Is Dr Tahir ul Qadri not in Pakistan?

Posted on May 17, 2014 Articles

Some anchors, media analysts and critics of Dr Tahir ul Qadri frequently object that he is leading his revolution from abroad whereas he should be present in Pakistan on every occasion. Although every political party’s leadership, be it Nawaz sharif or Benazir Bhutto, has done the same during their stay abroad and nobody objected to that. But we still think that this point needs a little elaboration for those who are being misled by the negative propaganda. Please understand that personal presence of a leader at each and every occasion is neither possible nor necessary. In order to accomplish complex tasks organisations are established which represent their leaders and carry out the tasks assigned by the leadership. The whole idea of devolution of power and responsibility is based upon this concept. Moreover, It is physically impossible for one person to be present at every occasion all the time. Instead of appreciating Dr sb’s ability to influence the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in and outside Pakistan, we get stuck in the rhetoric of his personal presence in Pakistan. To me he is present in Pakistan through Minhaj ul Quran and PAT. He is present at Union council level through his schools, network of libraries and Islamic centres. His representative at Union council level is Dr Tahir ul Qadri, in his representative capacity. Even Allah almighty has taught this lesson by establishing prophethood and sending down messengers for the mankind. And Holy Prophet peace be upon him gave us his Sunnah and appointed ‘naqeebs’ in Madina and governors in other provinces who represented holy Prophet pbuh as ‘ulil amr’ . So what we need to focus now is the message and call of Dr Tahir ul Qadri and the revolution he wants to bring about in the country. If his message is right, his mission is true and his call leads to an honourable future for Pakistan then everything else is not so important. We being the followers of Dr sb have complete faith in him and his leadership. We are ready to sacrifice all we have to bring about revolution in Pakistan. The sooner the people of Pakistan realise the better it will be for us all. The day of revolution is nearing and it is the responsibility of each and every citizen to become part of this struggle because the future of Pakistan now depends on the decisions we make today. We invite all patriotic Pakistanis to please come forward and join the revolution.