Pakistani Politics

Posted on June 15, 2014 Articles


Today i will talk a bit our the politics in Pakistan every one is saying that we are a democratic country but i did not understand in 37 years of my life what is democracy that which american or other democratic countries told us or the path what Muhammad (saw) told us i want to raise a question here if some one like to answer me i will be very happy . when we give exams such as metric or inter if we cheat in exams or we take our paper out side from the room of examination and if any of teacher catch us and take us to the superintendent please tell me what he will do i am sure they will put a case and will take us in the court where a court will bane us for three years here because of our illegal activity here my question is that when the present government rigging is proved than what is the democracy what is the politics what are the rule and regulations . why they do not have punishment such as a guy who catch by the examiner . and other thing what i want to discuss when our direction is wrong how we will reach on the destination because when our parents our grand parents make this Pakistan they make on the base of Islam today we say we are Muslims we are Pakistanis from a Muslim country please tell me in any thing do we follow Islam do we have and rules and regulations according to Islam every politician saying that this and that try to harm democracy man i want to tell you one thing do you know better democracy than prophet Muhammad (saw) what is democracy where poor can not say any thing against rich where courts are not providing same justice to rich and poor our police is corrupt , wapda is corrupt justice system is corrupt even from small to big officers in all departments are corrupt and we are saying this is democracy dear politicians we do not this democracy we can live poor life but we need justice we need rule and regulations we need equality we need our basic fundamental rights if you can please give us the democracy what Muhammad (saw) told democracy what companions of prophet Muhammad (saw) established dear politicians please tell me one things and take a oath and commit with yourself that you dnt do corruption you think that one day will come when you will die and you will in front of God than what you will say there all that money you are collecting in this world you have to tell about this and than no will come to save you and remember one thing when hazrat Omar( ra) was on his round at night he saw a old lady she put a cattle on fire just for deceiving to her kids that she is cooking some thing when there was nothing in side and Omar ?(ra) saw that and ask the lady why you are lying to your kids she told my husband is died and i am a poor woman and i dnt have nothing to cook what i do Omar (ra) ask her why you did not go to Omar for help she said he is our ruler he have to come here to see my condition why i go to him and she said at the judgment day i will ask him in front of God Omar ?(ra) run to his home bring many things for that poor lady and cook for her kids and give them to eat and than ask the lady please forgive me i am Omar i did not came to see you please forgive me in this world i can bear in front of God dear politician i beg from you make your mistakes correct other wise the judgment day is not far this my message to all people departments politicians rulers even public please ask forgiveness from God and make your direction good and follow the path and democracy what Muhammad (saw) told us i hope all of you will listen this and will read this and i am sure every one will spread this message in whole world my best regards to all of you —-

tanveer mehboob from spain