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  • sab

    ban JI at once and declare it a terrorist organisation which it is!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/xing.lee.982 Xing Lee

    Jamaat e Islami nangi ho gai aj tou.

  • Mub.,

    JI is a terorist jamaat, time will prove that this party is "fitna".

  • bilal

    Their student organization was also involved in harboring terrorrists in punjab uni's hostels, more than once LEAs have raided there and caught terrorrists as well as recovered rocket launchers.
    They are actively involved in communication and logistical support to terrorists on one hand and then their leaders act innocent on the TV when they condemn the terrorist activities.
    munawar hassan if ur a real man of islam i dare you to encourage taliban instead of denouncing them when they to the next suicide blast on innocent civilians.
    Ji is pakistan hater and has no right to to do any sor tof politics in pakistan.

    khariji kuttay na manzoor….

  • salmansadi

    seif pakistan only dr tahir ul qadri is great pak army zinda bad

  • bilal

    Ji has a history of anti pakistan activities. they opposed the creation of pakistan in the first place. they are just self serving people who alligned themselves with ISI, USa and taliban for their own gains, and are playing divisive politics right now for their own personal benefits.
    Qazi hussan ahmed sahab was the only learned and scholarly leader they ever had, all others are just mullay.

    Those who think taliban are on a just cause and pakistani army is na pak army should feel free to get the hell out of pakistan and go live in the dirty dungeons of waziristan and afghanistan where these khariji dogs live n prosper.

  • Hafiz Anas Labeeb

    tum beghairato agar hamesha se america se rabite me ho to to jamat e islami to phir saheh kar rahe he tumhara ilaj ye he he

    • summmmi

      this is means that J.I. is a terrorist party

    • summmmi

      you are justifying that the person who had killed so many innocents … a shaheed

  • dj khan

    pakistan ka sub se barda masla is waqt ye he k hakeemullah shaeed he ya nahi . or is waqt tammam log mufti e aazam bane hoe he .in se agar sura e iqlas suno to inhe wo bhi nahi aae gi. in logo se medical k baare me question kia jae to nahi bta sakenge .pr deen pe bager parde kitni aasani se sub baat karte hen . jub k shaeed howa ya nahi ye khalesatan allah or bande ka muamla he.

  • eelums

    Munawar hassan has raised a good point. if your enemy USA solider can not be martyr how can be friends of enemy be martyr((Na pak army).
    Its very simple friends of enemy is also enemy whether they are taliban or Na pak army.
    so anyone who supporting USA are not shaeed same apply to na pak army.