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In 1932, the British-led Galton eugenics movement chose the Rockefeller’s, Dr. Rudin as the president of their worldwide Eugenics Federation. The movement called for the killing or sterilization of people whose heredity made them a public burden. So very early on, the elite globalists not only projected future population growth, but were willing to do whatever it might take to preserve the standards they set for living with disregard for their fellow human beings. The Galton institute still thrives today as a think tank and is filled with its own inbred elite leaders and pathological thinking. Rockefeller’s vaccination program in South America sterilized women and induced natural abortions as per depopulation program. Many believe that Measles, Dengue, Polio and now Ebola will be used on same doctrine in Pakistan.

After the successful launch of drones, being tested for its efficacy by number of targets it has successfully hit both in Afghanistan and Pakistan, U.S has now decided to miniaturize drones to the size of common bugs.
Back in 2007, the U.S government was accused of secretly developing robotic insect spies when anti-war protesters in the United States saw some flying objects similar to dragonflies or little helicopters hovering above them.
A team of researchers at the John Hopkins University in conjunction with the U.S Air Force Office of Scientific Research at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Arlington, Virginia, was helping to develop what they are calling a micro aerial vehicle (MAV) that will undertake various espionage tasks. It can be controlled from a great distance and is equipped with a camera a built-in microphone. The insect drone, with its 0.15 gram camera and memory card, is managed remotely with a special Helmet. Putting on the helmet, the operator finds himself in the butterflies, dragonflies or mosquitos cockpits, whatever the bug-drone in use and virtually sees what the bugs see in real time.
In 2006 Flight International reported that CIA had been developing micro UAVs as far back as the 1970s and had a mock-up in its Langley headquarters since 2003.
Private trader and former software engineer Alan Lovejoy points out that future of Nano drones could become even more unsettling. He found this CGI mockup of a mosquito drone equipped with the ability to take DNA samples or possibly inject objects beneath the skin.
The robotic insect can effortlessly infiltrate urban areas, where dense concentrations of buildings and people, along with unpredictable winds and other obstacles make it impractical. Reports indicate that US military has poured huge sums of money into surveillance drone miniaturization and is developing micro aircraft which now come in a swarm of bug-sized flying spies. The new device has the capability to land precisely on human skin, use its super-micron needle to take DNA samples and fly off again at speed. All that people will feel is the pain of a mosquito bite without the burning sensation and the swelling of course.
The hard-to-detect surveillance drone can also inject a micro radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking device right under skin, and can be used to inject Toxins into enemy’s blood veins during wars with the help of robotic micro bugs!! Wow!! Rather Oh my God!!
We have been dealing with Polio for decades, and we almost eradicated it, but again fresh cases are appearing, one such example is of district Badin in Sindh where last Polio case reported was in 2003 and fresh one has surfaced.
We had Dengue, Measles and now again alarming figures of Polio. The first incidence of dengue fever was reported in 2003 in Lahore with an earlier outbreak in Karachi almost a decade ago. The disease reappeared in 2006, hitting on alternate years until 2010 and returning with even greater fury following year. Medical experts have different theories regarding the arrival of dengue mosquito in Pakistan.
Al Jazeera reported that hundreds of children died in Pakistan as a result of measles outbreak. WHO did not give a reason until Saturday 13th April 2013. However a provincial health official in Sindh said that the disease had hit especially those areas where poor families did not vaccinate their children. Also many Pakistanis, especially in rural areas, view vaccination campaigns with suspicion as a western plot to sterilize Muslims.
Jeffrey Bigongiari wrote on January 11th 2013 in daily vaccine news, that Pakistan Medical Association PMA demanded that an inquiry commission be convened to fix blame for a measles outbreak in Sindh, where a total number of 2475 cases were reported in December 2012.
On April 13th 2013, they finally managed to fix the blame on then Sindh government, sparing both WHO and the Federal concerned Secretariat from where most of the funds poured in.
And what about depopulation plans! Any ideas!
Agenda 21 of United Nations is the blue print for depopulation and total control, under the banner of saving the environment. The 3 Primary tools used are; Man-made Global Warming Water Shortages and Endangered Species Act.
You know if I were given the task of (Agenda 21); controlling world populations with this evil technology at hand, I wouldn’t be wasting my time trying to convince people on controlled procreation, or be insane distributing condoms or advocate women on which copper T is the safest one to use. I would send my mosquito drone to do the job for me, you know!! Why worry even injecting everyone with a toxin. Virus! The viruses like; measles, or Polio for example, especially among those, where malnutrition is already a big threat, where advocacy and education is huge costly task that might waste few trillion dollars. I would eliminate them and only keep the most brainy of the lot for 22nd Century robotic world to operate, where microscopic robots capable of even reproducing themselves will be already in action, when teleporting humans will completely replace commercial flights and related consequences will be the priority agenda and not how and from where to finance for WFP to supply few hundred thousands of wheat bags for a population to feed in Africa or Pakistan or worry about generating funds for UNESCO to teach a few million; ABC and 123 around the globe. When death only becomes a fairy tale and time travel is the hot topic, when sending emails through computer, sounds bit old fashioned and sending telepathic messages at tuned brain wavelength is in use, when personal fabricators beside your bedside is all you need for your daily needs, you know transformers, convert your mobile phone to a car and vice versa, for that era they want to eliminate us and most around the Globe.
In a report issued on February 28th 2013 post Measles outbreak and deaths by Federal Ombudsman Secretariat, it was stated that due to incompetent EPI (Extended Program for Immunization), religious and cultural reservations, malnutrition and contaminated drinking water facilities and improper sanitation, from January 2012 till 2nd February 2013, 19048 Measles positive cases were identified, and out of which 45% that is 9139 were in Sindh only. There were 463 deaths due to the endemic disease of which 305 died in Sindh only. 69 died in Baluchistan, 50 in KPK, 24 in Punjab and 14 in FATA. Now these are government issued official figures, unofficially scores are high.
Same reasons are being mentioned for outbreak of Polio now, that has set new records of epidemics nationwide, and alarming figures have reached 264 this year in comparison to last year’s figures of 98, despite increased number of anti-polio campaigns.
One big reason could be, yes off course malnutrition, rendering one to be immunocompromised and contaminated drinking water facilities and contaminated sewerage disposal.
USAID demanded that to achieve certain target and a failure to achieve one, all EPI managers at Provincial and Federal level and District Health Officers should be made accountable.
It was feared that in Sindh alone, despite now increasing the immunization targets from 60% up to 90%, with political will even, the chances of wide spread disease epidemics cannot be ruled out. Why?
If our system is corrupt, how come disease chooses to be specific to certain province, for example Dengue that killed many in Punjab and only few cases to name were reported in Sindh, like vise Measles killed many in Sindh and very few cases were reported elsewhere. If Sindh is more corrupt than any other province in Pakistan, then how come Dengue was limited to Punjab only?
A book sold on Amazon, called “Melanie’s Marvelous Measles”, was written by some hippie-dippy Aquarius type who thinks Natural Equals Good.
Melanie’s Marvelous Measles was written to educate children on the benefits of having measles and how you can heal from them naturally and successfully. And these days we are being bombarded with messages from vested interests of the Corporates to fear all diseases; in order for someone to sell some potion of vaccine, when, in fact, history shows that in industrialized countries, these diseases are quite benign and, according to natural health sources, beneficial to body. Even in ‘industrialized countries’, measles can cause encephalitis, seizures, blindness, heart and nervous system disorders, but rarely death. So how come so many children died of Measles in Pakistan and that above age 5 even.
In a frank discussion, with Dr.Rind a friend of mine, who worked at WHO for more than five years, revealed that one high official from the government at Islamabad, slipped his tongue and told him that this is not the measles virus we used to know or have the vaccine against. On further query he was told, it was new B3 genotype and that it had come through a traveler from Afghanistan. And that they were hiding it and not making it public. Why? The genotype needs to be announced publically and also people to be aware on the available doses of vaccine, whether they are effective against this particular genotype or not, we have the right to know.
Another friend currently working for WHO, believes that Polio virus vaccine used currently is unable to create any immunity in the individuals vaccinated, rather since it is live attenuated Polio virus to ensue desired immunity, it is actually attacking the individual. Vaccine derived AFP(Acute Flaccid Paralysis) was even reported in America in the early days. Certificate for Guidelines issued by WHO, as to who should and should not be given the OPV(Oral Polio Vaccine) clearly mentions that Polio vaccine is contraindicated in severely immunocompromised individuals with known underlying immune-deficiency syndromes, and the list is long of such immune disorders. Do we go for their blood screening prior vaccination? Obviously not, and huge amounts of funds would be required to do so, as most of the children of poor localities who are contracting the disease are already immunocompromised. It was reported by WHO official in an official meeting called upon of provincial coordinators chaired by UNDP post Flash Floods 2010, on 29th May 2011, that status of malnutrition in children in Sindh was critical, rather worse than Africa.
Many however consider it one of the worst forms of bioterrorism with some foreign hand involved in it. “Just look at the route of all flights coming from abroad. They fly over DHA, Model Town and Cantonment right before landing; the three most hit localities in the city by Dengue. It is possible that the planes, before landing, drop dengue mosquitoes from the tiers chamber. The fact is obvious from the incidence of dengue in these localities,” a female doctor from Mayo Hospital said.
In 2001, US Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced H.R. 2977 (107th) Space Preservation Act of 2001 that would have permanently prohibited the basing of weapons in space, listing chemtrails as one of a number of “exotic weapons” that would be banned.” Proponents have interpreted this explicit reference to chemtrails as official government acknowledgment of their existence. Skeptics note that the bill in question also mentions “extraterrestrial weapons” and “environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons. The bill received an unfavorable evaluation from the United States Department of Defense and died in committee, with no mention of chemtrails appearing in the text of any of the three subsequent failed attempts by Kucinich to enact a Space Preservation Act.
According to the chemtrail conspiracy theory, long-lasting trails left in the sky by high-flying aircraft are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed for sinister purposes undisclosed to the general public.
A friend alarmed me couple of months ago,” hey doc they have sent a shipment of Ebola Virus now to Pakistan, various aerosol sprayers of domestic utility.”
Oh shit No,” Are you sure!
Do you know which ones?
“Not yet, Will give you other details when you reach home”.
We have the first reported death victim of Ebola today, Mr.Zulifqar in chinyot Punjab, who had returned from Africa. Track record of his frequent travels must be taken in account and possible spread to others during his stay in Pakistan. Or will that be used as a reason to start real Ebola –Terror as well soon in Pakistan, after more than 2000 reported deaths in Africa.
And also another fact that the antidote for Ebola does not work in black or tan people, due to excessive production of melanin in our bodies.
The refusal of President Obama to send the antidote to the virus in Africa was the fact that he knew without a doubt that there was an antidote for whites and that the research to adapt the cure to blacks would still be in the trial phase. If the political will to use the virus of the hemorrhagic fever (EBOLA) as a fatal weapon to put for good under the yoke of the West Africa, where growth and partnership with China is a big concern for West, then considering our inclination towards China and Russia could well be the reason for increase in number of Polio Cases in Pakistan.
A report from expert states, the agency of the American government for the control of diseases reads:” The first test of an experimental drug, which would fight against the spread of the Ebola virus, has proven positive on individuals with white skin. Curiosity would prove that intelligence must have manipulated the virus or its antidote as a computer program with back door or clause, which will only reach certain type of person under certain conditions. So if everyone in a population contracted the virus, only certain type of people will be able to get rid of it by the antidote. The coincidences are at least phenomenal for this to be a simple fact of natural selection.
“They are using” Ebola wrote one, “for culling the world population, mainly in Africa for the purpose of gaining control of the Africans resources criminally.” I am definite they have same plans for Pakistan, since they cannot unleash any further human terrorism as they have been exposed now after successful launch of Zarb e Azb by Pak Armed Forces.
Let me quote Sir Winston Churchill who said,’ A dumb and sick population is much easier to control than one that is healthy and educated’.
In an official notification issued, the Indian High Commission to Pakistan stated,’ Travelers from Pakistan to India after January 30, 2014, are required to carry their vaccination record as evidence of Polio vaccination’ and will only be allowed to enter the country thereafter. It stated that record for administrating OPV (oral polio vaccine) may be obtained from an authorized medical Centre in the format laid out in the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations 2005 International Certificate of Vaccination. Once administered, the OPV remains effective for one year, after which the vaccination should be taken again.
Pakistan has recorded an increase of 40% in the number of fresh Polio cases as compared to last year and the count still goes on. However India has been Polio free since 2009; therefore, in a bid to maintain its status, India issued the new travel restrictions for Pakistani adults and children. This was published in The Express Tribune, December 12th, 2013.
For only the second time in its history, WHO has declared ‘A Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). In response vaccination drives will be stepped up, while authorities will ensure that people in 10 countries who want to travel abroad must have gone through Polio vaccination in previous 12 months.
Polio primarily spreads through contaminated water supplies, and with warmth and rains of the spring in northern hemisphere. If the situation went unchecked as of today it would result in failure to eradicate, says Bruce Aylward, head of Polio at WHO. Polio currently constantly runs in three countries; Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria where they have their regional interests.
Out of 68 cases detected worldwide in 2012, 59 were from Pakistan. Strange! Are they saying that one of the world’s largest population that lives in slums except for few big cities like Mumbai, Calcutta or Delhi have clean safe drinking water facilities, have well covered sewerage lines, know all the basic lessons in health and hygiene. Amazing no case from India reported since 2009.
So their biggest problem is Pakistan. I know malnutrition is one cause of contracting the disease, but I thought more people die in India of starvation than in Pakistan, keep aside the recent Thar Desert drought in Sindh Pakistan, that took lives of more than 200 children with malnutrition. In addition it is written clearly in the guide lines before administrating oral Polio Vaccine that it should not be given to children with malnutrition and those who are immunocompromised. I remember in a meeting when provincial coordinator WHO for Sindh revealed post Flash Floods Pakistan, that malnutrition in Pakistan is worse than Africa, so on what criteria they make selection of individuals to be vaccinated with OPV. Also as per guide lines, there should be at least 40 days’ time period gap between the two successive doses of Oral Polio Vaccine. Strange really we had polio vaccination drive commencing from 10th till 12th of November in Pakistan and again within 12 days of last dose they have started second dose yesterday that is 24th of November 2014. Can anyone ask them why, and what health hazards will it bring to the individuals including possible vaccine induced Polio itself and that could be one reason of the spread.

An analysis presented at the vaccine Cell Substrate Conference in 2004 suggested that vaccines used in the former Soviet bloc countries, China, Japan, and Africa, could have been contaminated up to 1980, meaning that hundreds of millions more could have been exposed to the virus unknowingly and CDC admits 98 million Americans received Polio vaccine in an 8 year span when it was contaminated with cancer virus.
Conspiracy theorists hatched on the African green monkeys as the vector through which the AIDS virus was brought in to USA via a new polio vaccine. Follow up studies demonstrated that while injecting SV40 virus, it produced tumors, ingesting it, did not. Other studies showed children receiving Sabin’s oral polio vaccine did not develop antibodies, to SV40. Over the time finding SV40 in human tumor cells was worrisome.
SV40 is an abbreviation for Simian Vacuolating viruses 40 or Simian virus 40. Soon after its discovery, SV40 was identified in the oral form of the polio vaccine produced between 1955 and 1961 produced by American Home Products (dba Lederle).
One of the most prominent vaccine scientists in the history of the vaccine industry- Merck scientist- made a recording where he openly admitted that vaccine given to Americans were contaminated with Leukemia and Caner viruses.
Some of the variants of SV40 were responsible for creating AIDS.
Just look around you, what the new World order is doing now in its struggle to ending regional conflicts, actually desiring regimes changed of their choice. The financial system rendering it powerless and like a company or organization, ripe for takeover like East Indian Company took over Sub-continent and ruled it for two centuries under British Empire. Well like the tag given to an unfortunate disease AIDS, engineered in military laboratories, they use the same tag AID, Military AID, MEDICAL AID, FINANCIAL AID and now we have USAID under the banner,”Amereeki Awam aur Pakistan milker bana rahay hein Roshan Pakistan”. I wonder if those who endeavor for Naya Pakistan might actually have the links to same Eugenics Bio-Transferred Pakistan.
Is it not funny! Create troubles yourself and then give them your published book of solutions. Spread a disease yourself and sell them the antidotes to make few million bucks or blackmail them in exchange for your regional interests, bomb them with Daisy cutters and Tom Hawk Cruise missiles and then move in to mop your mess; labelling it collateral damage, turn their minors to orphans and then assemble them to rob rest of the World under variety of UN Flags, WHO, WFP, UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNOCHA etc alienating them in their own land and sell them your tents, deprive them off their crops with your weather bombs to initiate your World Food Programs, steal their parent seeds of staple food and sell them your high yielding genetically modified crops initiating variety of new pathologies boosting your economies from medical industry. Suck the marrow of life out of humanity and occupy their resources under humanitarian flags, force them to fight your hi-tech weapons and occupy their lands, labelling them terrorists, fooling the world with your documented peace proposals.
So what exactly have they planned for Pakistan, I believe we are going through state of Bio-terrorism. God Bless Pakistan.

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