The Final Round

Posted on January 12, 2014

By Raja Zeeshan

Recently two miserable incidents occurred in Pakistan when in Hangu, 15 years old Aitzaz Ahsan settled a great example of bravery when he managed to stop a suicide bomber outside his school and saved the hundreds of lives on the cost of his own life. The second incident has happened at Karachi where a senior police investigator was killed in a huge bomb blast. Mr Chaudhry Mohammed Aslam had survived at least nine previous assassination attempts. A faction of the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility.

Now the question arises that who are these Talibans? What is their motive to feast violence in the country? Why do they want to demolish the peace process with the Pakistani government when the authorities have already offered them to settle the issue on the table?

The fact is that the Taliban element has become a source of respite for many to get rid of their duties. Whenever an incident ensued, one of the groups of Taliban own the charge and the authorities start considering it as a terrorism act. According to one of the mainstream party head, there are around 35 existing groups of Talibans. Now the fact is that if the Talibans are not ready to welcome the peace talk after the assassination of their chief Hakeem Ullah Khan then operation is the only solution to finish this war.

Thousands of Pakistanis have lost their lives in this war and terror game. The country is already facing some economic and social decline. The inflation is on its peak and people are deprived even to obtain their basic fundamental rights. In the meanwhile, the government is active to trial the ex-army chief as if this is the solution to resolve all the glitches. The country is in a state of war and we need to identify our real issues that need to be determined imperatively.

Another school of thought believes that there is a western interest to demoralise the law and enforcement agencies in Pakistan. Many media houses in Pakistan are alleged to be the part of this agenda by spreading rumours against the law enforcement agencies.

Conversely, all four provinces have different provincial governments and they are trying to meet the issues by their own volition. Interestingly, it’s like a four party system with their four different theories. The resolution of APC is now losing its validity as expected. The real need is to face these hard realities through joint hands rather than to notch some political point scoring.

If all the parties had already decided to go through the peace talk with Talibans then it should have been done earlier rather than to wait and go. However, this issue needs its final conclusion. We can’t wait for more destruction in this regard. We need to identify the factual solutions of these hitches and the itinerary for law and order situation requires its final round to be accomplished.

The Writer is an LLM from UK and a practising lawyer at London. He can be reached at [email protected]