Maryam Nawaz and Loan scheme

Posted on December 22, 2013 Articles

Loan scheme and Maryam Nawaz

The loan scheme for the youth which is recently introduced by the President of Pakistan Mr.Muhammad Nawaz Shareef has become controversial.

There are few reasons to suspect this loan scheme. This scheme does not meet the needs of poor people who desire to get the loan, because it is complicated and a common poor person cannot full fill the requirements of the bank to get the loan.
A common poor person, who needs the loan, cannot present any guarantee of such a rich man who can give postdated three cheques to the bank on behalf of the person who intend to take a loan.

This loan scheme will badly effect the banks same like in the past regime of Nawaz Shareef who introduces yellow Cab Taxi schem. In short how a bank can imagine that the person who is applying for the loan will start a suitable business with the amount of loan. Not only that but how a bank can realize that the person who intend the loan. will start such a good business with that small amount of loan by which he will be able to pay the installments along with the interest to the bank.
And who is sure that the person who is going to apply for the loan will is sincere to begin a business with that amount. If a person takes a loan and spends it to marry himself or to construct a home for him who will stop him from doing so.
So the future of this bank loan scheme is dark and harmful to the bank and the beneficiary as well.
The people are asking with each other that Why Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif chosen specially his daughter Maryam Nawaz for the supervision of this scheme? They are also suspecting and speaking that this scheme is introduced not for poor people but only for the family members of Prime minister and the rich people.

So God bless the banks as each and every know that the beneficiaries whowill get this loan will hardly return the amount .