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  • Rayne Summers

    I guess this might’ve been a cool video had I been able to understand whatever gibberish they were speaking.

  • Shaheer Z. Raja

    Lion <3

  • Mohammad Faheem

    Evry one is either critics or clap, bt it seem non sense dat how he drive his car to toll plaza..?? did he refused to pay tex on fuel?? if he such a hero then refuse to pay tax on his vehicle nd walk from lahore to islamabad by foot !!!

  • zeeshan ali

    is k sath family na hoti to isay mar mar k bander bana detay..ya deserve b yahi krta h

  • Sheraz Khan


  • Awais

    well done bro

  • ahmad


    • salman

      ahmad lagta hai app ke ghar lite nahi jati kanoon app ki dekh b hal karta hai yar phir app ke ghar guulu but ki tarha monthly ati ho gi

  • gr8hannan

    Very well done boys. We need to know our rights. Police cannot ask you to leave your car unless they are detaining you and they cannot detain you without court orders. Know your rights.

  • kk

    If everyone starts to follow this stupid man, innocent ill and injured people will die in traffic. Why doesnt he fight Pakistan enemies in Wazistan! They only do Drama where allowed. Need good seeing to by Punjab Police.

  • summer

    keep it up you are brave

  • Seemin

    shame on him, he was a magistrate and doing the civil disobedience, what are we going to except from a common person. Thats what we are teaching our next generation. In other countries, people do not voilate the law–but PAKISTANIS always harm there own country and the says, Oh Pakistan is so bad that we can’t live over there.

  • Gullubuttlicknawazbollocks

    Everyone needs to do this

  • Amir

    نواز شریف کل اس بحران میں آصف زرداری کی مدد کے طلبگار
    جس کو ماں بہن کی گالی دیتے تھے اسکو باپ بنانے پر تیار
    بدلتا ہے رنگ اسماں کیسے کیسے

    ماڈل ٹاون میں حاملہ عورتوں کو سر میں گولیاں مارنےسکیورٹی خدشات نہیں پیدا ہوتے؟

    سجا رکھنا میری خاطر کفن تو سبز پرچم کا
    لہو میں سر سے پاؤں تک نہا کر لوٹ آؤں گا

    Zehni Ghulami sey kash hon hum azad”
    امریکہ اور برطانیہ نے نواز شریف کی حکومت پر اعتماد کا اطہار کیا پر کیا آپ امریکہ پر اعتبار. کرتے ہیں؟

    تو مگر نہ سمجھے گا اے دائمی غلام
    گر مقبروں میں جا کے میں سناؤں اپنا کلام
    خود موت سے حیات کے چشمے ابل پڑیں
    قبروں سے سرکوپیٹ کے مردے نکل پڑیں
    It’s NOW or NEVER situation. The division is clear. Those corrupt & those supporting the corruption, united.

  • adnan

    kublai khan, alexendar and poras war, shersha soori, jansher, jhngir, gen ayub khan, imran khan and one and only shah rukh khan ……. is it a phudu nation …… tu aaa zara KPK

  • Bull_Dragon

    that one is awsam

  • ali

    Phuddu qoam hmari pagal agay pathano pay lateefay banaty thay ajj unhi kay peechay chal pray 21 toppo ki slami aesi phuddu awam pay

  • jafar

    Good bro