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Posted on January 23, 2014 Articles

Since the 1970s and particularly over the last decade, Pakistan has become a dangerous and a failed state. Some people would still argue its not failed, but my question would be if its not failed, then what it is? As a nation we have become inhumane and dont bother to feel the pain of others especially state. State basic and foremost responsibility is to protect its citizen not only his life but also his self respect, his integrity and his values.

When we saw newspaper or TV talk shows, there are lots of talks, arguments and suggestions but devil lies in details. I have seen very few who seems come close to the core issues or basic questions. Its good to have difference of opinion but in a society that is mainly illiterate, always tend to stick to their tradition, generally greedy and would sacrifice others life for their own interests, how come one operation or negotiations would steer Pakistan to its right track. There is lot more to do and there are always opportunities in challenges. Now we are facing this menace of terrorism and is almost existential threat to Pakistan, this is the right time to curb it from the very root. We have to protect people not from terrorist but also from abuse, insult, torture and harassment. If state respects its citizen, how can terrorist dare to kill its people. But how this would happen?

If Nawaz Sharif is sincere, he should come forward and invite Imran Khan to join. These two are the main people. All others are lelo Kuttas. Army, police and civil servants are the operational forces and they have to follow leadership. If Nawaz Sharif is hesitant, Imran Khan should stand alone and should go for do or die. But there are some major questions on Imran Khan understanding of issues and when he feels pressure, he inclined towards pressure. Now lets come to the solution.

After last few days incidents, Pakistan should declare emergency. Central, provisional, divisional, district and local monitoring cells and units should be formed all over Pakistan to gather all the information of all residents. All noticeable people including MNAs, MPAs winners or defeatists, retd. army personnel, judges and local administrations should be given this task. They will gather information, filter it to discriminate between an ordinary citizen and miscreants with zero tolerance to any crime ranging from street crime to terrorist. A special committee should also be formulated for the oversight of all this work.

Its a hugely mammoth task in the country of Pakistan size that requires lot of vigilance, hard work and commitment but we have to start from the basics. All this will help us to monitor every moment and will able to find ill intentions, then we can use our resources where ever required.

In the current situation Pakistan cant win this hide, hit and run war by terrorist. With operation Army may kill some terrorists but what about root causes that fuel this terrorism and mind set of nation that has generally become selfish and criminalized? The state have to make a firm resolve to treat every crime as an evil and should stand firmly with the people and against the crimes. If state protect crimes and in some cases nurture them, no one can eliminate criminals.