s, Duncan Donuts and Pizza Hut. How would you round them up with your corrupt judiciary!! Your corrupt medico-legal officers!! Corrupt police!! Or corrupt political intelligential colleagues. How many more children would you have sacrificed until your constitution or even amended one when you desired and your judiciary could finally come to compromising terms on the fate of these deadly terrorists, despite knowing the fact that you’re bitter neighboring enemy has already widened its alligator jaw at you; entertaining the geo-political desires of the Global Godzilla?
Did you have a choice otherwise!! Now that you have finally agreed to bring amendment to Army Act 1952 sparing your holy 1973 inventory and its desired subsequent testaments over the years, to round these terrorists hanging them through military courts even then concreting the hidden and open messages through your press conferences, and delay tactics that you played; muttering your words assuring them how displeased you are on that decision, will you not let the justice prevail!!! However if you felt for your ease; you could take on board a joint prosecution process between JAGS, Judges, Prosecutors, Police Officials and Intelligence service officers to make it easy for all of us to have any doubts left or question marks if any; on any capital punishment when decided or implemented. I would make a humble request that through your paid brokers on your salaried media, please also discuss; debating what other choices you had and how effective could they have been, nation wants to know!!!