Pakistan,India & LoC

Posted on October 13, 2014 Articles

The relation between Pakistan & India are uncertain

, as a result of firing by Indian forces on the LoC despite of the ceasefire signed by both sides.The firing started from the last few days martyring 11 Pakistani citizens and Injuring approx 30, in response to the violation, Pakistan chennab rangers fired across LoC targeting the Indian Soldiers whereabouts and killed their 15 men but the pakistan forces didn’t attacked any civilian whereabouts. This matter was taken seriously by Pakistan armed forces but not by the Government of Pakistan in the starting, but on the other side this matter was taken seriously by the Government of India and PM Narendra Modi issued Statement saying “Pakistan has got a befitting lesson. They will not dare to repeat it again. Our jawans have shut their mouth”.
On the another hand Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif said that “War with India was not an option, but that Pakistan would respond with “full force” to any attempt to challenge its sovereignty”, Meanwhile Director General Rangers has said that “India has imposed a mini-war on the Working Boundary”.
The Political tensions on both sides are very disturbing for the General public & violations of LoC creates a disturbance among citizens, the citizens on both sides want peace & love.