CCTV Footage of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade being strip searched By U.S Police


CCTV Footage of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade being strip searched By U.S Police




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  • frank

    She is hott thats way they doing that.

  • Indian
  • obama

    abe sale obama ki gaand itni kali(black) hai ke dekh ke modi kay kare ga?????

  • ashok shar

    abe sale kashmir hinustaniyo ka hai aur tha . In every part of the world first you come as beggar than increase your population and then claim this is our land and when other local people rise against you then you scream atrocities are being done against us.

    when kashmir king was asked whether he wanted to stay with india or pakistan he said (hari singh) said "I HARI SINGH THE KING OF JAMMU, KASHMIR, LADHAK AND TIBET WANT TO MERGE IN INDIA "
    SO just by settling in other people land and then increasing your population does'nt mean that land belong to you.

  • guest

    oh shit. lady the way she is creating a fuss like a virgin surely seems one of the asian. just a touch and so much shouting, wonder how her husband would be living a hell life with her. real bith.

    • sane

      oh shit to you,you sick asshoe

  • saran

    This is drug case video not devyani….

  • siva

    This is fake video….

  • ram nath

    agar itni hamdardi hai to saare muslim ko le jao yahan se,


    We have launched a petition to request President Obama to reconsider US Administration’s stand on Mr. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat, India.

    Please visit to review and sign this petition.

  • Indian

    we also hate u… u raped hindu women in pak,, u killed them, slaughtered them and asking for justice for gujrat and Kashmir riots. Kashmir humara hai and humare hi rahega.

  • Skeptic

    The video is of Hope Steffey. Anyone can find this in about 2 seconds. The video is real and the woman sued the police department when they arrested her and did this to her because SHE CALLED THE POLICE TO REPORT BEING ATTACKED.

    The video is not Devyani Khobragade.

    Anyone can see the video on youtube and it was posted back in 2008. The people arguing that it is fake are as stupid as the people arguing that it is really her.

  • Gill

    Saare Pakistani chore … kameene …. haramkhor hain… saalon ko akal toh aati nahi …. apni hi bajwaane mein lage pade hain… Chakke saale… Marr rahe ho saaalon aur abhi tak akal nahi aayi…

  • kashif

    im pakistani i also suggest to stop traveling in that kind of countries and baan them to enter our countries than they understand

  • Hussain

    I protest if she is her… woman have to be respected either in US or Kashmir

  • Mirza

    Fake Video, its not her!!

  • Servant of my Lord

    1. so shocking, heart broken seeing. it makes no difference, happened to a indian or anyone else around the world. Honestly, not in good taste. I can read comments from people come from various walk of like, kindly feel if it happens to your own family, ur own sister, wife or mother, how your heart going bleed. Never to make comments before applying ones mind.

    2. I would request everyone, kindly look at the right bottom of the CCTV footage, what is written, CNN is broadcasting, then why all this cue and cries, fake etc, my feel, it must be a original one, i have read news articles, refusals from the United States, not sure, that was fake etc. I can suggest to them, why do not you get in touch with all those guys in the footage, question them who they are, they are real cops or what else. which can settle and make everything crystal clear. in all the religion its clearly quoted, never do anything to a person who can not depend themselves, the older ones, woman who lost their husband, etc etc, which act can bring every sorrows to the future generation as well. They will be judged for another seven generations. which no one can afford for sure. whether the footage was fake or else, does not matter, actually that took place and the poor lady suffered, can anyone in this civilized world can afford, no way.

    3. Now come to the real issue. I have read many articles from active diplomats everyone came out with so many negative stories about the local Govt authorities, everything and everyone can not lie always. There must be some truth behind it. The question is when that incidence took place, who was the Ambassador there, and he or she was doing supporting, depending the poor lady, we have never hear anything from our ambassador to USA. I am unable to understand, for whom she or he was working, when the whole world is behind this lady, oh yah, this can happen in india alone if me not wrong. What about the maid. I dont think she may be a innocent kind of person. something fishy, who all to be blamed, truly we are to be, even the poor diplomat as well, she failed to inquire about the background of the maid, at least should have referred to anyone of the law enforcing agencies. why did not they apply their mind, taking along any bad apples can damage the interest of the nation. everyone knows , foreign missions all over the world, not doing any kind of social or charity works, then, why they failed to safeguard peoples interest. its too late now.

    4. Now about the United States, they always claiming that they are the champions who can safe guard every ones interest all over the world. I feel laughing some times. They say, their law enforcing authorities did what they are supposed to do, if they are right, who gave them the right to interfere into others. Every countries got their own system, rules and regulations, and which need to be respected and honored that is what expected all over and the prevailing norms. Without the indian Government they smuggled out the family of the Maid in question, suppose some other country does this to them, how they will react. for sure they are going to threaten by sending theirs 1st, 2nd bla bla naval fleets, i dont know how many fleets at their disposal. We all humans and rules are equally applicable to everyone alike. there can not be different sets of rules for different kind of people from various walk of life.

    5. Finally, for the indian officials, stand on your own feet, never and ever feel too smart. may be there are people much more smarter than you all. ok, here in india u all much more powerful, love every one listening to you, am not sure about everyone, we are talking only about those Bad apples. but the other side of the universe is totally different, never and ever take anything for granted, or by their face value, otherwise will have to face similar situations in life,which no one would love going for.

    6. Finally this is not directed at anyone , merely my own views, with a hope that we all with each others cooperation and contribution can make the whole word a wonderful place to live.we all came into this world empty handed and got to leave one day the same way, nothing will be allowed to take along once our soul departs. we all got to ensure that humanity prevails all over and at all times. our kids are to be guided, educated in a proper manner that is the only option available. I am so sorry, if mine offended anyone by one or other reason. whatever, everything unintentional i can claim. me so sorry if mine hurts anyone. that is not mine intention please. god may bless and bring much more happiness into everyone's life . for me, and me strongly believing that there is only one Lord our God, whom no one has ever seen . Believe in him faithfully, serve him sincerely, love and follow all his teachings in yours life.

  • peter

    Why do the Yankees search body cavities for an alleged visa fraud? ANS; Because the americans carry their passports and visas in their ASS H…..LES ! ! !

  • Peter

    , Suchitra who is Barrister-at-Law, Political Analyst and a writer in US says, I met Devyani at a book reading in Columbia university in New York. It was towards the end of the dinner when I was about to leave, that I knew she was the acting Counsel General. I was pleasantly surprised. She had none of the airs of self importance or stuffiness of the bureaucracy the Indians are notorious for. I walked away thinking she was nice. We met soon after for coffee, that turned out to be a three hour long conversation about politics, life, love, relationships, dreams and aspirations. Devyani was easy to talk to and relate to. That is her greatest strength. She makes genuine conversations possible. Perhaps this is because she is open and honest about her own life. We met often and soon forged a friendship.. She has been portrayed in a way that seems alien to everyone who has ever meet her, worked with her and gotten to know her. She is no different than the thousands of hardworking, talented, working mothers who straddle professional life and career. She works seven days most weeks, drops her kids at school taking the subway, between hectic work commitment makes time for friends and family. Devyani represents some of the best things about the Indian mission — our ambassadors of soft power. Young, humane, open to ideas with a deep commitment to her country and the work she does. She is a talented, hardworking diplomat who is diligent, affable and generous. Source: Devyani Khobragade: The Person Behind the Headlines

  • Peter

    Myth Buster  2 – Devyani made two contracts with her maid——
     Why didn’t maid  allege that  Devynai was beating her up and why did she bring up the salary discrepancy? This is because Devynani  had done something different from other Indian Foreign Service colleagues who take along domestic staff. She had signed a second contract, promising to pay maid Rs 30,000 a month. The entire money was transferred to a bank account — since maid  had no expenses in New York — and the second contract was signed to make the employee feel secure. Such second contracts are certainly not usual practice. The MEA believes Khobragade signed the second contract in good faith.  Google "Maid in Manhattan: A migration project" .

  • Preet Farara

    Myth Buster   1 – Devyani – Falsified the visa document form D 160 —-
    The case claims that Devyani lied on  her visa documents, form D 160 where she reported the employees wages to be $4500.  This is incorrect. First look at form D160 shows that it is asking for Employers salary and not employees.   Second why will she  want to make false claims of $4500  when the minimum salary she  is required to  pay  in New York  to her maid is is $1270 only  ( $7.25 x 172 hours per month) .  Thirdly , that from is filled and signed by the maid. Google "Khobragade had full diplomatic immunity, was accredited UN adviser before arrest". Below you  will see a link for the form D160. Check it yourself.

  • I rshad Qureshi

    It is fake video for black mailing by a channel.

  • Essar

    The video is a fake. Just another attempt by the powerful Khobragades to garner public sympathy in wake of the Aadarsh scam. But alas, it is US not India. The Khobragades would have manipulated the system here and got away with all their wrongdoings. Its good that they were checkmated in US by US authorities.

  • Dada

    I think we need to arrest a US diplomat,preferably a woman, and hand her over to the UP police for a few weeks.That will settle matters by evening things out.Standard procedure my foot ,they are worse than the taliban!!

  • Bob

    Video is not fake first part is devayani. Second part with sounds is not devayani

  • BOb

    the first part is true and second part is fake by somebody just to coverup their mistakes and show it the whole thing is fake. The first one is for sure devayani. Second one is not which is with sounds as though somebody is being banged or making sex. It is shame on US GOVT for not apologizing the way A Indian DIPLOMAT that to woman was treated brutally on a unproven criminal charges. I strongly feel American govt should immediately apologize as Indians will never forgive OBAMA Government for the mistreatment. It is a real shame to treat that way unarmed DIPLOMAT without asking the permission of INDIAN GOVERNMENT. Appears to be US is still a RACIAL AND UNCIVILIZED COUNTRY and it reminds me the movie 12 years a slave…the slaves always strip searched. SO WHY THIS MENTALITY IS STILL CONTINUING IN US POLICE GUIDE LINES. I DO NOT SEE ANY POINT. THEY CUT AND LOOSE CRIMINALS AND SHOW THEIR MIGHTY POWER ON UNARMED CIVILIANS LIKE PIGS.

    • Rationalist

      Yes first part seems genuine, of a woman of indian complexion,, clesrly not white if you compare with the color of the white police officers. Second part is different, of case where male ohio state police of used force on a woman who protested against her strip cavity search. Devyani too protested just like her, saying she had diplomatic immunity.

      First part looks very much like Devyani

  • Nikhil H.

    obviously a manipulated and fake video

    • Bob

      no the first part is true and second part is fake. see the difference. The second one is some other woman being mistreated by police.

  • humanbeing

    really? but the last oscar for propaganda, and the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that all have been received "gracefully" by fox news – the biggest racist, republiCUNT propaganda channel of all time

  • sunil

    we have to retaliate is this same manner to every women Us diplomat..f***k these basters…

    • Bob

      Then we are not Indians uncivilized americans and white racists. We should not give too much importance to americans any more SHOW SELF RESPECT and treat them equally (means treat them with humanity not like the uncivilized american criminal code system)
      these rules remind me 12 year slave movie where white people search their slaves for diseases and physical disability. I do not see any reason a diplomate who is droping her daughter is a threat to american government or american justice system.

  • vijay kumar

    This is a fake video with an intention to cause damage to Indo US relations.

    The strip searching was bad. But the Indian govt has stood up and shown how the Americans too are paying low wages in India.

    This fake video has been put to inflame Indian passions

    • asdasdasdd

      Why doesn't India up the wages of Indians?

    • Bob


  • Asghar

    hey Indians! I feel very sad after watching this video


    Don't you understand what your army is doing in kashmir?

    i feel sad about her because she is female and we must respect females even she is muslim or not even she is from india or not.

    think about it. there are females in kashmir

    • spidy

      hey paki also plzz show same respect for balochi women.

    • mohan

      hey man do not meddle in Indian affairs you cannot take care of one malala do not try to teach us.

    • Bob

      To the best of my knowledge Talibans are terrorists and pakistanis are rapists. Bangladesh is worst in human rights to minorities. Look who is talking. TO the best of my knowledge and belief you guys are racists and blind with your hatred.

    • Nomi

      Asghar yes u are 100 % right……………….they are doing violation in Kashmir they raped and tortured many innocent girls and women………………..

  • Analyst

    This is a fake Video made by another youtube video. (That video was uploaded on YT in 2008, so der is no proof that she is Debyani.) Some one making rumors to disturb the situation.

    PS:- I just told that this is not Devyani's video. I also agree that she faced Strip Search in US.

  • Vijay Joshi

    Modi will come to teach lesson to USA as soon as possible

  • Hrini

    Don't Vomit

  • lkjlj

    Thooo thuuu

  • Ross Johnson

    This is the REAL video…easily found on youtube….goodness sakes people…stop being so gullible!!
    of an American woman…not Indian!!!

    • R.K.Sarma


      India can never digest what those idiots have done to her. No woman has been treated like that legally India after Mahabharata. Put electronic probes into ………..How crude and animalistic can the AMericans get? Entire India is absolutely incensed and mutual relations between India and US can never be tha same again.

      • Ross Johnson

        No…your Indian men just gang rape women every day….lmao

    • tsedu

      Ross Johnson, let me open your eyes about 'So Called America Labour law system' for public awareness : live in couple superintendent of building are paid 32000 a year in total. Now use your plus; minus; and see who is breaking the law and who owns all these big buildings.

  • Human

    Whether it is Indian or African and even if it is not Devyani … it is not acceptable Police(male) are stripping a female accused.

  • Keshava Murthy


  • Richu

    where is going human relations……..shame on america . must tream them like…………

  • your

    fake video — came from this video

  • Ross Johnson

    you guys are so gullible and naive to believe this video is genuine. You believe that the U.S. system is flawed? lmao…compared to whom? your system….give me a break. she broke the law…got caught…simple as that. you guys "indians" are so childish with your "tit for tat" retaliations…it would be funny if not so sad. As for Americans getting into trouble in other countries…it happens…as we are not perfect of course…the difference you see is that our government doesnt come to the aid of the perpetrator of the crime but the victim. Indian government should be concerned about the maid…not the "elite civil servant" who abused the system and broke the law….lmao

    • J Wilks

      "the difference you see is that our government doesnt come to the aid of the perpetrator of the crime but the victim" …

      Yeah, Just going by that one statement alone I see that you know very little about how America behaves itself when its own people commit crimes. Spend thirty minutes looking into the matter and youll come out with a couple page long list of times where America has done far worse than just protest and make life difficult for other countries dignitaries when one of their own gets caught out.

      • Ross Johnson

        put up or shut up JW…LMAO! back to the story at hand…what is sad is that the Indian elite are stirring up the masses in India…for whom they take advantage of everyday…and whom the maid is a member of…getting the lower class masses to rally and burn effigies…par the course in India.

        • N.N.Moorthy

          It's haughty people like you that should shut up and behave themselves: what would you do if a woman
          diplomat of your country in another country was treated in the same way as this? Didn't your ancestors of European origin enslave the aborigine Red Indians and colonise the entire Western Hemisphere? Your government fears Asians so much as to frisk our former president, Dr Abdul Kalam, and our ambassador, a lady I can't name, besides many more. You should be ashamed that your embassy in India actively encouraged a servant's family to escape from the clutches of the law in India. I have no words to denounce the attitude of your country to ours.

    • Salini Mumtaz

      In fact the maid servent who broke the law not the civil servent. That lady want to stay in USA because in no other way she and her family can go to USA. This method to migrate to USA was done before also by several others. Normally to get a Migrant visa to USA is not so easy like this. She absconded from the house and the police didnt register that complaint and USA is easily forgetting that.
      Leave all these aside, Whether the accused is an Indian or belongs to any country, why the American strip seach a lady by Male – Is American culture is so barbaric or uncivilized?

      • Ross Johnson

        barbaric as cutting off a hand for petty theft? where a man can kill his daughter or relative because of honor? I can go on and on with this…american culture isnt perfect…our system isnt perfect…and we dont claim it is…BUT it is far better than the Indian system.

        • Ram

          You say its better? You can only say "its better"!

        • navin

          oh is it…. in what way does urs better than indian culture..?? :o

        • Lalatendu

          Sure the US system is very suited for a GANGBANG culture. SO we dont expect swingers to understand our culture nor system. To top it all you lecture us on the BArbaric ways of your "SYSTEM". yOU MUST REALLY FEEL PROUD OF BEING AN AMERICAN.

          The the video shows the extent of brutality of your "SYSTEM". I would be very careful of shaking an American hand in future.

        • Paul

          Don't be an idiot. Indian law has nothing about cutting off hands of criminals, and though some communities in India might practice honor killing, it is in no way considered legally acceptable. Like someone before me had to tell you, why don't you do some at least cursory research before spouting off. You really sound like an ignorant redneck. I'm American and you make me ashamed. Everyone else, please don't think this guy represents America.

    • Ram

      What if an American diplomat is strip searched for a similar situation, and the video footage is made public? Isn't this barbaric?

    • Kumar

      The other video suggest what sort of system is there in the US. You have gang rapists in the Uniform. That is your country and the shitty system. Don't think there is anything to be proud of. Indian Government can take of its citizens and we need no sermons from the jerks who are forcibily havng carnal pleasure in the name of the law.

      Get your rubbish ass out of this episode. You guys cannot protect your woman from these perverts and talk about system law..etc

    • Nouman

      offcourse Ross Johnson u are right………any one who will break law will be treated same……………

    • Lalatendu Mahapatra

      Why dint the US deport the mass murderer of Union Carbide to India post Bhopal Gas Tragedy ? The US is THE NO 1 violator of Human Rights worldwide. Its a busy-body toppling Govts in other countries , interfering in the internal matters of other countries and cultures. The US citizens too through their weight around the world, getting their way by bribing through a robust Dollar.
      So what appears to be so just to you is very unjust to us and to a lot of other people in INdia. While your Govt goes rampaging all over the world, the gullible few who make up the US populace live a carefree life in their bubble created by the Govt of the US.

    • aatul

      Sure the US system is very suited for a GANGBANG culture. SO we dont expect swingers to understand our culture nor system. To top it all you lecture us on the BArbaric ways of your "SYSTEM". yOU MUST REALLY FEEL PROUD OF BEING AN AMERICAN.

      The the video shows the extent of brutality of your "SYSTEM". I would be very careful of shaking an American hand in future.

  • guest

    It is very important for Indian Government and the citizens of the world that this type of treatment by U.S authorities is barbaric against any women including their own women. This should be brought to the World Human Rights Commission and force US to change their policies and the so called standard procedures.

  • Habeeb

    U r not a spy from Allah. . First of all mind it dog. True Muslims will not behave like u and like ur PM. Our true Indian musalmans will not ever like Pakistani fraud Muslims. So get lost to ur grave yard.

  • kevin

    this is happen lot of srilankan tamil woman with the help indian goverment, i feel sorry for devyani

    • Ellalan

      You absolutely right Kavin, Indians have done worse than this to Tamils in Sri Lanka and to their own people in Jammu and Kashmir

  • kevin

    you are man enough to accept a raw truth

  • Martin Gray

    Should be easy enough to identify the officers involved. Who are they. Who do they work for. Once that's been established then interview them under oath and establish the truth. Full facial view of the woman certainly looks like Khobragade. The U.S. State Department lying about the incident. What else is new?

  • Irshad Qureshi

    it very much sham full as a human being , Shame USA Shame

  • Monty Simmons

    As an American, I can say the police and Federal Government no longer represent the people. These government tyrants subject US citizens to worse. I just hope the US government does not become so powerful that it can spread this tyranny all over the world.

  • M. Farooq

    I am from Pakistan. I strongly condemn this shamful act by US. US diplomats should be treated in the same way in sub-continent. Now, we hope that Indian govt take strong action.

  • nd chandruka

    Beasts have behaved in an unhumanaly manner with a woman. If this is the standard procedures they are worse than Hitler, who killed people , but with dignity. I hope world will not take this lightly and force US to behave responsible manner. This is worse than hardest criminals. Appology is not enough, discotinuing such practice and severe punishment to those who are responsible is the minimum that can help bring a culture in this barbaric country.

  • Vijaykumar

    Indina woman is not in1 1200000000000 meleyen india sapotar madarcod Amarecan poles tartmaca bosada maru

  • Advantureguy

    It is high time that the Indian Govt. stop giving VVIP treatment to these Americans and treat them the same way they are treating our citizens.

  • Harry

    To all you people who believe everthing the liberal media spews out at you: THE PURPORTED VID OF THE STRIP SEARCH IS NOT DEVYANI KHOBRAGADE – INDIAN DIPLOMAT WOMAN IN THIS STORY.. THE VID IS FAKE!!!!!!!!!!

    • asdadsasdasdasd

      Fox? really? fake republiCUNT racist right wing ignorant propaganda channel? hahah Fox is the biggest joke in the world

  • Bahu Virupaksha

    USA has shown itself to be a Thug state with this state sponsored rape of a young non white mother and diplomat. In no country with a "civilized" Government is such an assault on the dignity of a woman permitted and the Americans say that this is standard procedure. I have written extensively on this issue and I thank the people of Pakistan for standing up for the rights and dignity of an Asian woman.

  • mkfaruk


  • Human being

    Dear dil dil pakistan, be it known that india is d country with 2nd highest muslim population.. N they are living far mire happily than they are in Pakistan.. There are no bomb blasts in shia mosques n no massacre of shias.. In fact muslims get reservations in job n education.. Now tell me do hindus get treated like that in Pakistan… Hinduism is synonymous with peace and tolerance.. We dont export terrorism to other countries… We are human beings first n should learn to live like that. We condemn this ghastly act of showing indians inferior…

    • Ellalan

      Don’t preach what indian do……..we know what you did to Tamils in Sri Lanka and what you are doing to your own people in J&K

    • india1

      there are no bomb blast in shia mosques but there is demolition of babri Mosque ,there is killing in Hyderabad i, there are rapes and human rights violation in kashmir….i hate this country ….clear ur mind

  • Mustaque

    i dont know who teaches u this about Kashmir n Gujarat ……may be Hafiz Saeed…

  • raman

    friend this video is fake.this lady is not devyani khobragade…it is the video of year 2008 of american women.

  • Hasan

    Indians do not like you either, even Indian muslims do not like pakistanis.

  • Javid

    Indian govt. should apologize to US govt. on forgery committed by Indian diplomat in US and misuse of diplomatic status.

    • weaadasdadsasd

      yeah and then US govt should be sentenced to 60 yrs in prison with no probation or parol

    • Bob

      YOu must apologize for your ignorance. First part is Devayani and second part is not. Shame on you.

  • Peter

    This is a straight case of fraud by the maid who used the diplomat to come to US and then fabricated her story to get the T visa. There have been several cases where maids go to US and abandon their employers by knocking the door human rights NGOs to get the immigration. It is critical to know the intent of the maid before she left India for US. Maids own mother in law has confirmed that the maid always wanted to go the US and work there. She should have told the diplomat about her intention upfront.  Then she should have told the US consulate about her intention,  which she didn't. Its violation of US law to go on work visa to US with intent that you don't  want to come back.  Most critical point is that these NGOs never confirm the other side for the story. I have friends who work in NGO's who confirmed that the NGO will tell the people step by step on how to go about getting the visa. Before they help the victim they need to check the either side of the story , otherwise they are causing mental, emotional and physical damages to the other party and should be held liable for it.

  • Saood

    The world has to see this case from different angle and that is, if an Indian diplomat can prepare fake documents what general public could have been doing for long.

    • S Ravindran

      You country dog… If a fake document is created arrest her prison her .. But you should not go to this kind of treatment.. Can the American police finding documents from the organs…
      Stop talking about American law….

  • iInam ul Haq

    Very sad, USA govt should apologize on it .

  • Scott Bond

    LOL so fake it doesn't work like that. males are not allowed during such inspections. It is totally against rules. You can not bring your slaves here to the USA and expect us to allow Indian slavery to go on. As far as Islamtards and their fake god… LOL

    • mkfaruk

      Who wants to defend US CRIME piss on him.

    • Vivek

      U guys support women abuse…But are against slavery.. ??? LOL

    • Ram

      Learn to respect others feeling and religion. Shame on you

    • asdasdasdasda

      Slaves? oh you mean the negro black people your grandaddy bought and brought by force(human trafficking) from africa?

    • Bob

      If you sign and give away your rights leagal way…AMERICA STILL ALLOWS SLAVERY. EX: TIMESHARES. REAL ESTATE. even if you fail to pay one payment in the end time…they can take away your home. SHAME ON YOU SCOT BOND. YOU ARE A SLAVE working for a white colar mafia. Watch 12 year a slave movie and you will realize who is preaching whom. DONT LIVE IN DREAMY WORLD. read your history and watch your own movies to kill a mocking bird etc. You will realize what kind of civilized society you are living in.

    • @swatx1981

      Islamtards? What are you 9?

    • @swatx1981

      Islamtards? Seriously? Do you have any idea what kind of an idiot that makes you sound like?

    • shiven

      no strip search is usually done by the ones of opposite sex… it or not

    • Paul

      Not another redneck idiot. Not doing research, thinking before you type nor spouting off bigotted comments is patriotic in the least. Please put the keyboard away before you embarrass us more.

  • excuseme

    "Honey," sweetheart! You keep repeating yourself! Regardless of who this really is, can you really justify this brutality on an any person? Especially without a trial and even notice of a crime? Unwanted sexual contact is rape whether preformed by a perverted TSA agent, cop or a prison inmate. This should never be condoned in any setting. The TSA daily violates both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and The Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States of America. The way even innocent civilians and children are manhandled is an indication of the depths to which our so-called "civilization" has fallen. Whose crime is really the worst?

  • Raees

    If US agencies investigate they will find Indian men and women in IT filed in US are mostly on fake experience certificates.

    • Mukesh


    • Suresh

      Indian hiring managers intentionally ignore forgery in resumes and in other documents just to hire country men and women.

    • SRavindran

      send all the dogs went to serve for us..
      we know how to live… No dog in the earth has the right to preach how to live in india…

    • Ahsan

      Yes, I know.

    • PB(NYC)

      Pak people marrying white women to get citizenship is much better right? Most liquor & tobacco shops here in the US are owned by Pak people. That is so much better right?Do you have any concrete data on this claim?Most Indian people who work in IT in the US (MSFT, Google, Oracle,Intel) & start their business here in the US are all Masters or better degree holders from the US. There are 3 million legal Indians and 100,000 Illegal Indians. Most Pakistani's who went to school with me here in the US, did not even finish their program. The point I am making is: Stop pretending you are better than us. We are the richest minority in the US. Average Indian household income: 100,000 USD. If I can get there with fale certificates, I am very very very happy. Better than pretending to be religious and selling alcohol to non muslims.

    • ToThePoint

      So TRUE. 99% of them are ANDHRAS. I had posted a comment recently regarding this on Times of India. Please feel free to forward this and contact the U.S. authorities regarding this. Iam copy-pasting my comment below.:
      *****U.S. AUTHORITIES LISTENING?: For the past 20+ years, there is a MOTHER OF ALL SCAMS happening right under your noses summing up to more than a billion dollars. The current visa violation involving a diplomat is a low-salaried issue which pales in comparison to those big-salaried scams. These scams are perpetrated by the Andhras hailing from south India. Contd in Next comment…….

    • ToThePoint

      Contd from previous comment……….Urgently FULLY investigate ALL the Andhra IT workers and their families in the US, almost 500,000 of them – right from all their applications, certificates & resumes when they first applied for a VISA to come to the US, to all their applications, certificates & resumes now and cross-check and compare everything for genuineness, distortions and fudges. If this is the treatment an Indian diplomat will get for lying on a VISA application, just imagine what punishment the so-called IT people from Andhra might get as more than 90 % of them have all fake VISA applications, fake certificates, fake tampered resumes, illegally work in US while not allowed to do so, fraudulent tampered work experience claims, fraudulent employment & hiring practices, and it goes on. .*****Contd in Next comment…………

    • ToThePoint

      Contd from previous comment……For instance, even on Times of India forum, there are quite a few of them going by 'goodboyce', 'harithv99', 'rana', 'sparrow' and so on. Particularly, whenever anyone mentions these VISA and immigration frauds, the one going by 'goodboyce' gets very JITTERY and immediately follows and harasses them online using foul language and foul allegations. Even now, the moment I published the above comment urging exemplary punishment be given to all fraudsters & crooks, he instantly started abuses and foul allegations. Sure the US authorities who always keep an eye on criminals all the time, are watching his activity closely………Contd in Next comment………..

    • ToThePoint

      …….Contd from the previous comment………Looking at the crime vs punishment in the diplomat case, I guess these Andhra VISA & immigration fraudsters will be doing 'life in prison without parole' and will be permanently doing hard labor in prison for the rest of their lives in the US. MARK MY WORDS: These high-flyer Looking at the crime vs punishment in the diplomat case, I guess these VISA & immigration fraudsters will be doing 'life in prison without parole' and will be permanently doing hard labor in prison for the rest of their lives in the US. MARK MY WORDS: These high-flyer VISA, immigration fraudsters from Andhra are much more dangerous than the 911 terrorists and will cause never before seen damage to US. These Andhra parasitic termites who always abuse the law, will destroy the delicate local economies and ruin the lives of local Americans and have repeatedly been thrown out of all the places they have infested before. Now I guess it is US’s turn to throw them out. Before deporting them, penalizing them just $50,000 each for violations will yield a whopping $25 Billions for the US economy which can be used to create more jobs for locals and food and shelter for the hungry and homeless local Americans.********

    • asdasdasadsd

      Honestly, in USA I think white people should go back to whereever they came from, europe or wheever, black people(who they brought by force from africa as slaves, human trafficking) should go back to the jungle/africa. White people DID NOT COME TO AMERICA LEGALLY, THEY DID NOT HAVE A VISA. They killed the rightful owners, the native americans and settled there barbarically. You have no right to say anything. Go back to where you came from you ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT.

    • Bob

      Races what you do not understand is…america is the country with slavery back ground. India has caste system. But here you are forgetting that AMERICA STILL LOVES THEIR SLAVES. BUT IF THEY THINK THEY ARE EQUAL TO THEM america always show their place. IT people are good slaves. DIPLOMATS Are bad slaves. Looks like you did not get job in USA :)

  • sagar

    The woman in the video clearly isn't Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade . This is fake.

  • adarsh rai

    i think american government have no sense to how to behave with lady ,
    i have a question.?
    -do american behave like this with their own mother and sisters?
    if yes, then america is brutal country for women and i have sympthy for the american females,and also want to invite to come in india and live here for whole life with your own dignity.
    if NO-
    america is very poor country in the world who has no moral.

    • mark

      In india raping is almost legal. So I dont think any foreign women in her right mind would want to live in India for protection. Lol u must be very stupid dude.

  • Raheel

    See, I have been saying for long time, all Indian agents are here on Pakistani social media websites, posting messages of hatred using fake names, sometimes they become sunni sometime they become shia and sometime different parties supporters, so that people of Pakistan fight with each other.

    Their main objective is to destabilize Pakistan, I'm glad they disclosed themselves on a video, which should be definitely condemned.

    • karim

      you are serious dude? how can one possibly destabilize a country by making posts on websites! If you are so vulnerable that mere comments shake you then you really dont deserve a country.

      • Rahul

        I think Raheel has made the point. What Indians have to do with Pakistani talk shows and little tit bits, Indian women's nasty clips are available allover on the internet where Indian women are being disgraced by their own people.

        Indian on Pakistani social websites are there for the purpose and that purpose everybody can understand.

      • Mukesh

        Correct, people of Pakistan got to understand those ill wills are created by Indian agents, online and on ground.

    • Javid

      Yes, that is hindu mentality

  • aki

    These idiots in Pakistan are still living in stone age jungle rule/Jurrasic park yet poking fun over a female by creating fake videos simply because she is Indian. height of shamelessness. Read here about authenticity of this video

  • aki

    Pakistan : This is the real problem in Pakistan. You people are making fun of a women by uploading fake videos. You should learn that India is going on war over two issues these days – corruption and women rights. If media starts hyping cases of molestation, rape, teasing out of 150 crores population, no doubt each day incidents would be reported.Anyway that is a good thing because the social awareness would later on halt such crimes. I doubt India would have protested in this way if she were not a women diplomat. What is condition of women in Pakistan especially if she belongs to minority? Stop these cheap tricks to humiliate a country.

    USA : This is a country which has earned lot of respect in India though hated across the world. George Bush is most respected leader. It will take decades for US now to earn respects & trust in India. It is such a disgusting fact that US jerks have chosen to humiliate a Women that represents a friendly country and brought the whole country in shame. Practicing bloody hypocrisy across the world and openly violating due process at home.

  • Suckers

    Hoax. All of you who fell for it are really stupid.

  • pakistan kpk

    Where is human right all bull shitter

  • Satish Chandra

    One nuclear explosion on Ramlila Grounds where the uninformed masses gather by the hundreds of thousands at the rallies of Kejriwal, Modi, etc. will take care of their popular support but, instead, one nuclear explosion on RAW headquarters and one on South Block – North Block will destroy traitors, including Kejriwal, sponsored by CIA-RAW while it suppresses Satish Chandra who can make India the supreme military and economic power in the world immediately by destroying Washington and New York simultaneously with RAW headquarters, South Block and North Block with a warning that additional U.S. cities will be destroyed if there is any retaliation or sign of retaliation

  • Hasnain

    Someone whit very dirty mentality, uploaded this video.
    We Muslim should behave like Ummati of Nabbi S.A.W. What message we r giving to entire world. If she is Hindu or Sikh? doesn't matter! Think about your daughter or sister!!!

  • Justice

    Peter Van Buren blew the whistle on State Department waste and mismanagement during Iraqi reconstruction in his first book, We Meant Well, and writes about current events at his blog.He talks about the double-standard of US diplomats,.

    Case I – Rape by U.S. Department of State diplomat

    According to court documents, a U.S. Department of State diplomat and her husband tricked an Ethiopian woman into accompanying them as their domestic servant to Japan, where they held her virtually as a prisoner in their home and forced her to work for them for less than $1 per hour and where the husband repeatedly raped the woman with his diplomat wife’s consent. A Virginia federal judge awarded the victim $3.3 million in damages on a default judgment against the couple. The diplomat retired from the State Department with full pension and then fled the country.

    Case 2 – Murder by U.S. Department of State diplomat

    Earlier this year in Kenya, an American diplomat who police say was speeding crossed the center line in his SUV and rammed into a full mini-bus, killing a father of three whose widow is six months pregnant. The embassy then rushed the American and his family out of Kenya the next day, leaving the crash victims with no financial assistance to pay for a funeral and for hospital bills for the eight or so others who were seriously injured.

    “It is difficult for me to handle this matter because my kids need to go to school. They need everything, basic needs,” the widow said. “And we have no place to stay because we have to pay the rent. We have no money. … Even if my kids are sick I have no money to take them to hospital.”
    The U.S. embassy commented “The embassy is fully cooperating with the Kenyan authorities as they investigate the accident and work to aid the victims.”

    Case 3 – Abuse and Visa Fraud

    Harold Countryman, along with his spouse Kimberly, was a U.S. diplomat assigned to Seoul, Korea. Before leaving the country, he and his wife hired a Cambodian woman to work for them in the U.S. Harold falsified the necessary U.S. visa application to get the Cambodian woman into the U.S., falsely claiming he would pay her minimum wage. Instead, once in the U.S., the Countrymans “Held her passport,” says Chuck Rosenberg, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. “Her wages came out to roughly a dollar an hour.” The woman was berated and sometimes assaulted. She was not allowed to leave the Countrymans’ house. Luckily, a neighbor noticed something wrong and called the cops, who luckily took it all seriously. This story has a semi-happy ending of sorts: The couple pleaded guilty to visa fraud, and are paying the Cambodian woman $50,000 in restitution. Harold Countryman, the diplomat, only received probation, however.

    • Viewer

      Very good fiindings indeed and good message as we'll…..

  • Justice

    Peter Van Buren blew the whistle on State Department waste and mismanagement during Iraqi reconstruction in his first book, We Meant Well, and writes about current events at his blog.He talks about the double-standard of US diplomats

    Case 4 – Alleged Forced Abortions and Inter-Office Sex

    Ms. Kerry Howard, the community-liaison officer at the U.S. Consulate in Naples, claims she was run out of her job with the State Department after complaining about the consul general’s alleged office trysts with subordinates and hookers. One subordinate was allegedly forced to have an abortion.

    Ms. Howard stated she had been bullied, harassed and forced to resign after she exposed U.S. Consul General Donald Moore’s alleged security-threatening shenanigans in the Naples, Italy, office. She explained that when she revealed allegations about her boss, State Department officials swept it under the rug, according to an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint she filed with the Department’s Office of Civil Rights. State tried to disappear the issue by transferring Moore out of the country, but now the FBI is allegedly involved.

    Case 5 – Sexual Assault

    Chuck Lisenbee, a former State Department Beirut security officer who was being probed for allegedly sexually assaulting local guards, is now a special agent in Washington for the Office of Diplomatic Vehicles, Enforcement and Outreach, according to a State Department phone directory. Agents were only given three days to investigate the allegations against him, according to a memo seen by the Post. It is alleged that Lisenbee first got into trouble when he tried to make out with a fellow (male) security officer in Baghdad. His depredations against local guards in Liberia were then discovered. Lisenbee started every lunch with prayer because “Jesus Christ, my lord and savior, is the most important thing in my life” (exact quote heard by this source on at least 50 occasions).

    Case 6 – Prostitution @U.S. Embassy , Tokyo

    The U.S. Embassy in Tokyo has had its share of problems. In the early part of this decade, the embassy paid-for-dormitory for domestics (so they did not have to live with their diplomatic masters) was found full of women not connected with the embassy, some of whom were prostituting themselves on and out of U.S. government property. The public restroom just outside the dorm was a known quickie spot for night time taxi drivers looking for sex. Things were handled nice and quietly by State and the story stayed out of the news and out of the taxpayers’ attention.

  • Hasnain

    Someone whit very dirty mentality, uploaded this video.
    We Muslim should behave like Ummati of Nabbi S.A.W. What message we r giving to entire world. If she is Hindu or Sikh? doesn't matter! Think about your daughter or sister!!!

  • Abe Busoni

    Apparently this video is hoax:

    Funny though that all the videos related to this appeared in Pakistani websites.

    • Hasnain

      Whats funny there!!!

  • Robert Boxer

    I have recently written an article on the arrest of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade along with added comments concerning possible diplomatic immunity for her, which you can find here:

    • Double standards

      Try to get free publicity for you stupid and biased article. You have no qualification and understanding of the culture to write this article. Save your energy and try to focus on and clean your own country before poking your nose elsewhere.. Google and read about Aurelia Fedenisn who was whistleblower and blew up the lid on US State department

      • Robert Boxer

        Hi Double Standards,

        Thank you for your reply. I know passions are running high on this issue (on both sides). I appreciate your taking the time to express your opinions. So many people do not bother to do so. So you are to be commended. I'm not sure what you meant, however, about my not having qualifications to discuss this issue. As an American, I can certainly discuss issues affecting international relationships between two basically friendly cultures, especially when one of these cultures is my own. I'm sure you agree with that. Further, the main point of my article is that the American legal system takes very seriously the allegations of even the powerless against those with power. Other observations I made in the article are simply facts of the case. And these facts keep changing–on both sides.

        • PB(NYC)

          Rob, I havent read your article but want to simply comment on the "American legal system takes very seriously the allegations of even the powerless against those with power. " Let's be a little objective here please. I live and work in NYC in Banking. Can you tell me how many powerful people from wall street were prosecuted in the Financial Collapse of 2008? Didnt you essentially have powerful people peddling complex products to powerless/financially non savvy people? While the fact remains that Bharara is a activist prosecutor, you are honestly telling me that this treatment would have been metted out to the Chinese or Saudi's? We all know what happens when Saudi's do something illegal in the US. A private plane comes to pick em up. If India and US are friendly countries, was it necessary to arrest her when she was dropping off her child to school? Many more examples of US making exceptions to accomodate powerful people when it suits her. Not buying this argument from you. Thanks.

          • Justice

            Thanks Rob for pointing things out.. I dont get it why don't americans turn blind eye to the Justice in thier own country .. Not a single big Wall street bankers has been convicted… Why double standards.

        • Justice

          You are most welcome Robert. Devyani can never get justice in US courts as she is dealing with two sharks.- attorney Bharara. and Dana Sussman. US is a highly litigatious country where every attorney is in to make money.

          According to Lila Rajiva is the author of two books on mass psychology, The Language of Empire and Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets Safe Horizon the NGO behind the maid, is the largest victims services groups in the US. Its board of directors are officers of several cartel banks. Dana Sussman, the attorney from there who is representing the maid, is a gender feminist and abortion rights activists with a history of litigating discrimination claims. Her law firm was the same one that handled the previous diplomat forced labor case. In that one, the maid changed her story several times and retracted half the charges. Safe Horizon is embedded in the NY city government.

          Lila Rajiva says about attorney Bharara. He is known for his ruthlessness in pursuit of his political ambitions by endearing himself to the US authorities by using depraved means. His method essentially involves laying judicial trap for fellow Indians, which begins with judicial blackmail or extortion. The desperation and viciousness in his judicial hunt for Devyani smacked of an US government agenda. Even, as an afterthought, if one were to disregard the fact that she was in the business of siphoning secret documents, the very sequence of events makes the espionage angle compelling. The actions that the Attorney took and statements he made, was beyond the realm of profession of law. When Sangeeta’s husband and family were hijacked from India the Attorney termed it as ‘evacuation’. Does an Attorney use such language bordering on ‘war-mongering

    • Bipin

      Read this article….American Hypocrisy to the core!!!

  • KING

    And then these pricks call us that we are inhuman, we don't respect woman, we are not civilized… Look what they have done… Bit*** n Bast***!

  • P@kistani

    This has done with Dr. Aafia as well. Laant on all who disrespect women of any religion.
    Please wake up Muslims and be with all Mazlooms.

    • Hasnain

      thanks bro. nice comments

  • saeed

    this so sad, even as a pakistani . . . .I feel offended and raged. This not how we treat women.

    Shame on Americans

    • mark

      Yead sure u guys dont put up a fake video of them. U chop their heads off. Thats the treatment!

  • False

    Its not video of Khobragade, it more than 5 years old clip.

  • umair

    Why we are talking about this matter? This is between U.S and india. Why we are in it.We have huge issuese with india too remeber.

    • PB(NYC)

      Because elements of Pak establishment are far too obsessed with us than we are with you. Simple. Your media and establishment likes to highlight any and all -ve happenings in India.

      • Honey

        She broke the US laws. Doesn't matter he or she.
        She broke the US laws. Doesn't matter he or she.
        She broke the US laws. Doesn't matter he or she.
        She broke the US laws. Doesn't matter he or she.
        She broke the US laws. Doesn't matter he or she.
        She broke the US laws. Doesn't matter he or she.

        • mkfaruk

          You Fu k ing SCAMMAR!!!

        • mkfaruk

          Honey. You Bas tard Fu ck ing Scammar!!

        • s. rajpoot

          It shows how third grade mentality Americans have while dealing with a woman…..shameful……

        • ratan

          Go for strip search of all female diplomats from usa posted in India…put some F**** in jail…

        • Right man

          dont knw any thing else to write??? o.0

        • Right Man

          dont knw any thing else to write???

        • SRavindran

          Dai Nayee…

          Put your logic in to basket.. US LAW… shameful law… what the marshals are doing with the buttocks of devayani…


    Shujath,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don,t try to teach me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ;)

    • habeeb

      U are not following our Kurgan Words first. . Then how can sujath teach u. U don have brain to study Even if Allah teaches u. Go and hang ur neck.

  • Patriot


  • Leo

    its reported that she was a raw agent so they have gud right of doing it

  • umair

    its her .but so what ? this is the process of strip search. its true.

    • Ran

      hope you and your mother gets searched in this process.

  • shujath

    This is a Fake Video ….

  • Pakistani-Canadian

    I am a Pakistani-Canadian, and if this indeed is genuine footage, I find it DESPICABLE.

  • shujath

    @ DIL Pakistan,

    If you are Muslim first, then, Islam teaches respect of all women of all religions ….

  • Muhammad Naveed

    but ye sub 1 aorat k saath hoa hai, kisi indian army waly k saath ye sab kuchh hota tu aor baat thi. aorat ka muqam islam main buht ziada hai

  • gagga

    what the fk this ball head man is doing

  • Muhammad Naveed

    laanat aisi police pr

  • Javed Imran


  • gagga

    i can,t watch this video the same way the American should treat in Pakistan and India

  • Amjad Farooq Mughal

    Not fair,,, Not fair at all, I am waiting for the reaction from Indian government now, and it is surely gonna be strongest. We in Pakistan won't have any reaction from the leadership but only some protest from the public. A lady, whoever she is, must not be dealt like this. Shame on everyone who did this. Shame…

    • krishnasarswat

      I expect the same brother, but as you know what congress govt is like. They are bloody spineless, and the first coward and selfish govt India have ever witnessed. Peace!!

    • Gautam

      Amjad Bhai, How long do you think we in this sub continent will accept the diktats of America as our big boss? They dont treat us as humans. Think of drones in Pakistan the fly.

  • Machizmo

    You are a Muslim first? or maybe not?

    We will not insult any women or hurt any old people or children even while at war…..

    COme on dude!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • chamen

    i am not supporting amaricans but million times worse indian army doing with Muslim women in Kashmir what about that you Aman ki asha ?

    • Machizmo

      hey dude………………

      I ll cut the balls of Indian military…………..but will not let any Pakistani even touch any indian woman………….we are Muslims first……..then Pakistani's

      • krishnasarswat

        Then I think you should probably do it first to your army and ISI, for what they've done in 1971..and about Indian Army, before blabbering kindly show some proof…

    • krishnasarswat

      Show some legitimate proof first, you douche…

  • ejaz

    i to am a Pakistani,,,,,,,we are with Indians on this stupid act of racal Americans,,,,,,dirty stinking Americans,,,,,,,,,,,,filthy,,,,,,,Women must always be respected

    • raza

      laws should be same for all,,,, no body is above the law,,,,,,,,,,,,,, u are Indian agent of MQM

    • khan

      kashmir main dekha ha hundastan kay fouji hamari muslim women kay sath kaya kartay hain ?

      • kala khan

        kai kartay hain?? koi mazay ki video do na panday ji :D

      • Hasnain

        two wrong doesn't make one right!

  • ejaz


  • Afia

    This is very shameful and Indian Govt should do same with Americans.

    • Machizmo

      Excuse me? You can't say that. Not same. Indians should send the american diplomat back home and take off all their security from usa citizens in india. plus a demand to hand over the americans who had done this.

  • Machizmo

    I am a Pakistani, but i respect Indian women as well, thats what Islam taught me. Shame on American's.

    • PB(NYC)

      Its a made up footage. I searched for "CCTV Footage Devyani" on Google and the search showed up only Pak websites hosting it. Which by itself is enough for me to believe that it is fake. Besides, look at the footage from 0:58 and you can clearly see that the woman is white and not Indian. She was cavity searched. Some moron from Pak w/utter lack of respect for women put together this clip as he has far too much time on his hands- since you have no economy, no jobs I guess. Shame really. Any and all women deserve better than this clip.

      • Muhammad Naveed
      • Muhammad Naveed
      • raza

        Indian sell their girls to America,,,,, for dollars,,,,,,,, then why they expect respect from them

        • Machizmo

          Does it matter what india does? No matter where we Muslims go we should respect Woman and condemn these kind of dirty acts. down with usa………………

          • Cali

            One sensible person at least.


        I did search it myself but not available on google . i am a pakistani and if some one has doctored to clip from pakistan does not deserve any respect .Islam tells us to respect women,if fake this guy sure will rot in hell. but why did he do it ? unbelievable low character

        • PB(NYC)

          Not sure whats going on with your search. Are you in Pak? My search here in the US shows,,,,,,,, hosting this clip. The page 2 and onwards returns searches more relevant to CCTV. Wish I could show you the screenshot but perhaps the website names are familiar to you?

          Pretty sure this is not geniune.

      • J A

        Well said, PB

      • Mirage

        the white woman needs respect and the colored can go to hell? right

    • aashiq

      thats not what islam teaches.. that what basic human values teach us

    • g.c.pani

      thank you. nice gesture.

    • mark

      And shame in u too.

  • mawh


    • takaran

      Fake video. Jeez.. guys.. do you really believe she had an orgasm during strip search? BTW, there wont be any CCTV footage of strip searches.