Sometimes Mistakes Are Desirable BY:.(Muhammad Burhan Ul Haq Jalali, jJhelum)

Posted on July 11, 2014 Articles

Sometimes Mistakes Are Desirable
(Muhammad Burhan Ul Haq Jalali, jJhelum)

Those Who Make Mistakes Are Better Than Those Who Make None. One ,Who Is Afraid Of Swimming, Will Never Become A Swimmer, One Who Is Afraid Of Making Mistakes In Drawing, Will Never Learn To Draw. It Has Rightly Been Said That Only Riders Fall In The Field Of A Battle. How Can That Child Fall Who Yet Crawls On His Knees? Those Who Try To Learn Something Make Mistakes And Other Who Don’t Try To Learn Any Thing Make None. But The Former Learns Something, While The Later Remains As Ignorant As Before. But If We Make Mistakes And It Becomes Our Habit, Then Mistakes Are Endurable. And If We Intend To Get Lessons From Our Mistakes, Then The Mistakes Are Desirable.