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  • Tsar

    We should boycott ZEMTV. Administrator looks Zionist.

  • Great Man

    by some coments it looks that kuffar also comment on this site. where is admin? is he muslim?

  • OverseasPakistani

    Could I say something different than the subject?

    People this is the month of rabi-ul-awal so here is what I got for you.

    I read this story some time ago and I can’t confirm its authenticity but because it touched my heart and I would like to share it with you. I will try to find the book and check the source/reference and will write it back for you – Inshallah.

    May Allah forgive me for any inaccuracy? Ameen.

    Once there was a business man who had a loss in his business, so he took some loan from his friend to support his business. Unfortunately his business didn’t recover and he lost everything – he was officially broke. When his friend approached him to recover his money, the businessman had no means of paying him back. So, his friend decided to go to the court (qazi) for his loan settlement. The qazi heard the both sides and gave one month duration to businessman to return loan.

    The businessman was very upset. He was staying at the mosque and there he started a wazifa along with his prayers – he was reciting salat-ul-nabi. “sal allahu alayhi wasallam” (one thing you must know about wazaif that they are accepted well when you also offer your 5 prayers and salat-ul-nabi always has 100% chance of acceptance and zero chance of failure)

    So, on the night of 27th, he had dream and he saw the Prophet Mohammed “sal allahu alayhi wasallam” Prophet told him to go to the mayor of the city and tell him that I said that he should pay for your loan.

    When the man woke up in the morning, he was really happy but then he realized that it would not be enough for him to just visit the mayor and ask him for the money. Mayor would not believe as there are no means to confirm it. So, he become a little sad but was still reciting salat-ul-nabi. In the night he again had the Prophet “sal allahu alayhi wasallam” in his dream. He asked the Prophet “sal allahu alayhi wasallam” to give him a sign which should be accepted by the mayor and the Prophet “sal allahu alayhi wasallam” gave him the sign.

    Next day, businessman went to the mayor and told him about his dream. The mayor asked for a sign, he said, that the Prophet told me that you – the mayor recites sala-ul-nabi “sal allahu alayhi wasallam” 1500 times a day but yesterday, you only recited for 500 times and no one else knows about it.

    Mayor’s eyes were filled with tears. He said, yes it is true, yesterday I had some important government work to handle so I only manage to recite salat-ul-nabi for 500 times. Then he quickly went inside, served him with generous food and gave him the required money and also gave him some extra with a promise that he should always come to him whenever he needs money in the future.

    Next day, the Businessman went to Qazi’s court. Qazi asked him that where did you arranged this money so quickly. Businessman told him the whole story. Qazi left the court room, went home and returned back with the money. He said to the businessman that why mayor has to collect all the reward, let me have the honor of paying off your debts. So, the qazi paid his debts to his friend who was witnessing the whole story decided to withdraw the case and gave back the money to his businessman.

    In the end I would just like to add that those who don’t believe in wazaif or not reciting salat-ul-nabi have actually never traveled on this path, so how could they ever see the power of Wazaif.

    Salat is prayer. In Arab world they no body calls it Namaz. Namaz is an Urdu word for praying. Nabi means Prophet.

    So, people may I humbly request you to please recite at leat one time salat-ul-nabi: “sal allahu alayhi wasallam”.

    May Allah be with us all. Ameen.

  • stranger

    friends beaware of indian dogs pls dont abuse

  • waseem

    ALLAH ap ko hidayat de

  • OverseasPakistani

    Don't start silly debate. Who cares if this was a miracle or not… But we all know that miracles do happen but only by the will of our AllahSubhanWaTallah who is the most Gracious, most Merciful.

    Remember that Allah alone has the power over everything. Keep it safe in your heart and miracles will happen for you too – Inshallah.

    When you bend down your forehead to Allah, then Allah saves that forehead from bending down to anyone else. Then it is Allah's responsibility.

    And I want to tell Allah that I love you with all my heart and ask for your forgiveness, my prayers to be accepted and I do not associate partners with my Lord AllahSubhanWaTallah. Ameen.

  • https://www.facebook.com/aihtasham.mukhtar Aihtasham Mukhtar

    ALLAH O AKBAR. ALLAH jo chaye kar sakta hai.

  • waseem

    uper jo islam k khilaf msg hai us ko reprt kerien uper bytton hai….or ye fake video hai…aik video game company ki

  • farhan

    mind your words these are seriously damaging for the muslims, you will definitley get your tongue cut if you dont take your words back

  • akbar

    Tahira tariq doing lagai bujhai along with her friend ……………… in Pakistan , showing her hatred and prejudice.




    ye admin kahan mara hua hai yahan pr ek kutty ka baccha ulti ulti bakwas kar raha hai admin is ko kiyun nahi rok raha

  • Strong Faith

    fake fake…
    I have seen this clip a couple of years ago on internet and that time i didnt see this emotional title ''Angel Saved Man'' with this video…its not more than we see what happens in English movie scenes heheheh

  • https://www.facebook.com/muhammad.yousaf.792197 Muhammad Yousaf

    Hamayun lanatiiiiiiiiiiiiiii you Latin your mother Latin bostarad


    ye admin kahan mara hua hai yahan pr hamare deen ISLAM aur hamare nabi S.A.W ki shan mien gustakhi ho rahi hai ye admin is ko kiyun nahi rok raha

  • akbar

    munafqoon , haram khooorooon aur haram zadoon ko sirf sur sirf maujzai hi nazar aatai hain

  • waheed

    @humayun shut up n stop givining DIRTIEST commenTs abt our religion ISLAM n our PROPHET (SAW)………DNT KNW WHCH RELIGION U BELONG BT RESPECT OUR RELIGION TO GET RESPECT FOR UR1…..Wether its a fake video or real bt u have no right to say anything to ur PROPHET….WE MUSLIMS CAN DIE FOR OUR PROPHET(SAW) N ALSO HAVE DA COURAGE TO send GUSTAK E RASOOL to hell…