Usman Dar challenges Khawaja Asif (Again)

Posted on May 18, 2014 Articles

“My opponent Khawaja Asif is flaunting the Election Tribunal hearing that rejected my petition to verify NA-110 on the basis that I am not serious about recount/verification.
Though, I did not expect much out of ET as it was clear from the start where the direction was and who was being favoured but still I made sure my voice is heard. I went to Election tribunal attended every hearing, made myself clear to them about my reservations and asked for verifications. I was given date against date, I did not frustrate myself and believed that justice will be served. During this period I attended all the hearings. The process was delayed, pushed and sided my opponent. It was as if I was the petitioner and the culprit at the same time. Anyway, during this period I had to attend business meeting abroad which I kept pushing to accommodate my case . I had informed the ET about my travel planes beforehand and there seemed to be no issue, but once I left country I was told about dates being changed to conflict with my schedule, I conveyed same to ET from abroad but to no avail, they proceeded with hearing and declared that I am not interested. On my return I was asked to show my entry and exit stamps of FIA which I did but it was of no use. The decision was made and my case was pushed out.
If I am NOT serious, why would I go to Supreme Court? If I am not serious why would I protest 24/7? If I am not serious why would I keep going to ET hearings? If I am not serious why would I spend millions on legal expenses to pursue case? If I am not serious why am I still fighting the fight?
I am a fighter, I will fight this battle in every court and on roads too. I am serious Khawaja Saab, about time you get serious and honest too.”