Posted on January 19, 2014 Articles

I was never a believer of destiny or luck but my life made me to believe in it. I still remember President Musharraf from JSHQ (Joint Services Headquarter) where my dad used serve as GSO 2. One day while visiting him I saw General Musharraf from a distance walking in the corridor and only thing which came in my mind, In my life time will I ever be able to meet or shake hands with him I still remember the tears running down my cheeks as I couldn’t reach him.

Later after military coup and image portrayed by media of General (Rtd.) Musharraf made me think that he is a person who would never to give someone like me any time and despite being staunch supporter of him I started to believe that he would be an arrogant person. However, it never stopped me to follow him and with the help of my contact in Presidential secretariat of Pakistan I was once able to visit his office. But to my bad luck he was not available at that moment in time. I was once again disappointed for not being able to meet him.

Putting aside my personal affection for him, it may have no reason, logic always proved me that he is the only man with a vision for our country. Along-with, the ability to ride Pakistan out of the social and economical turmoil it was in 1999. His efficient tackling of post 9/11 situations further strengthened this belief. One of the striking things of General Musharraf is that one doesn’t need to rely on personal affection or liking to defend him. His work alone is a shining example of his capability. Economic and Media revolution, educational reforms are some of the many milestone of his era. It was these exceptional reforms, which cleared the way for Pakistan to be listed in Next 11 countries. During the economic down turn being faced by many countries Pakistan was the 3rd fastest growing economy. The list of his successes is another topic and I shall get into it them some other time.

My first encounter with General Musharraf was in an event of the business community of UAE. It was hosted in Abu Dhabi on 20th December 2010 and luckily I was part of the organizing committee and ended up meeting him in person. I was nothing less than mesmerized by his humble personality and surprised at the respect he extended towards me. This day was turning point of my perception of him. It changed the way I look at things and the type of person I was before this day – It changed me completely to the person I am today. Musharraf entering the hall

Since then till the present day my love and affection for this great man has increased immensely. I have also had the privilege to be a part of the team, which has closely worked with him in UAE. Moreover, on 24th march 2013 I got the opportunity to embark on an historic journey with him from Dubai to Karachi onboard flight number EK606. Throughout our flight emotions of his supporters and myself were very high. I still remember, when the plane touched the ground in Karachi the General chanted loudly “Allah o Akbar” – My heart skipped a beat at his emotions – Despite being aware of all the threats to his life he was so relaxed. Thoughts of that day still send shivers up my spine.

As I was leaving for Dubai the same day a small group of supporters along-with myself were invited to his room at Avari Hotel, Karachi. I still remember that General sb got up himself to receive us and also offered us mithai personally. Perhaps, it might be nothing for many but for me it was an honor I would never forget.

The media portrayal of Gen. Musharraf completely contradicts his actual personality. Despite being the COAS and the former President of Pakistan he is the most humble and down to earth person I have ever meet in my entire life. I have learned a lot from him in and he always proved to be great mentor. One can judge his vision by an incident when we discussed charity with him and he told us that charity in chunks is less useful than creating permanent source of income for the needy. For example, establishing small businesses or donating animals, which can breed and create income for the coming future. There is hardly any topic on which you can’t have a discussion with him – He has wealth of information on any most subjects.Meeting Gen Sb

I can write for an hours and hours on General (Rtd.) Pervez Musharraf but I would like to conclude with utter grief that despite his voluntary return to Pakistan the treatment given to him if pathetic – he is a living legend and Pakistan must not forget what he did for Pakistan. I have a firm believe in Almighty Allah is with him and his name will be cleared from all the fabricated cases and truth shall prevail. Even his worse opponents acknowledge his economic achievements and can’t frame single charge of corruption against him .No matter what happens he will always be remembered in Golden words when factual history of his rule is written.

I will always pray for health, success and safety of my dear and most honorable General sb.