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Awam Ki Baat (Rawalpindi Waqia Musalmano Kay Khilaf Sazish Hai Ulma e Karaam) – 16th November 2013

Watch Awam Ki Baat on Dawn News Mufti Muhammad Naeem, Alama Ragab, Alama Shahenshah Hussain Naqvi




  • patriot

    Well said all respectable participants.

  • Disgusted

    Whether it was by Taliban or by their supporters, it is very clear the motive behind was to pitch fight between shias and sunnis.

  • nomigobo

    yay daikho leaked video of Rawalpindi Mosque Dead Bodies موبایل سے پنڈی میں مسجد کے اندر لی گی ویڈیو http://www.livectv.com/leaked-video-rawalpindi-mo

  • Realistic

    The only solution to avoid Shia Sunni conflict is to stop too much coverage of Shia Jaloos on tv .Why is too much coverage ?? While we have a small of minority of Shias in Pakistan.

    • nomy

      media sare kafir lanaty hai k ghair islami jalsoo ko islam bana kar pesh karte hai .

  • patriot

    It was planned incident sipah e yazeed accumulate people from different areas of pakistan, and the khateeb of mosque was responsible to incite the emotionals of people and he raised kafir kafir shia kafir slogan at the moment when ashura congregation reached at the spot. They also throw stone on the juloos and resort firing on jaloos so what remains to provoke people.

  • honest1

    Sad incident of Rawal Pindi a clear message from CIA,RAW,MOSAD.KHAD.that how vulnerable Nation we
    are.They can spread fire in whole Pakistan within a day.I appeal to SC to imposed Judicial Marshal Law.and
    make a care taker GOV consist of sincere leaders.like lmran,Judges and honest politicians from all parties.
    This is the only way to save Pakistan.Otherwise.we will become soon like IRAQ.LEBANON.SYRIA,EGYPT
    LIBYA ..Please CJ save my country.I beg you.please.We still have time..,..