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Dr. Agha Inamullah khan

About a decade and half ago, an article in Urdu language titled, ”QAYAMAT SY PEHLAY PAKISTAN KA MUSTAQBIL” (Future of Pakistan before Doomsday) by an Islamic scholar late Prof. Dr. Israr Ahmed was published in renowned Urdu daily Jang. Dr. Israr going through an in-depth analysis and research through history, Koran and Hadith books, believed concluding that soon Muslim especially Arabs will be massacred with no mercy, followed by Jews demolishing of Al Aqsa mosque which will generate widespread rage of anger, igniting a global conflict that would engulf the whole World with its fury. And he further mentioned that it will be people from mountain terrains of Afghanistan and Pakistan who will fight and win the last war of the world. May be west sees same threat, and is therefore has opened all warfronts against Pakistan.

On December 30th 2007, three days post assassination of ex-prime minister of Pakistan and the first female prime minister of Muslim world Benazir Bhutto, Michael Chossudovsky; a professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and a director for Research on Globalization, the author of international best seller “America’s war on terror” in its web site Global Research; issued and published a report. The whole report was about destabilization of Pakistan; however I am quoting few paragraphs that I think are of significance especially in connection to current situation in Pakistan.

“The assassination of Benazir Bhutto has created conditions which contribute to ongoing destabilization and fragmentation of Pakistan as a Nation.
The process of US sponsored “regime change”, which normally consists in the re-formation of a proxy government under new leaders, has been broken. Discredited in the eyes of Pakistani public opinion, General Pervez Musharraf cannot remain in the seat of political power. But at the same time, the fake elections supported by the “international community” scheduled for January 2008, even if they were to be carried out, would not be accepted as legitimate, thereby creating a political impasse.
There are indications that the assassination of BB was anticipated by US officials. Without evidence, quoting Pakistan government sources, the western media in chorus has highlighted the role of Al Qaida, while also focusing on the possible involvement of ISI.”
How cleverly they have tried to malign your reputable institution as well as removed last of Bhutto, as they feared her intellectual capability to bring any world leader to table talks, or change public opinion which may have not served their agenda in the region.

“The involvement of either Al Qaida and/ or the ISI would suggest that US intelligence was cognizant and/ or implicated in the assassination plot.”

Already in 2005, a report by the US National Intelligence Council and the CIA forecasted a “Yugoslav- like fate for Pakistan” in a decade with country riven by civil war, bloodshed and international rivalries, as seen recently in Baluchistan. (Energy Compass, 2 March 2005).
According to the NIC-CIA, Pakistan is stated to become a “failed state” by 2015, as it would be affected by civil war, complete Talbanization and struggle for control of its nuclear weapons (Quoted by former Pakistan High Commissioner to UK Mr. Wajid Shamsul Hassan, Times of India, 13 February 2005).
I bet Pak-agencies have worked tirelessly to dilute this plan, and we have seen the achievements of Zarb-e-Azb, hence western plot has terribly failed of Talbanizing Pakistan to find reason then of sending out their drones to get them which are actually trying to sniff to see where the meat is.( Nuclear war heads). They are the ones who are actually financing and arming TTP in Pakistan, through RAW and other not state actors. Obviously they have plan B, or plan C, or D whatever. So now we have possible incursion by their new monster operating in Iraq, ISIS, to associate themselves with runaway terrorists of TTP, Baluch rebels, and urban warfare mercenaries MQM.
“Nascent democratic reforms will produce little change in the face of opposition from an entrenched political elite and radical Islamic parties. In a climate of continuing domestic turmoil, the Central government control probably will be reduced to the Punjabi heartland and the economic hub of Karachi”, the former diplomat quoted the NIC-CIA report as saying.
Ha! Ha! That does not seem to be happening either does it!!!!!!

Expressing apprehension, Hassan asked “are our military rulers working on a similar agenda or something that has been laid out for them in the various assessment reports over the years by the National intelligence Council in join collaboration with CIA?
I bet Wajid Shamsul Hassan is either a fool himself or is being fooled, how could you trust on what is being reported or propagated by CIA. Open your eyes and see, if our forces wanted to assist in balkanization of their own country, why would have they decided on Zarb-e-Azb. However our Generals may have wisely bluffed CIA, by finishing off with Taliban at lightning speed.
On February 15th 2013, another powerful bomb went off in Quetta Baluchistan in Hazara community area killing at least 100 and injuring 250, after the blood bath we witnessed almost a month ago on Alamdar road targeting same people. This was around same time when Lucky Qadri Canadian Circus was having their first D-Chowk Container installation for change of system or may be regime change as west wishes, and when Imran fell of the lift chair after his one successful rally and speech in which he vowed to order to shoot down drones his party was ruling the country. This series of blasts was to ignite another demand for a separate Hazara province for further fragmentation to weaken Pakistan. If the provinces were to be made based on administrative reasons; it is acceptable but in order to do so when it is admixed with hatred and spiced with separatist movements, then I believe it shakes the very pillars of federation and ultimately as a nation. Therefore as a true patriot it is suggested; no more new provinces to be demarcated at this crucial time.
Coming back to Michel Chossudovsky’s report, Michel further quotes:
“The US course consists in fermenting social, ethnic and factional divisions and political fragmentation, including territorial breakup of Pakistan. This course of action is also dictated by US war plans in relation to both Afghanistan and Iran”.
True, we have witnessed Indian and Iranian facilitation in signing of agreement between USA and Afghanistan’s currently elected government. Iran will be fool only to wait for any booty in return from USA especially the civil nuclear technology. And what if in the midst of this US signals Israel to have a go on Iran. Where will Iran stand then? It can’t expect help from Pakistan then, the way Pakistan is being sidelined in Afghanistan even though it was Pakistan that became the reason for ultimate disintegration of Russia and leaving the US to be only super power in the unipolar world now. And traditionally despite its claims US has never been friend of Pakistan, and always planned to stab in its back, weakening it, because it has its evil eyes set on mineral wealth of Baluchistan.

The US agenda for Pakistan is similar to that applied throughout the broader Middle East central region. US strategy, supported by covert intelligence operations, consists in triggering ethnic and religious strife, abetting and financing secessionist’s movements while also weakening the institutions of the central government. Polluting it with bio-terror weapons like Polio, Dengue, Measles, and most likely then Ebola; to keep itself involved offering Medical aid, and assisting in infrastructure through USAID after initiating weather bombs with flash floods, rains, and Earthquake jolts which are no more secret, but result of H.A.R.P.
The broader objective is to fracture Nation and State and redraw the borders of Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan.
Pakistan’s extensive oil and gas resources, largely located in Sindh and Baluchistan provinces, as well as its pipeline are considered strategic by the Anglo-American alliance, requiring the concurrent militarization of Pakistani territory.
Pakistan has an estimated 25.1 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of proven gas reserves of which 19 TCF are located in Baluchistan.
Among foreign oil and gas contractors in Baluchistan are BP, Italy’s ENI, Austria’s OMV, and Australia’s BHP. It is worth noting that Pakistan’s state oil PSO and gas companies, including PPL which has the largest stake in the Sui oil fields of Baluchistan are up for privatization under IMF-World Bank supervision.
According to the oil and Gas journal (OGJ), Pakistan had proven oil reserves of 300 million barrels, most of which are located in Baluchistan. Other estimates place Baluchistan oil reserves at an estimated six trillion barrels of oil reserves both on shore and off shore (Environment News Service, 27th October 2006).
Pakistan has 5th largest Gold reserves in the world in Reko Dek Baluchistan and a variety of other precious stones demanded by world market.
Baluchistan’s strategic energy reserves have a bearing on the separatist agenda. Following a familiar pattern, there are indications that the Bloch insurgency is being supported and abetted by Britain and US.”

Almost 8 years after Michel’s report, now if you look around the globe it is happening as per their doctrine. The separatist movement for free Baluchistan is in its full swing especially after assassinations of Benazir Bhutto, and Nawab Akbar Bugti both during General Musharraf’s rule. Mr. Atlaf Hussain the God father of the most deadly terrorist political party MQM, enjoying the luxurious life in the most expensive areas of London funded by the same master mind and being nurtured by MI6. They have charged him in money laundering case, and they know this money kept at his residence or in banks belongs to poor of Pakistan snatched at gunpoint or terror threat by his organization over 3 decades. And London knows this, and it should return that money to Government of Pakistan rather than make it part of their financial reserves. Mr. Altaf Hussain considers Musharraf’s rule to be golden era of Pakistan. Why not!, they both were cleverly serving same international agenda.
On June 27th, 2006, a seminar arranged by Britain’s Foreign Policy Center (FPC) on Baluchistan province of Pakistan in collaboration with the so-called Baluchistan Rights movements was held in House of Commons.
The seminar sounded one sided attack on Pakistan with the accusations of colonizing and suppressing people of Baluchistan.
Same month Pakistan’s Senate Committee on Defense accused British Intelligence of “abetting the insurgency in Baluchistan.”
Two months later, on August 9, Ten British MPs were involved in closed door session of the Senate Committee on Defense regarding alleged MI6 support to Bloch separatists. There are even reports of CIA and Mossad supporting Bloch rebels in Iran and Southern Afghanistan.
Fragmentation of Pakistan had been on George W. Bush Administration and now is the same on the agenda list of Obama administration. And the only delay was not because Pakistan is an ally in USA’s mean war against terrorism but rather ensuring help from Islamabad and military for face saving in Afghanistan and safe way for US marines. But things are much clear now as they have removed Pakistan from any future geo-political strategy regarding Afghanistan.
Packing up to go and huge NATO carriers rolling back on Pakistani roads and not even paying the required bills or helping to rebuild its damaged roads due to the heavy load being carried over the years, it will now be going through Iran instead. The home work to escalate violence in southern Sindh has already begun, with the shocking news for USA of strategic Gwader port slipping away from it palms, which by now is being heavily guided by Chinese Navy with huge carriers and navy speed boats armed with nuclear war heads; if USA does any mischief to take control of Gwader port in Baluchistan, after signing of the agreement between the two countries.
Obama administration has seemingly joined hands with the “break up Pakistan” faction in Washington.
Back in 2011, it was suggested by US expert on Baluchistan Mr. Selig Harrison, urging Obama Administration that it’s about time it should make it happen suggesting the administration the necessary chalked out plan. And the news much before that kept circulating in Pakistani newspapers regarding propagation in western media; that there shall be no country with the name Pakistan on world’s map by year 2011. We have survived despite all odds and we are now witnessing the last month of 2014. Fools do not know the potential of this nation and determination of its armed forces and their love for each other despite all the differences, and they have forgotten our combating spirit when we expelled Russians.

Mr. Harrison said that Washington should do more to support anti-Islamist forces along the southern Arabian Sea coast. (Probably meaning MQM in Karachi, Hyderabad and Mirpur khaas districts and Hindu community along Sindh’s coastal belt) and anti-Islamic secular Sindhi leaders of Sufi variant of Islam (fools don’t know true Sufis are not anti-Islamic rather they represent the real spirit of Islam, love for all but can never compromise on any activities that could be anti-Islam or anti Pakistan).They believe the network of 124,000 shrines could be utilized in Sindh for their espionage work in mobilizing militants from Baluchistan and within Sindh. They are denying a fact in history that very same strategy was indeed used by Afghani King Ahmed Shah Abdali for sure but that was to conquer Hindustan (India) when he was invited by a renowned religious scholar Hazrat Shah Waliullah from within India. Most of the caretakers I have met at most prominent shrines in Sindh lately, believe this is the land of Sufis, and that they do not believe in violence however if anyone intends to damage the very spirit and magnetism of this diverse ancient civilization will see its bitter fate, and all of them believe this country is in the hands of Allah, Army and patriots, no one can dare do damage to it. Everything has a reason they believe and so does the birth of Pakistan they say.

Use these Sufis shrines for what! Against their outdated self-created Saudi branded Mullahs, to secretly join hands with USA for help, which ultimately will fulfill USA goal of fragmentation of Pakistan, organizing crime and terror camps in their madrassas!! Airing the demand for separate Republic of Sindh (the idea of which was sowed decades ago through US sponsored regimes in Pakistan creating circumstances naturally, ultimately demanding Sindhu desh, and by Mohajirs for separate province and then ultimately separate country!!!
With that plan on mind USA wants to add 6 million Bloch in the struggle for freedom with help of RAW/MOSSAD/CIA.
After signing of the agreement and handing over of Gwader to China, the movement has already started in its full fury, with declining Economy, Corruption, pre-planned failed institutions, and the situation could get worst. But it’s careful and wise handling of the situation by Pak-agencies and Pak armed forces that this nation’s still sleeps with comfort.
An independent Baluchistan they believe would in fact solve many of the region’s most intractable problems overnight, in the best interests of USA and rest of West, with not only stealing mineral wealth of Baluchistan but rather it would create territorial buffer between rogue states Iran and Pakistan. It would provide a transportation and pipeline corridor for Afghanistan and Central Asia under US supremacy rather than Russia/Iran/Pakistan umbrella. And capturing of the impressive but underutilized new port at Gwadar Baluchistan would be a never ending treat. It would also solve all of NATO’s logistic problems in Afghanistan, allowing US to completely root out Taliban. Completely root out Taliban!!! Which ones? Those who are serving their agenda in Pakistan (Good Taliban TTP)! Or those who are combating them in Afghanistan (Bad Taliban Afghan Taliban)! What a joke! Completely routing out Taliban, and that to be US intention!!! Do we not know of Al Nusra, Al-Qaida, Free Syrian Army, and ISIS!! All of these murderers are financed and armed by USA. So why would they want to eliminate TTP in Pakistan!
A senior fellow at CLAWS and Executive Director at SAISA wrote:
Gwadar Port has eliminated Pakistan’s critical dependence on Karachi-Bin Qasim complex for maritime trade, as they were quite vulnerable to any blockade or disaster.
Even China has expressed its interest to link Gwadar to Xinjiang, thereby ending its energy dependence on the smooth flow of traffic through the choke points of South East Asia. China can use this port to supply energy to its hinterland without having to worry about its oil supplies being choked in the straits of South East Asia. China has plans to develop a two lane highway from Gwadar to Gilgit with oil and gas pipe lines and optical fiber running all along. Plans are also a foot for a rail link between Pakistan and China by extending the railroad from Tibet to facilitate a faster movement of cargo and tourists between the two countries. Situated at the cusp of the Strait of Hormuz through which almost 40 percent of the world’s oil flows, there are also plans to set up an oil refinery at Gwadar. The port built with Chinese assistance has been touted as the largest infrastructural project undertaken in Pakistan.

Gwadar with a 20 meter deep approach channel is the deepest port of Pakistan and can take in oil tankers having a capacity of 200,000 dwt and bulk carriers up to 100,000 dwt. So the moot question is that despite such huge potential, why has Gwadar failed to deliver? The answer lies in the fact that Gwadar cannot emerge as a bridgehead to Central Asia till it is connected to Quetta by road or rail. Similarly as far as China is concerned its viability depends on timely completion of Gwadar – Ratodero Motorway. The use of existing Makran Coastal highway to transport goods does not make commercial sense because it almost amounts to taking goods to Karachi by road which could be done much more economically by sea. So Gwadar’s potential to become the future trade and energy hub for the growing economies of West, South and East Asia and the landlocked Central Asian Republics depends on cutting down transportation costs and time from Xinjiang province to the port.
The most serious impediment to the potential of this port is the continuing insurgency in Baluchistan and to some extent the violence in Gilgit-Baltistan. And who could be responsible creating such hindrances in Pakistan’s economic way forward to prosperity. Think about it!!! As long as violence continues, Pakistan cannot emerge as an energy corridor to China nor can a direct road link to Central Asia be established. Not only does violence affect the investors’ confidence, it also affects the implementation of infrastructural projects, especially the pipelines, roads and rail links, which cannot be defended all along all the time. Eventually, Pakistan’s handling of discontentment in Baluchistan and Gilgit-Baltistan will decide the ultimate viability of Gwadar Port Project because as far as access to Central Asia is concerned, it has to get off the block fast because Chah Bahar is also coming up and can give Gwadar a run for its money. So far so good, Pakistani security and armed forces have done wonders.
The port also provides Pakistan Navy a strategic depth southwest from its main naval base in Karachi. More significantly, with the handing over of the port to the Chinese, it will provide Beijing with a strategic outpost close to the Straits of Hormuz, through which more than 13 million barrels of oil passes each day. The presence of Chinese at Gwadar, uncomfortably close to the main US overseas base in the Gulf, would raise the hackles in the US. Though primarily built as a commercial port, the port can be used by Pak Navy as well as Chinese Navy and any decent naval force at the port can easily be used to interdict any ship leaving or entering the Gulf. The port, by design or by default, also provides China a strategic foothold in the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean and will enable China to monitor all energy shipments from the Persian Gulf. Most of India’s energy imports from the Gulf pass very close to Gwadar and could be disrupted by any maritime power based there.
Gwadar undoubtedly, has enormous economic potential and could easily rival Dubai and transform the landscape of Baluchistan but the port cannot achieve its potential as long as the restive population of Baluchistan does not feel enthusiastic about it. Pakistan pins great hopes on Gwadar and expects it to become a gateway to Central Asia and Afghanistan. The successful operation will result in enormous benefits to Pakistan and may provide China with a crucial outpost in the Persian Gulf.

The regime change in Egypt, Libya current situation in Syria, Israel’s extension plan E1, to construct more illegal settlements in West Bank, seeding another plot for Greater Kurdistan preparing kurd militants populated along borders of Turkey, Iran and Iraq, growing insurgency in Baluchistan, staging insurgency using Bloch Nationalism with separatist paradox inside Iran’s Sistan-Baluchistan, is all going ahead well by the book.
Also to note here India will complete constructing all 15 dams on Indus water by year 2015, ultimately leaving Pakistan’s agro based economy worth next to nothing, when all we will be left with is either drought or if excess water when released, be flooded. Just look around, it has already started to happen.
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