Posted on May 14, 2014

Our so called political parties, some media houses and some people from so called civil society have been beating the drums about democracy. When TUQ came to pakistan before the 2013, election and he launched a grand mass movement for the reforms of Election to conduct fair, free and transparent election but what was done to him by our so called political parties, some media houses and some people from so called civil society. An agreement was made between then govt: and Tahir ul Qadri Sahib but unfortunately that agreement was thrown in the dust. I still remember that once while delivering speech Qadri addressed Imran Khan that he would be more repenting person after elections. It happened 100% correct after elections. Now who is crying more and more, answer is very clear he is Imran Khan. Then Imran Khan was ill advised by some of his companions and it may be his own decision not to support Qadri at that time. But time never stops, if you waste it once it shall waste you.
Now I am coming to my topic, is it democracy in pakistan? Everyone literate person may know but not totally, because in our country literate people are behaving just like illiterate people, its reason is this that our education is extremely sub-standard. When majority of people who attain majority for vote are not aware of their real issues, how can they cast their votes on their own will and according to their conscientiousness. unfortunately, as majority of our public is illiterate and empty from civic sense then how can we expect from them that they will elect right people for the parliament and who will run the affairs of government? It is my won opinion that literate person does not believe in power but illiterate people believe in might is right. Concluding my discuss it has become candid that in our country there is no room for real and true democracy till our people shall not be educated.