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On The Front Recap (Exclusive Interview Of Sheikh Rasheed) – 6th January 2014

Watch On The Front Recap (Exclusive Interview Of Sheikh Rasheed) – 6th January 2014




  • https://www.facebook.com/mohammad.idrees.946 Mohammad Idrees

    sheikh saheb aap ko kyun takleef ho rahi hai

  • ReClaim Pakistan

    Crowd of illiterate people – totally surprised the way these students are talking. They are just street crowd and not from any college or university.

  • rashid awan

    Main tu total surprise hon…ye Pakistan ka so callad educated woman crowd hai….aik b series question ni howa ….zara en ka speaking confidence Dakhain 1% b lagta hai ye students Pakistan ka future safe karain gy???ye kasi education hai Jo hum en ko dey rehy hain…..?i m really disappointed ……..nd feeling shame

    • lanat

      agli line mein 2 larkiyan hein patloon mein ain ka full plan hai sheikh sahab sey shaadi ka….ya phir camera mein aney ka …may be kuch kaam dhunda aee mil jaee tv mein…..kia crowd hai….mashallah…..ujad ….besheram….camera mein anay kee bhook….aenoo ney kia pherna hai…..college mein perhai nahi…beheyee hotee hai…phondee hoti hai siraf….gher key mahool aur waldeen kee sukhtee see bhag ker college mein perna pak mein aik aam revaj hai….pak mein college fehashi key adey bun chukay hein…raat kou mobile mohabetein start hoo jatee hein 12 key baad….bhutkee koum…

  • WOW

    There are more Sindhis, Phtans, Punjabia and Blochs then Muhajars in Karachi. There are other people like Memons, Aghan Khanis, Islamias, Bhojhas.
    So it mean there will be many small Sobas is Karachi. other wise None will accept One Single division of Karachi.
    So How Many New SOBAS in Just Karachi.
    Same thing for Huderabad.
    If tht happens tht Karachi and Hyderabad is made a Speate Soba for Mohajrs, then where all these Phatans, Punjabis, Bloachs and Sindhis will go??????
    Where Sindhis will go from Karachi and Hyderabad, and Muhjars Living in other cities of Sindh will go. ?????
    where will PIA headofficce, Steel Mill, Karachi Port and many big corporation head office will go. Bcz in these big goverment corporation Pakistani from all Provisions work there.
    Muhajars are Minority in every city of Sindh. That is why MQM do fruad in every election. .

  • sachcha

    one or another day u wil have to walk on indias foot steps as sheikh saab noted lastly..