Posted on November 23, 2014 Articles

By Dr Agha Inamullah khan
23rd Nov 2014

Post World War, as the sun began to go down on British Empire, and it went on shrinking, awarding finally the freedom to many of indigenous nations and territories that it had occupied, a country was born halving India in to India and Pakistan.
Two names emerged on the international Arena of Political wisdom, Mahatama Gandhi of South Africa in India and Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah of Pakistan.
Following their footsteps, two new faces emerged, Indira from Gandhi family, and Bhutto in Pakistan. But soon both, Bhuttos and Gandhis were eliminated. Both countries are now being ruled by a tea vendor and Blacksmith brothers respectively.
Many in both countries still believe, the hatred was cleverly manipulated through Lawrences of that time working on the doctrine of British Empire, for the ultimate long term goals to be achieved latter. The massacre during the mass migration between two territories was cleverly orchestrated funded and managed by the Royal Palace. And now, both nuclear powers and bitter enemies who have already fought 3 wars are preparing to hunt each other again.
India is considered to be the popular democratic entity in the region and for Pakistan it is popularly believed that it is run by 3 A’s, Allah, Army and America. However one of the A’s is soon to be replaced.
Pakistan through multitude of its problems was always made sure to be engaged in crises and never allowed to prosper freely, have true democracy or freedom of choice. The nation has been exercised upon same feudalistic whip of Kings and Queens, all along its history through armed forces, bureaucrats, Feudalism and tribal chiefs, having close ties with the hidden global powers running the show.
And finally rumors which now seem easy fetched fact that territories are to be further Balkanized in the name of freedom for indigenous nations living within, in religious disharmony, racism, and corruption which has shaken the very pillars of both countries. And the exercise was done pretty well quite near bearing its fruits for them.
West has well intact engineered mode of monitoring and evaluation of the situation and are best known for cashing in the moods of public in these territories they control through their puppets and the genesis of new parties with new manifesto to replace the fading entity, goes on and on and it is continuous process seasoned sometimes under the slogans like “Roti Kapra Aur Makan”, “Sub Sy Pehlay Pakistan and “Naya Pakistan” etc.
However there has been individual revolts, and they have seen their bitter ends as well, and accepted heroic deaths, setting out examples and leaving hope behind.
Pakistani Zulifqar Ali Bhutto saw his bitter fate after being warned for working on to arm the country with nuclear Arsenals. Forces, which brought Bhutto to power as Civil Martial Law Administrator was eliminated by an Armed Martial Law Administrator for revolting against the agenda of the masters. There has always been a Moses in disguise in the kingdoms of Pharaoh, and Allah is the best planner of all. Sixty seven years of slavery, corruption, lawlessness, political instability, looting, poverty, religious extremism, extrajudicial killings, extortion, injustice, racism, nepotism, the Pakistani nation is desperately seeking a Messiah, a true leader who could be voice for their needs and cries for justice. Khan has begun to show them that ray of hopeful tomorrow, but they are not sure yet if their tomorrow has a future. They have no choice but to accept him for his face value and record past determination in sports and while constructing a cancer hospital and an Education city. Hence for what he vows, the nation is ready to take that risk in this vacuum devoid of true leadership.
For nearly two decades now, Pakistan has been victim of terrorism imposed upon it through self-created monsters like Al Qaida, Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan, BLA, MQM, and ANP or individual small groups, funded and armed by west for its vested interests in the region to balkanize it and to loot the most hidden mineral treasures untapped yet. Today’s Pakistani politicians & media are ignoring the threat from India at their own peril who is instructed by devil for the final strike on nation in pain. All Intel suggest India increasing buildup on border. It’s our national duty to act as responsible patriots and change our current behaviors and to stop looking at things with negativity. External & internal forces of change are too powerful now to be stopped. If the internal forces do not bring a change, externals surely will change our very map as they have been openly saying,” that by 2015 Pakistan will see its fate same to that of Yugoslavia, with political rivalry, and civil wars”. No doubt Pakistan may not remain the same in the coming days as Iraq and Syria are not the same now, for better or worse, but together we can face this fury. Keep aside your differences. All the traitors within the country are coming out hissing against the army. Every act of terrorism in Pakistan is foreign sponsored, using local angry youth and as mercenaries taking advantage of the situation supported by CIA & RAW arming and funding TTP, BLA, ANP and MQM ! Remember if Pakistan can destroy Soviet Union with the help of US, it can surely defeat US with the help of China & Russia! Strategic sands do shift and they must for the larger interests of the nation’s survival. For those who are justifying retarded announcement made by Munawwar hasan, and TTP Khawarij supporting his desire to wage war against Pakistan, then those are the real enemies of Pakistan. This is the only country born on the map of globe in the name of religion and Allah knows it well, and He is the best planner of all.
Of all odds and cons on one side, Moses has finally risen in the kingdom of Pak Armed Pharos of Pakistan with the sword of Muhammad the messenger of Allah as Zarb e Azab, who has finally dared to look in the eyes of Devil and tell him enough is enough, behave or be prepared to behold what is to come. No more dictations, No more Do Mores!!!
It was during the first quarter of World War 1, when geo-political map of the Middle East was drawn, and the control of vast majority of energy resources of this region was decided and puppets deputed which thereupon facilitated the formation of state of Zion for them. Turkey was reduced to its current piece; ottoman Empire which once ruled Europe for 700 years, and despite their lives being no different than Europeans and part of it geological stature being in Europe, but to this day Turkey has been denied EU membership. Arab world was effectively balkanized and puppets deputed to rule for nearly half a century and then gotten rid of, anticipating the public mood there. Two men whose role was of significance were T.E- Lawrence and Jack Philby. We all know the true face of Lawrence of Arabia the other guy was key manipulator in the oil game in Arab World. He even embraced Islam to show his loyalty to Muslim world. The influence of Lawrence of Arabia was phenomenal but it was later learnt that he was a British agent working for their interests in Middle East.
Many fingers have risen against Imran khan for taking on the reign of Pakistan, for him marrying a Jewish lady and bearing two sons from her, for stating to have close agenda to that as Jamat Islami which the other day announced to wage war in Pakistan inviting Jihadists calling it holy war, and the current funding of Imran Khan’s processions and sit inns to be largely coming from Qadiyani lobby which were labelled Kafirs by ZA Bhutto in 1973 constitution. But now what JI has announced, Imran will have to only prove his patriotism by signing a death warrant, as he is now left with no choice. If he is just another Lawrence working, it is all over for him, but considering his popularity graph in the current political scenario if he agrees to be working sincerely for interests of Pakistan and people of Pakistan, and then he still signs a death warrant for himself for being on their hit list. Choice is yours Khan, die a heroic death or be forgotten as body bag at Edhi.
Until our Moses strikes the ocean of ongoing torture, humiliation, and mass murders to pave a path for our utmost survival, patriot Pakistanis are still pondering over as to who is Lawrence of Asia!!