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Tonight With Moeed Pirzada (Pervez Musharraf Ke Khilaf Article 6 Ke Teht Karwayee Shuru…) – 19th November 2013

Watch Latest Tonight With Moeed Pirzada – 19th November 2013




  • Gujjar

    PMLN chamchaa (Tariq Fazal), "Hamara PM se koi zaati annad nahi hai" Hahaha Joke of the century !

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  • Tiger

    جب سے ماجے نے گامے سے ٹائی لگانی سیکھ لی ہے وہ پاگل کتے کی طرح ایک کےبعد دوسرے ملک دوڑا پھرتا ہے کہ شائید کوئی گوری ہاتھ آجائے ۔ کلثوم بی بی کو تو اس لئے ساتھ لئے پھرتا ہے کہ کہیں وسییم اختر کوئی اور نیا شگوفہ نہ چھوڑ دے اور پھر پیسہ بھی کونسا اس کے باپ کا خرچ ہو رہا ہے ۔ بہت ہی ذلیل قسم کا بندہ ہے یہ بدو ماجہ ۔

  • mudassarsharif

    the most honest anchors in pakistan,,,,,,,,,

    1…………..SYED talat hussain
    2…………..kashif abbasi
    3…………..haroon rashid
    4…………..hassan nisar
    5…………..iqrar ul hassan
    6…………..jasmeen manzoor
    7………….Javed chaudary
    8………….dr. danish

  • goodDeedsLeadTo

    Who is the bigger thief? Zardari or NS?

    who has the offshore family ownership?
    Who has not made disclosures on these offshore family ownership.
    Who has laundered funds?
    Who has not returned loans?
    Who has been using disputed properties & court stay orders to delay paying the loans?
    Who has so many corruption cases registered?
    Who has become mega billionaire or far more richer during the time of the rule?
    Who took the money from ISI?
    Whose ownership has multiplied during the time of rule?
    Who has been abetter, aider, supporter & collaborator of a former military ruler?
    Musharraf's mistake is to allow NRO, to get himself off the hook?
    NRO gave the most incompetent & most corrupt leader to Paksitan.
    Musharraf's mistake is also to have given passage to USA to invade a neighboring Muslim country, which is a sin, & Pakistan is facing the consequences. However, nobody has been stopping the successive governments to part away from the policy, effectively.
    Corrupt leaders have no other option but to take the route of IMF & patronization of India, & America knows that the corrupt leaders do not have the required financial integrity to attract investment from Pakistanis living abroad.
    Why would somebody risk his money, when the corrupt leaders are known to have been protecting their wealth against the falling rupee.
    ideologically driven militants know the corrupt leaders are agents
    Corrupt leaders are the bone of contention, & must go, to open way for a President with strong & undisputed financial integrity, who has the freedom to avoid IMF, because the investors would trust them & the militants would not look at them as agents.
    The solution for revival of Pakistan is get rid of likes of Zardari & Shareefs for good, & replace them with leader with an undisputed personal financial integrity.

  • Yasir

    Mushraff zindabad God hifazat kry ga teri

  • Yasir

    Ye jo noory ka chamcha kh rha k mulk ki choori
    Tou ye apny bapoo noora brothers se pochy na k
    Gareeb awam ka pessa loot k bahr ly gy haa or
    Quran ki or Khuda ki kasm jo jhooti khi thi k is
    Mulk k wafdar rhy gy is Kasam ko torra ,tou Kia
    Ye log artical6 k zumry ma nhi aty?

  • 5555

    nun leag ka ak or BAGARAT:

  • zahid

    allah bless pervez musharaf.

  • abu

    qamar Zaman sb. main b gujrat say hoon Germany main rehta hoon aaj musharaf k haq main bol k dil khush kar dia

  • Norozkhan

    I am sorry to say that Army Chief Kiyani gave Pakistan Armed Forces nothing but humiliation, insult and abuse, he sold out one of his senior General for some personal gains.
    General Kiyani and Army top brass are making a big mistake by leaving one of their General at the mercy of wicked and vindictive Judges and Nawaz Government who want to disgrace and punish Pervez Musharaf for any excuse they can find.
    Musharaf is a patriot and an honest person who did his best for the country as an Army Officer and as a President; he is singled out and punished for being sincere to his country.
    It is a disgrace for the entire Armed Forces to allow one of their stars General treated worst than some street criminal.

    • Sarfaraz

      Kyun bhai?? Jis ne Wardi pehan li wo farishta ban gaya?? Jab Civilians ka trial ho sakta ha to Kisi General ka kyun nahi?? Kiya ye Mulk sirf Generals k liye bana ha??
      Turkey, Srilanka, USA, China, Russia even India ma Generals ka trial hota ha to kiya un ki Armies disgrace ho jati hain?? Army disgrace apnay kaamo se hoti ha, Army disgrace tb hui thee jab 1971 ma 90,000 soldiers ne surrender kiya, Kisi aik ka b trial nahi hua balkay sab k sab Guard of Honor le kar dafan hue.

  • rehman

    Mushrraf Zindabad. Allah aap ko apni Amaan maim rakhay. Ameen

  • RSt

    Kaira likes Musharraf

  • Pakistani