Is Karachi Next Waziristan?

Posted on June 16, 2014 Articles

Law and order in any country is very important for its prosperity and progress. Pakistan now days is under very sensitive circumstances. All the political parties have conflict of interest. All the parties show as they care for the country most but Allah knows better who actually cares for the country or for themselves.
The whole world is well aware of the condition of Waziristan. It has been very crucial since decades. All this started during the reign of General Zia-ul-Haq when there was an effort to kick Russia out of Afghanistan. After that, 9/11 attack had more severe effect on the Waziristan because of America sending military troops to Afghanistan to kill dismantle Al-Qaida and removing Taliban from power.
This might have not happened if Pakistan’s leaders had taken a strong stand and did not allow the American troops to enter Afghanistan through Pakistani soil but being greedy, our leaders took dollars form America and became their puppets. Such leaders have destroyed the country which has so much potential in it. It could have been more progressive than Singapore and Malaysia if it would have been ruled by the true democratic leaders.
The main setback which stopped our country to progress was that most of the time after independence, it has been ruled by the dictators. The dictators cannot bring prosperity to nation. The true democratic government is necessary for the country to progress. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, there has been no such government as all the governments come in to power through rigging. When any government is not selected by its people but through rigging, such government will only work for their own good.
The last elections held in May, 2013 were rigged to a large extent. Before the elections, there was a wave of optimism in country as people were expecting the change under Imran Khan’s leadership, but unfortunately, it could not happen as the elections were rigged.
The Army operations in tribal areas can never bring peace but this can be done through dialogue process. As a result of Army operations, the number of Taliban have multiplied. Due to invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 by American Army, many of them migrated to Pakistan. In Pakistan, they got shelter in Waziristan where they were attacked by the Pakistan Army and drone attacks by America. Due to these drone attacks, many inhabitants were killed while there were only few Taliban killed. This killing of innocent people intrigued their relatives to take revenge and so they got engaged with Taliban. In this way, there has been increase in their number.
Few days ago, there were airstrikes by military in the Waziristan, which killed some of the Taliban. As a result of this, they targeted the Karachi International Airport. Airport is a very sensitive place. In this attack, ten Taliban were involved which were killed by the Commandos after five hours of attack.
Attack on the airport can be very crucial as it can affect the economy of the country. If economy is affected, then there can be increase in rate of unemployment and poverty. Trade with other countries can also be affected. Other countries may stop their flights as some of the companies did after Lal Masjid incident.
The key to Taliban strength is alliance with the militants in Waziristan. There can also be external forces included like India and America. Taliban reside near the Afghan border, if they can reach the airport of the busy city of country then they can reach almost anywhere and if there are any external forces included in this, then, it could be lot worse as it may be just a start of a big war between Talibans plus militants force versus Pakistan leadership. We can estimate the resilience of Taliban as they can even enter in such sensitive places.
Taliban boldness in Karachi may stimulate their actions in Waziristan and tribal areas. If they have entered in Karachi and other big cities of Pakistan then it could be very dangerous. If they start operations in Karachi at large scales then it might take no time for Taliban to get hold on Karachi and this can be converted into Waziristan.
Karachi is the biggest and industrial city of the country. If Karachi is destroyed then, unfortunately, there would be great depression in the country and Army will take the charge. After Army taking charge, there might be no hopes for the democracy again, as all of the democratic leaders selected have failed as they do not have decision making powers.
At this time, the present government has failed to perform. The Federal Government is saying that Law and Order is the responsibility of Provincial government. Whereas, on contrary, Provincial government is saying that ASF and aviation comes under the Federal Government. There is a tumult of politicians over Karachi situation. It looks like that Government is not taking it serious and they are not curious to solve it. People of the country at this time are looking towards Army or any optimistic leader. Imran Khan is the most optimistic leader in Pakistan.
We can only hope and pray for the better future of Pakistan, which unfortunately, is not being seen under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif. He must meet with the other party leaders and Army Chief and take some bold steps in order to save the country; otherwise, there might be some serious outcomes that we have to face i.e. conversion of Karachi to new Waziristan.