The Last Sun of 2014 By Maria Choudry

Posted on January 1, 2015 Articles

The Last Sun of 2014
Just like every year, I desperately prayed for an extra ordinary year ahead on the beautiful morning when the sun rose for the last time back in 2013. And yes, 2014 turned out to be one of the most significant and a milestone year in the history of Pakistan. From ex-president Pervaiz Musharaf’s trial opening to the Peshawar attacks, everything has been uncertain, thrilling and terrifying. Like a thrilling Hollywood movie which starts with beautiful and joyous scenes which portrays the colors of hope but pervert all of these joys with excitements along with uncertainty. And at the end, these joys and excitements are abraded away and ensconce everything with red, the color of terror and blood.
2014 has been no less than such a movie for Pakistan. Ex-president Gen. Pervaiz Musharaf’s trial opening created a fuss all over the country leaving the nation aspirant and agog as for the very first time in the history of Pakistan a general’s trial was talked about but at the same time it raised many questions of many kind on our great institution of army. Later on the ongoing and expected successful negotiations of government with TTP were dashed to ground after the deadly attacks on Karachi airport occurred by the same group which not only flamed the anger and hatred of Pakistani nation towards these terrorists but also destroyed the so longed peaceful talks. The most Thrilling and suspense part of this year started with the sit-ins of opposition party PTI which totally altered the political scenario along with economic and social patterns. Everything seemed to be quite ambiguous and indefinite. The nation got divided; even the members of a family had their differences of opinion on it. And then this desperate and hopeless nation was again given a realm of hope by the most pleasant surprise of Noble Prize to a Pakistani child rights activist Malala Yusufzai. The delectated celebration were not over yet and the story had its worst twist, the most barbaric, heart aching and mind blowing attack on Army Public School in Peshawar by the same nasty, unholy group of savages who had destroyed the peace talks. Mourning and vigils seemed to be the decided fate of this torn, broken nation. In the month of December when everything is supposed to be white, it turned into dark red. The atmosphere,
the trees and leaves, the lakes, and even the white snowy mountains seemed red. But yes, it woke this nation up from a long, deep slumber and turned it into an enthusiastic and peppy one actively engaged in knitting its shattered parts all together forgetting behind its interests and conflicts.
This combination of red and white is not merely a combination of colors but a reminder, a message, a call to this nation from up above to stand up united as one for all and all for one, to bury all the differences deep down and rise high echoing His mighty name in hearts .For If, we still aren’t laboring for unity, the wrecked misdoings of ours will come back to haunt us forever.
Yes again just like every year I stand on the top of my roof, in freezing cold morning waiting for sun to bestow its cold rays on my face for the very last time on very last morning of 2014. The only difference it has made from last time is that, this time I’m not alone, I’m not standing alone rising my head towards sun to put my eyes fearlessly into his. Oh I’m surrounded by millions of my fellow citizens from diverse sects and range of different strata of life, all standing firm and united with one single motive on minds: to never let this highly risen sun of December 2014 set again!

Maria Choudry