3 False Allegations upon Malala by Orya/Abbasi

Posted on November 4, 2013 Articles

by Mehwish Ali

Ansar Abbasi and Orya Maqbool Jan made false accusations against Malala in order to get cheap popularity. But by doing this, they brought Malala’s life into danger and for obvious reasons not only Talibans, but also other religious extremists will try hard to kill this innocent girl.

Now read the allegations of Orya/Abbasi and see the original text from book and see the deception of Orya/Abbasi yourself.

Allegation no.1: Malala Yousafzai Justifies Salman Rushdie’s basphemeous book against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Here is the image directly from her book.

Allegation no.2 : Malala didn’t use PBUH with Prophet’s name..

Both Orya/Abbasi became blind while making such accusation. Here you can see that they are telling a lie.

Allegation no.3: She has said something unacceptable for the Qadianis..

Another deception from religious extremists Orya/Abbasi. Here is the original text and no where she wrote any unacceptable thing about Qadianies.