Redefine Educational system in Pakistan.

Posted on March 25, 2014 Articles

Today, as technology continues to advance at a blistering rate and our Educational needs become increasingly complex, workers need new skills to keep pace. Unfortunately, our educational system hasn’t fully adjusted to this new reality. In the 1960s, only one-quarter of jobs required more than a high school education. Yet, today, two-thirds of jobs require at least some post-secondary education or training. It is clear that a high school graduation is no longer sufficient for most jobs, leaving many young people without the skills and training necessary to enter the workforce and most with little opportunity to access college or training programs.
Why is today’s Pakistan educational system not good enough?The answer is very simple our education system is not enough to provide our students with good Research skills. Student must learn how to work in interdisciplinary teams, how to iterate designs rapidly, how to manufacture sustainability, how to combine art and engineering, and how to address global markets On the technical side, today’s Pakistani education system seems stuck in the past, Professors often stand in front of students giving dry lectures based on notes they wrote years ago.
We need to teach responsibility, accountability, and resilience. Reward good work. Rethink educational policies and re define it. Encourage more teaching as late careers. If we do not make our system stronger, our children will not be critical thinkers and will be at the mercy of those nations who have addressed this issue.