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Pak-India Takra On Geo News – 1st March 2014

Watch Latest Pak-India Takra On Geo News – 1st March 2014

This video is no longer available

  • khalid

    Hamid Mir is an idiot.. Pakistan beating India is not considered an upset even if you ask any Indian fans. Does he know what upset means? Last time Pakistan and India played Pakistan beat them 2-1 (even in third match india scored only 150 some runs) and contest was in india. Either team can win but it would not be considered an upset either way.

  • Imran

    The piss drinking Gandu's will get screwed! These retards have never produced fast bowlers in their entire history. Slumdog's will get owned like they were in 1947 then shall return to cheating in the IPL crap! Sikander hit them on the bum by reminding them of recent controversies. Should have seen Saurav's expression, def hit him on the gangulies!!!

  • Nadeem

    I respect dada Gangully, because of his truthfullness. He is a great player & best human being.

  • Ad Zad

    I am an Indian and I infact felt Hamid Mir did a very respectable job. I think the reason it was kept light because there is already tension in Indo-Pak matches and considering the amount of frictgion between 2 countries. May the best team win.

  • https://www.facebook.com/zeshan.ali.5437 Itz Zesh

    gashti ka bacha mir jaffer

  • https://www.facebook.com/fahadfidakhan Fahad Khan

    Pakistan will lose to get series in UAE with India…. Najam Sathi kutta….

  • https://www.facebook.com/ziddi.bacha21 Irfan Khan Sawati

    I hate Geo (jew) news

  • ex barelvi

    Hamid mir ass lecker lanti

  • Indusonian

    Pakistan is going to loosen, have Pakistanis forgotten already innings of Misbah at Mohali ? Pakistan is going to loose not because India is a better team, Pakistan is going to loose because there is too much money involved and in addition PCB is a sold out,

  • ImranNawaz

    Hamid Mir tum koi chance nai chorta Pakistan ki insult kerana main

  • seemi

    kuty k buchy mir jafar tu india me he chala ja

  • https://www.facebook.com/muhammad.kaleem.357 Muhammad Kaleem

    Shame on You Hamid Mir.

    • Sajid

      1000 times