Pervez Musharraf, Some times Death is Better than LIfe

Posted on April 5, 2014 Articles

Once a king was defeated and he was presented before the conqueror king. The king asked him what should be done to him. The defeated king replied that he wanted a such treatment which was being done by the conqueror to the defeated king. The conqueror king ordered to behead the king. The conqueror king thought that perhaps the defeated king would implore for the pardon for saving the life but defeated king preferred to death rather begging pardon. The history of Indo-Pak has abandons for such historical and unforgettable incidents and events. Some one begged pardon and some preferred death rather than pardon. Who sought pardon and surrendered himself before his enemies he became the cause of embarrassment for the nation to whom he belonged. But who did not begged for his life and accepted death the nation remembers him and has proud of him.
The Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar begged pardon from British rulers and retired and took pension for rest of his life. He became the cause of embarrassment for the Muslims of India.
In Sindh Sain Pir Sahab Pagara Sabghatullah Shah fought against British rulers. Thousands of his followers embraced martyrdom but they never showed their backs to their enmies. Sabghtaullah Shah arrested and The British rulers wanted to compel him to ask for pardon from British rulers but he denied in the result he was hanged. He preferred death over pardon and got martyrdom. We are proud of him.
Pakistan came into being, in 1977, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s govt: removed by Zia-ul-Haq. If Bhutto wanted to fly abroad, I think it was very easy for him but he stayed in the field later on he faced trial and got capital punishment. There were many chances for him to save his life in some deal. but he preferred death over deal and the party that was established by him PPP became more stronger and still successors of his party are eating its fruit.
On 12 oct: 1999, Nawaz Sharif lost his govt: and the reigns of government taken over by Pervez Musharraf. Whatever did Sharif, in the result he convicted in plan hijacking case but he could not sustain pressure and signed an agreement and flied to Saudi Arabia for 10 years. I think that deal became the cause of embarrassment for his party and still they are explaining their position in talk shows as well before the nation,
Now same Nawaz Sharif is in power and Pervez Musharraf is facing the music, what should be done by Musharraf? Should he do same as Nawaz did? Or he should sustain pressure rather surrender. I he think he belongs to SSG where word surrender does not exist. There is only one word goes kill or be killed. So it is enough for those who are the men of wit.