Narrative of HakimUllah’s Death will Haunt us for Decades

Posted on November 14, 2013 Articles

By Waqas Habib

In the current socio-political situation of Pakistan, hakimullah will emerge as a hero. Time is the loser in his killing, “a man who wanted to talk”. Mark this statement because we all are going to hear it for years to come from our “beloved right wing extremists” (not same as being right wing).

Ask the family members of those who were killed by this up and coming “hero”, how they felt about him, I tell you how I felt, I wanted revenge, I wanted justice for thousands of innocent Pakistanis who lost their lives at the hand of this man but instead of justice we are looking at a future “hero”. Every time I’ll hear praises for this man in the media and elsewhere, it will remind me of our demise as a Nation.
America is not here to stay, 2014 will be the year of homecoming for Americans. They don’t have much to lose in hakimullah’s killing, different story for Pakistan. Even those in Pakistan, who were completely convinced that talks with TTP will not be of any success, were not saying no to talks.

It all comes down to our massively divided society, for years to come kids in FATA and KPK will be told stories of the “great warrior” who fought against the “devilish” America, died a “holy death”. Give me one good counter narrative and majority of Pakistanis will laugh at that.

They said drones were counter productive, we’ll see the magnitude of it’s counter productiveness in the near and far future. Simply the timing was wrong, so wrong. Haven’t we heard about Naik Mohammad and Wali ur Rehman enough already from Imran Khan, did we need another to add to that list. Another name is added to the “pro peace group”.

Well you and I didn’t make the decision but surely we’ve got to live with the consequences. Who make these decisions? One of us or Americans? Power corrupts the wise, you had to give peace a chance even if you didn’t believe in it. We needed a consensus approach in Pakistan to tackle this cancer of terrorism but all we have right now is a villain; America who didn’t let a “pro peace holy fighter” HakimUllah Mehsud meet the “love of his life” Pakistan to live happily ever after. The script is written.

Imran Khan came out bashing the Americans, how once again he is proven right. He has every right to hang on to the title of being self righteous, moment of accomplishing another tag of righteousness. So the society keeps on it’s path of division more and more. Again, blame the timing.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s dreams of a healthy economy and development projects all over Pakistan must have shattered, as Information Minister described the event; a setback. How to come back from this, must be the talk of the town in Islamabad.

Americans kill us so we kill you, a narrative that kept the TTP killing “drone operating Pakistanis”. My suggestion to my fellow countrymen,”stay away from any remote controls”. Well, at least for some time if not for ever.

Our civil-military leadership will get together and figure something out, as they did at the recently held APC. It is possible that another offer of peace talks will be extended to TTP, it is possible that another Lt.General will be attacked, the possibility of another such event also exists which can derail the talks but eventually the people who make all such big decisions will think about Awaam and sort out issues once and for all. Till then, as I said stay away from remotes.

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