Terrorism in Pakistan and its eradication

Posted on June 16, 2014 Articles

Terrorism has been the biggest problem in Pakistan since its independence. It has been the most destructive phenomenon for my country. There are many factors which stimulate the terrorism.
Terrorism has very bad impact on the progress of a country. It needs to be eradicated as soon as possible. Bold steps must be taken by the government to stop it before it destroys the whole country.
The most common terrorists found in Pakistan are:
 Sectarian
 Nationalist
 Militants/Mujahedeen
The major reason of the spread of terrorism in country is the absence of democracy i.e. dictators rule the country. Dictatorship can never bring peace in its reign. The most common examples of dictatorship are of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. Both the leaders were in power for decades in their respective countries but were not be able to bring prosperity to nation. Therefore, democratic government is essential for the prosperous nation.
In 65 years of independent Pakistan, dictators have ruled the country for almost 40 years, which is a real setback for the progress and prosperity of any country. Although Pakistan has been independent for many years but according to me it is not independent in real way. Independence means that no external force can implement its wishes and conditions in the country. Unfortunately, Pakistan has always been ruled by the leaders who do not have any will power. They are ready to do anything for the sake of dollars. They are the puppets of other countries. In case of Pakistan, it is America that uses the status of its super power to implement their own conditions in our country.
These were the dictators who laid the foundation of terrorism in their own country due to war against Soviet in Afghanistan during the reign of General Zia-ul-Haq in 80s of twentieth century. At that time the condition was not so crucial. The circumstances became very sensitive after the 9/11 attack in 2001.
When the incident of 9/11 took place, it was like that American leaders have lost their state of mind and they sent their military troops in Afghanistan to finish the Al-Qaida and remove power of Taliban which are the creation of America.
Terrorism in Pakistan has increased many times since the Americans send the military groups and Pakistan also engaged with them in war on terror. Due to the involvement of Pakistan, the numbers of Taliban have been increased. They have no offence with Pakistan until our leaders become part of this war. Pakistan Army killed their own people due to this war in FATA. Almost 40-50 thousand people have been killed. This war has cost Pakistan too much.
Cripple economy can also be the factor of terrorism. Faltering economy gives rise to inflation and poverty. This increases unemployment. Many young people become terrorist because of poverty and unemployment. Economy must be stable.
Civil War can also increase terrorism. We are not moving towards civil war, but, are in it unfortunately. Sectarianism in Pakistan has grown to a point where Sunnis are collateral and Shias are deliberate target.
Illiteracy can also increase the terrorism. Pakistan is not one of the countries with high literacy rate. People lack both scientific as well as Islamic knowledge. Due to lack of the Islamic knowledge, people can easily be carried away by the emotional and sentimental speeches of religious leaders, which is a very serious issue and has to be solved.
No country can be unhappy where there is social justice. In Pakistan, it is a very serious matter as people are not given social justice. The laws of justice for the poor and rich are different. They are not treated in same way. This discriminatory act makes the poor to become terrorist. We have to do justice with everyone because it is very important aspect. As quoted by Hazrat Ali (R.A) “The regime of infidel can be survived but not of injustice”.
In Pakistan, if you want to get justice than you have to:
Wait as long as the age of Hazrat Nooh (A.S
Be patient like Hazrat Ayub (A.S)
Be as wealthy as Qaroon
When people do not get justice, they get demoralized. They want justice and to do so they pick the wrong way. These people are more dangerous as they become blind folded and do not care about anything but revenge.
Religious intolerance can also be a factor in stimulation of terrorism. In recent past, there have been many fights between Shia and Sunni sects. Such intra country fights are more dangerous than attack from any external force. So they have to be minimized.
Terrorism has to be eradicated as it is a serious threat to the national security and progress of any country. A mass movement is required to defeat the ideologies of terrorist organizations. It needs a strong commitment from the leaders. Leaders must think about the country and not about their own wishes. Intelligence agencies also need to co-operate with the government.
The head of the Government, intelligence agencies, Chief of Army and the other big leaders of the country must sit on a table and solve this major issue. The intelligence agency of country must be strong. In Pakistan, it is very strong and if someone wants to finish the Pakistan then they have to destroy its intelligence agency i.e. ISI first.
Terrorism cannot be eradicated from Pakistan until we disengage from the war in Afghanistan i.e. war on terror. This has only affected us and has no effect on eradication of terrorist. We must stop America to use our land in order to supply things to their military groups in Afghanistan. Without peace in Afghanistan, we will never be able to finish terrorism as it is only producing more terrorists instead of decreasing their numbers.
In the history of world, there is no example seen where Army operations are the solution. All the problems can be solved by the process of dialogue.
Civil society’s role is vital in the nation in the time of crises. All the stakeholders of a society must do a collaborative effort in order to eradicate this big threat i.e. terrorism, as single effort cannot bring desired results. The rule of law and order must be maintained in society. There must be same rule for all the people of a country.
The economy of Pakistan must be boosted in order to bring prosperity to nation. If the economy is boosted, then the ways to the progress of a country are opened. We have to improve our relations with the neighboring countries and other Islamic countries as they can play important role in the progress of country.
Parliamentarians can also play a vital role in this regard. They can use their influence to convince the people of their constituencies to say “NO” to all the terrorist activities. They can easily instill the idea in the minds of people.
Education can play an important role in eradicating terrorism from roots. The first step is to provide uniform system of education which is independent of sectarian violence. It must include both modern and Islamic education in equal ratios. Parents and teachers are the main architects of a nation. But unfortunately, we cannot see any efforts from their sides in order to eliminate terrorism.
All these major efforts must be initiated at the same time. Media must play an important role in this case. After all, united approach and combined efforts for a good cause make a nation stronger and prosperous.