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Dec 16th 2014
Sultan Salahudin Ayoubi said,” If you want to destabilize a country, all you need to do is create an enmity between its army and public.
While being in Sir C.J institute of Psychiatry for treatment of Schizophrenia, my hospital Punjabi friend who was suffering from Bipolar disorder on bed no. 16 giggled in my ear, “Khan, did you know that I am the son of Allah. Wait and see when I come to power. I will announce to remove the photo of Quaid-e-Azam from our entire currency notes, and replace it with mine. Since I can’t be everywhere to solve people’s problems, hence my photo will do the job, as every pocket has some notes in them”.
He was discharged from hospital with some treatment after his brief stay, while I continued to count my days. Then one day I was discharged as well, I felt much better to my belief but I still suffered from loosening of association, that’s what Dr. Mr. Hameed Memon told my mother. That, I still have,” loosening of association”. I was scared, wondering was it some kind of new disease, hence I wanted to have a word alone with Dr. Memon.
In order to satisfy me, that I was back to normal, Dr. Memon explained to me in a nice way, “Khan you have brilliant mind, and you talk about a million ideas in one sentence. And we can hardly cope up with your ideas and tend to slip them as you talk because you speak of so many things in one go. I felt happy, smiled at him and walked out.
Years later, I accidentally googled on the term, and it meant,” that it is a thought disorder characterized by discourse consisting of a sequence of unrelated or only remotely related ideas. The frame of reference often changed from one sentence to next. Wandering away from a goal of discussion and never returning to it, jumping to another topic.
An attack today in the early hours by the deadliest terrorists, on an Army school in Peshawar killed 146 school children and teachers. When a friend told about the manner, how they were killed, I do not think I will be able to sleep in months. It is, they announced on Private TV Channels, “National tragedy’. Indeed it is. So was killing of Bengalis, women and children, discussed few Sindhi Nationalists in exile on Social media, who see every act of violence against Pak Armed Forces a road to their making of Republic of Sindh and breaking of Pakistan, as planned by CIA for their regional interests. And some even believed saying it is the result of curse of helpless Sindhi mothers whose youth about a dozen were recently picked up randomly by Pak Agencies and tortured to death, and their riddled bodies with limbs tied up thrown at various places. One such tweet but cleverly managed with words of wisdoms was by a MQM representative, “See we told you, see Altaf Bhai always warned, but no one listened and made fun of him. I clearly remember a speech by him during our college days, when he said, “mein Pakistan per Laanat bhejta houn.”(I hereby curse Pakistan). And they have already demanded S1 and S2 and have always stated that they are the true sons of soil and it is because of their sacrifices Pakistan came in to being.
What sacrifices!!!
The massacre during the mass migration after the division of Sub-continent in two halves as India and Pakistan was carefully engineered and funded by the Royal Palace in Briton, who ruled sub-continent for more than two centuries.
MQM initially stood for Mohajir Quomi Movement (Migrators National Movement) with a racist agenda promising their people a separate homeland within Sindh. Latter considering the amount of criticism they faced and that it was more of a group representing only one particular faction of people could not have status of a political party so they changed the substance of abbreviation MQM from Mohajir to Mutahida(United). And they spoke of their mission statement as to be voice for all oppressed people of Pakistan. However, hundreds and thousands have been tortured to death, women raped with their private parts drilled, breasts and limbs chopped off by MQM terrorists.
They say MQM was engineered by Pak agencies to damage Bhutto popularity graph in Sindh, and keep the people of Sindh divided so that Punjabi establishment could benefit from it, following British doctrine of divide and rule.
I read in grade 3 text books back in 1972; Jinnah was born in small town called Jihrk in Thatta Sindh. But now my son reads in his school that he was born in Karachi.
Jinnah demanded a country where Muslims in majority could live in peace and harmony and not be harassed as they were by Hindus, snatching away their rights to mainstream bossiness, right to claim as nation, and their religious identity. Jinnah wanted different nations of Pakistan to have individual recognition yet join then as beads of single rosary of Urdu as National Language, but the very thought was exploited when Bengalis argued.

I have been taught that Pakistani National poet Allama Iqbal is believed to have dreamt of separate homeland for Muslims of India, which we now call Pakistan. Alama iqbal wrote a poem,’Saray Jahan sy acha Hindustan Hamara” (our India is best than the rest of the World) which actually is National Anthem of India. Can we stand mere a thought to accept a national creed coming out of a Hindu throat.
The country Pakistan was born in the name of religion Islam, probably the only country that was established in the name of religion, today has the most corrupt nation in the world with numerous sects within one religion, low tolerance for each other, lawlessness, joblessness, political and economic instability, social injustice, all kinds of hostility, corrupt governments, corrupt bureaucracy, corrupt judiciary, and corrupt Generals in the Army, and the corrupt media highlighting them.
In 1936 first labor convention of Muslim league then, unlike distorted versions of Muslim league of today, with N,Q,F and A versions was called upon in a small village with population of about couple of hundred houses. That small village had a primary school established in 1875, where I took my life’s first academic lessons on November the 17th 1969. I remember whenever an army truck or jeep rolled on the road beside our school we use to run towards the gate and salute the soldiers with flying kisses and they would salute back at us.
In a polling station set up in the very same school in 1977, when Z.A Bhutto was contesting general elections, I put about 12 votes single handedly in ballot box. I was only 12 years old, not eligible to vote. Bhutto was toppled post riots in big cities that demanded fair elections and protested against massive rigging. He was prisoned. Finally hanged to death charged with a framed murder case during the martial Law of dictator General Zia-ul-Huq, who in past had lead his soldiers to facilitate the making of Israel killing scores of Palestinians in Arab-Israel war of 1967, when Pakistan was contributing its part in collation Forces. That was part of our foreign policy then. We are no one to question that. However we raised our voice to full throats on social media during current bombing of Gaza children in Palestine by Israeli forces. Why!!!
Bhutto was a Sindhi and the real man behind arming Pakistan with a Nuclear Bomb which west coined with the term Islamic bomb. It was then I learnt, Bombs had religions, but to this day I never heard of a Christian Bomb, a Hindu Bomb, or Jewish Bomb. Bhutto was also the man, who brought us back 90,000 soldiers who were living most humiliating days of their lives in prison cells of India who were made captives when we surrendered this very same date 16th of December.
Today we are in the fourth month of protests by leftist Imran Khan, demanding to probe in to validity of votes which he claims were fake votes and in millions to bring Saudi backed business man Nawaz Sharif to power for the third time. Nawaz Sharif’s life was spared when he was prisoned and to be charged with treason for not allowing an air craft of a serving Army General from landing. He was pardoned and sent to exile for 10 years in the holy city of Wahabecca, due to political pressure from there. He was a Punjabi.
General Musharraf is the man during whose reign the two great figures were assassinated, Benazir Bhutto in the capital city of Pakistan, and roads washed immediately to leave any trace of evidence, and Nawab Akbar Bugti in Baluchistan. Benazir Bhutto was the former prime minister for two terms and the daughter of elected and hanged Prime Minister Z.A Bhutto. Musharraf’s unconstitutional acts latter were charged with treason, but he survived. He never gave a hoot about Supreme Court of Pakistan, and took it lightly vowing openly,” Pak Army is with me, and they know what to do with me and how to save me. The very Supreme Court (SC) popularly called these days as Sharif’s Court (SC) where justice is done as per wishes of Sharif brothers, hanged a Sindhi elected prime minister, but could not dare call upon a Mohajir Ex-General for a court hearing. The very Supreme Court was once attacked by Nawaz League and co; exhibiting a show same as we saw on our TV screens that of Barbari masjid in Ayodha India by Indian extremists. But it did not take any action then or ever. And a Sindhi Chief Justice then had to hide under the chair which delivered Justice, and crawl under a table to save his life and run from the back door. General Musharraf was never hand cuffed or sent to prison, even though he had completed his tenure as service man for Pak Armed Forces. Having a Delhi ancestry, he was strong supporter of Mohajrs in Karachi, Hyderabad, MirpurKhas and Sukkur and did his level best to convert MQM in to a biggest political party of Pakistan, but unfortunately he was not a Punjabi. That is the perception here.
I was told once by a man called Mr. Hemat K. Wandhwani in New York on social media, who had a friend called Mr. Kishore supposedly one of the senior advisors of Mr. Banki Moon the Secretary General of United Nations Security Council, that General Musharraf had sent a secret delegation of retired Army Generals of Pak Armed Forces about 6 of them, with Indian ancestry to India. The delegation met a 80 years old retired General Chibbher a pathan, an Indian Army veteran, to start lobbying in Indian Army to invade Pakistan, and that MQM will support Indian forces in the streets of Karachi, Hyderabad and MirpurKhas. I am sure Pak-agencies know more than that. But since, he is the man who had been once in uniform, so we have our limitations.
My grandfather revealed to us that once during a Friday prayer in mosque along with Jinnah in Quetta Baluchistan; he saw people speeding up along with Jinnah right at the end of Farz prayer. My grandfather surprisingly asked Jinnah, “what about Sunna? “Jinnah replied, “Extras not necessary.” I wonder how today Taliban would have reacted to that statement! from founder of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Jinnah made my grandfather promise him in Aligarh that he would go to Sindh and activate Muslim League there. Grand pa led a procession and gave out a loud call for holy Jihad to liberate Barbari masjid of Sindh located in Sukkur. Thousands got killed. And I once asked grandfather, “Why you had to even do that to liberate a masjid from Hindu occupation that lead to thousands of deaths many of the innocent civilians. He said he had no choice, that was only way to shake faith of Muslims of India. So I wonder the way it was being discussed on TV today that it were the wrong policies of our establishment hinting it to Pak Armed Forces, and agencies, that the whole fault lies with them and they are the ones behind the genesis of Taliban who have back fired and struck them in their hearts, gives an impression that we Pakistanis have become so wise and Robin Hoods of our era that we like to do everything ourselves and we ought to know Pakistan’s military strategies, foreign policies, political pursuits, future planning’s. For god sake it’s not our job. I do not blame Musharraf when he said, yes to American pressure; post CIA manipulated drama of collapse of twin towers which actually was to invade Iraq, and Afghanistan. What would a politician have said if in power? No!! for an answer. I doubt it. What did you expect him to say, when the country was mourning reporting deaths of 5000 civilians and linking it to Al-Qaida most of whom were hiding in mountain terrains of Pakistan. Now Pakistan did not know the surprising shift in policy of United States, despite the fact that the 7th fleet never arrived for our help when they deceived us in Bangladesh, and we surrendered 43 years ago today. We should have known better, and learnt from the history.
Taliban was not creation of Pak Armed Forces or Agencies. Taliban were brain child of late Zulifqar Ali Bhutto, who knew well the ill plans of both Russians and Americans. This was disclosed by Colonel Imam who war praising Bhutto for his services for Pakistan and Islam in an interview. Colonel Imam was killed few years ago by Baitullah Mehsud, not by Afghan Taliban, but Pakistani Taliban. Now here is another confusing term, Good Taliban and Bad Taliban. So unfortunate, an Arabic word Talib (singular, meaning Student) its plural being Taliban (students) is coined with negativity and barbarism. So good Taliban are TTP for America; serving their agenda, hence bad Taliban for us. Bad Taliban are Afghan Taliban as per U.S doctrine because they damage their interests there and good for us because they are cooperating in expelling bad Taliban from Afghanistan and also realize how Pakistan sacrificed in liberating their country from Soviet invasion rewarding United States of America to be the only Superpower now in this Uni- polar World and ultimate pain in our pits, fighting a proxy war with us, using Indian agency RAW.
Out of 67 years post birth of Pakistan, it has been ruled by more than 30 years by only 3 Generals or so, and rest of its years by more than a dozen civilians. And now each is blaming each other for the grave state of country. Covert polices are no more covert and it is been openly discussed and said that by year 2015, there will be no country with the name Pakistan on world map and some are even discussing that our own army could be part of this facilitation of Balkanization of Pakistan, what shall be our answer to them, for how long could we defend you. You need to develop that trust.
What is the fault of common lunatics like me here, who still vow to give their sweat and blood for this country and prefer to die here than to run away with few million dollars looted from this nation to live safe lives along with their loved ones in Dubai, London and New York.
Why is this country being ruled from Dubai, and London and Saudi-Arabia. Why can’t we decide what is good for us. Why should not all these corrupt politicians and Generals and Bauru crates, and Judges be punished for the state we have reached?
If among the kingdom of Pharos of Pak Armed Forces have risen Moses to be our savior and pave the path in the ocean of miseries of common people like us in this country, then we are with him, provided justice must be done and justice to be all delivered equally regardless of cast, creed, or ones social, political, financial status. If the khaki has done damage he needs to be dealt with as well, or else it’s all over, and we have hardly few months left to straighten ourselves or be part of torn history pages from an abandoned book once written on Globe.
To win people’s hearts, give them justice. They are not asking you for piece of bread and bowl of curry. They can go to sleep without a meal but they need their lives, hut, and children to breath in safer Pakistan. Pakistanis are sick and tired of all that has happened. Majority of them know they have to live and die here, not everyone has an option to fly off to Dubai, when worst of worst scenarios begin, but all they need is hope and believe me they will fight shoulder to shoulder with their forces against any aggression once their anger has been cooled of their 67 years of humiliation, looting, and injustice done to them. We are people with big hearts; just dare give us a big hug. Resolve your blunders and promise not to repeat them again.We will not let you down. Bring all of them to justice, do not let any one run away from this country, hang them on roads, bring all that money back in our banks, it is the money looted from this poor nation. In the current scenario who ever does that, will forever be engraved in the hearts of 20 million souls of this land, and no power on earth could ever defeat us. All that is required is rebuilding that confidence; that shaken national unity, and it will never come in our hearts with any more promises, made by politicians. Pakistani nation has great hopes in the army but they also are scared, remembering, Ayoub, Zia and Musharraf. If you want to defeat the enemy, stop making circles in the sand, think clearly, do not do anything else at the moment, just deliver justice to commoners, hang the looters, you will be surprised to have added 18 million troops to your lot. The enemy is not scared of your bombs, but has found golden opportunity of your shattered national unity.And no one will dare dictate to you their agendas or pose any threat or dare any terror attack like the one we witnessed today, besides the fact that we have 400 nuclear war heads. Russia probably has even more, but its nuclear arsenal could not save it. It’s the unity of nation that counts and you know best how to regain it. Just do it, there is no more time left to think. Or else what we have seen today, what’s next, obviously goodbye to Pakistan.
God bless Pakistan.