Bablu – An accidental leader or an outlier?

Posted on October 22, 2014 Articles

Yes that’s right; these are some of the images

of a person you are well-acquainted with. No, this is not going to be his autobiography. Neither would you have to read about his great achievements nor the tough times. I see you are more inclined towards the ending of this piece now. Hold on, we’ll be there in a bit.

So, where to begin with? An outstanding break onto the scenes during Zia’s regime or the heights of political career? None of these? good, that’s wiser. Let the experts do that. We can just see some of the visible traits of this astonishing outlier.

So like we know that every outlier is actually not an outlier, it’s the circumstances and hard work as a result of which the person goes on to strive hard at a single direction and achieve those skills that are rare to find in others. Same was the case with Bablu, he wanted to be an actor, he was more inclined towards playing professional cricket and multiplying his fathers’ business. But he ended up catching the eye of a ruler. So eventually a leader emerged, having all other traits but leadership skills. Leadership must have been thought to grow up with the age but this was later learnt to be the only case with his hair.

Decades passed, he went through different phases of life while still being a prominent figure in the country. Remember he was not a natural leader? So he often lost his interest in this direction-less hard work and manic routine. He also believed that he had a natural ability to bring smiles on people’s face. What he usually did was to try to find his innate talent and let the world know about the hidden treasure they had in him. Nobody was wiser enough to understand this. He sometimes tried to out-perform his natural skills like once during a meeting with US officials, he quoted “the relationship between us and Pakistan is strong” someone chanted on the back, “its U.S., U.S…” but that was a joke: he was never expecting someone to correct him rather enjoy it. This left him shattered. He went to a cricket ground then and scored some odd runs in a very friendly match. A bowler forgot this and broke his finger. He had to then say good bye to the cricket field and limit himself to the book-cricket only.

When Bablu recently came into power again, he decided to bring some innovation in this. He went to a global mission of getting recognized solely on the basis of his natural skills and abilities. He went to China, expressed how sweet, deep and high the relationships were, “sweeter than honey, deeper than deepest sea and higher than Himalaya”. He then went to USA and quoted, “I would like to invite Mr. Obama and Mr. Obama, oh! I mean Mrs. Obama to visit to Pakistan so that we could offer them Daal Qeema”. He tried to remain professional at India, so he decided to put that wish on hold for a while. But he couldn’t stop himself expressing his deep and long pending desire to meet an actor he’s been watching on TV since ages. Sadly that could not be fulfilled too.

It’s not only the verbal communication that Bablu was believed to be lacking but also the non-verbal communication. His body language was being criticized on different occasions: his finger sometimes went on to pick nose during serious conversations, he was caught tying up knots of trousers or couldn’t help to scratch himself at times. Not to mention his posture while standing with the foreign delegates.

Now into his 60’s, he must have just sat back and wonder with heavy heart, what a life? He could not become an actor; he could not fulfil his dream of lifting up the cricket world cup and never got a chance for stage performances… but then something to cheer up: he has successfully multiplied Papa’s business.