Hasb e Haal – 1st November 2013

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Hasb e Haal - 1st November 2013, 9.0 out of 10 based on 310 ratings

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  1. Dua Khan says:

    zbrdst show 4 Great people…..
    love it…. <3
    welldone has b hall team.. (y)

  2. Sab jante hain k ye sara drama British Nationality lene k liye kiya gaya or GEO ka HAMID MIR b iss Dramay ka hissa hai

  3. raja says:


  4. Bilal Maher says:



  5. Bilal Maher says:

    100% agreed with the discussion! why ABDUS SATTAAR EDHI was not nominated for NOBEL PEACE PRIZE ?
    who thinks that PAKISTAN is ruled by TALIBAN ? who supports SALMAN RUSHDEE ?? who supports QADIYANISM ?
    if we say that our PRIME MINISTERS AND OTHER MINISTERS are illiterate .. then what do you think MALALA is ??she has neither LAW degree, nor POLITICS EXPERT diploma, then who the hell is she to represent our dear country??

  6. nika says:

    Junaid Salim is being very callous making remarks about Malala not knowing where she was or where Birmingham was:

    This is the paragraph from'I am Malala' Read the last part where she says'Was I still Malala?' She was in the hospital and finds herself in a totally unknown environment . Junaid Salim is being dishonest.

    "A nurse gave me a pencil and a pad. I couldn’t write properly. The words came out wrong. I
    wanted to write my father’s phone number. I couldn’t space letters. Dr Javid brought me an alphabet
    board so I could point to the letters. The first words I spelt out were ‘father’ and ‘country’. The nurse
    told me I was in Birmingham, but I had no idea where that was. Only later did they bring me an atlas
    so I could see it was in England. I didn’t know what had happened. The nurses weren’t telling me
    anything. Even my name. Was I still Malala?"

  7. sabiha says:

    asalmualikkum! uncle azizi do you work in drama ullo baraey farokhat nahi?

  8. thought says:

    mr. real you also watched this programme what is your opinion about yourself

  9. Syed Ali says:

    Nobel prise is not such nobel, it is being contaminated by the politics Now, call it by its real name stigma on the forehaed.

  10. Treat says:

    stupid show for stupid people!

  11. SABAHAT ALI says:

    Laanati molana gandha admi

  12. Ghul says:

    Bilkul Sahi aur khoob sorat facts par mubni tabsra.

  13. waqar hussain says:

    plz sir jab islam ki bat ho reyi hoo plz hansa na karey plz

  14. Humza Butt says:

    100% agreed with the discussion! why ABDUS SATTAAR EDHI was not nominated for NOBEL PEACE PRIZE ?
    who thinks that PAKISTAN is ruled by TALIBAN ? who supports SALMAN RUSHDEE ?? who supports QADIYANISM ?
    if we say that our PRIME MINISTERS AND OTHER MINISTERS are illiterate .. then what do you think MALALA is ??she has neither LAW degree, nor POLITICS EXPERT diploma, then who the hell is she to represent our dear country??

  15. Sheraz Khan says:

    you are the best azizi, of course the all team.

  16. ahmad says:

    azizi i want to send you wada coat can you send me your adress anyways i am from your city as well

  17. Syed Ali says:

    Those who are worsipher of that satan ( malala) there hearts must be broke.

  18. amir says:

    very well discussion by azizi

  19. Aamir says:

    Excellent show loved it

  20. Uzma says:

    Excellent analysis.

  21. Sawati says:

    Gul Makai (Malala) bi asal mn Gul Makh (her father) tha.

    Because if he claim that he wrote the story it would not be a distinction. But if relates to her daughter it be a distinction.

    Ultimately he got benefit from his cleverness.

  22. USAID says:

    i am from swat .,..,.,. aziza malaaa all that are facke ., during war black quater man were living in mala houseee .,and the dariy she wrote to bbc was writen by another man ..

  23. bilal says:

    very fanny naic so ciut…………<3

  24. k k says:

    Mamala gardar hai in ko kabi pak nahi aney dena chahiye or is ki perwa bi mat karey .

  25. WhiteLion says:

    Excellent show…….

  26. WhiteLion says:

    They are 100% right. The issue of Malala is politicized now and the book is not written by her. She is too young to understand the Sociological and Psychological matters. Societies are different with their own morals and norms and are not black and white…..
    Silly book overall, read it and you will know, well don't read it, its a waste of time read something better like Steve Job's biography much better.

  27. baiddar akhtar says:

    very nice azeze sab i prowd of you and i like your dasi bhangra

  28. Hayat Khan says:

    I won't watch the show for long as a protest, they r entertainers and shouldn't form support controversial opinions

  29. pti says:

    great show…..good job

  30. Shakeel says:

    Why does Junaid sit on the stupid looking desk. Its neither a table nor a desk, its like something for a parrot to sit on. He looks like a f k n parrot. the whole lot are narrow minded fkn idiots and Azizi with his old fashioned dated comedy not funny, never going to watch it again.

  31. Nasir latif says:

    O bas kar azazi. You are a great comedian, laikin ab kuch neya hona chayiye.

  32. Asif says:

    Bad thinking about Malala's book. Listen her 4-5 years back her interview.
    Also read Javed Chaudhry's coulmn from yesterday.

  33. farooq says:

    Eik Pakistani Ko Nobel Prize Milla Tha, Sari Duniya janti Hai Ke Uss ke Saath Aap Logoon Ne Kiya Kiya Salook Kiya, Ab Bhandoon Ko To Nobel Priz Milne Se Raha, Haan Bhandoon Ko Zardari Jese Bhand Kuchh Na Kuchh Zaroor Day gay Hain. Pakistan Main Inaam Dene Wale Aur Inaam Lane Wale Eak Hi Kumash Ke Log Hain, Bare Miyan So Bare Miyan, Chote Miyan Sunhan Allah wali Baat Ha. Lakin , Sharm Tum ko Magar nahin Aati.

  34. farooq says:

    Aoria and Ansar Ki Jalan Ka Dhonwa Akhir Kar Hasb-e Hall Se Nikalna Shuro Ho Giya. Pakistani Wahid Qaom Ha Jo Khud To Kuch Kar Nahin Sakti Lakin Kisi Ko Kuch Karta Huwa Daekh Bhi Nahin Sakti. Sharam Ka Mukam Ha keh Aoria Ki Kahin Aur Na Chal Saki To Uss Jahil Nain Do Aur Jahilon Ko Saath Mila Liya Aur Ye Do jahil Bandar Ki Tarha Aoria Madari Kay Isharoon Par Nachna Shuru Ho Gaye. Tareekh Gawa Ha Keh Pakistan Ke Chand Achhe Ledroon Ke Saath Bhi Iss Kaom Ne Aesa Hi Kiya, Qaid-e Azam Ko Kafir Kaha, Ftma Jinah par Ilzamat Lagaey, Ayub Khan Ko Kuta Kaha Aur iss Waqt Halat Ye ha Keh 65 Saal Guzarne Ke Baad Fakeeron Jesi Zindagi Guzar Rahe Hain, Duniya Ke Sare Mulk Taraki Kar rahe Hain Aur Pakistan Ka revers Gair Laga Huwa hai, 50's 60's 70's Aur 80's Main Bijali Jati nahin Thi Aur Ab Bijali Aati Nahin Kiyon Keh Bijali Ha nahin Aur Yahi Haal Tael, Gas Pani Ka bhi Ha, Laki " Sharam Tum Ko Magar Nahin Aati"

  35. AliRaza says:

    how media is turning their point to malala when she was rushed in hospital at that time every channel was fraught with the sympathy to Malala as well as with his family. and now after become familiar they are producing shows against her,,,,,,,,,, what is the fact 1st side of picture which was shown earlier or the other part which we are seeing today??????????? media is just devastating the concept of pakistan i don't care what they are saying about Malala but i will convey that media is puting their news on the base of $

  36. umair says:

    Very biased discussion. Really disappointed. we can't even tolerate our own daughter. Azizi's comments against Malala's father and Hood bhai shows the level of intolerance and cheap mindset of our society.

    • Nadeem says:

      Mala-mal and her father are traitors.First read book as a muslim.

      • K.D says:

        Mr. Uamir and Farooq both are you the part of them. you are dump and deaf if one side bothering whole nation then their is no disappointing if their is reaction come up then this is cheap mindset of our society according to your mindset. who is making those things to put the anger in the society they are nice people in front of you.
        Did we done any thing against any religion did we write any book against any country. do you have any answer.

    • nasir says:

      You are right. I agree

    • Treat says:

      you are too intelligent for this show/forum

    • Aijaz says:

      Nothing is wrong with Malala! She is just a child but her father is a real issue. He is the one playing game by using his daughter. He might be successful in this world by talking against Pakistan and Islam but what will happen after that??? Remember West will never support a good Muslim and Pakistani. They will only be happy with someone who will use their language.

  37. ali says:

    today's show was nice

  38. hassan says:

    nice programme

  39. pakistan c says:

    good show

  40. Sameer says:

    Junaid and Azizi, expose their true values. Narrow, illiterate, religious nationalism. This is taking Pakistan down and down and down!

  41. ARIF MAHMOOD says:

    Thanks God that i never ever bought that Maliyla issue, as she is in wrong hands and now they would use her for their satanic purposes (wrapped in sweet smell wrapping) promoting secularism in Islamic world, poisoning youth. but its not Maliyla's fault, shame on her father and those who are behind this satanic purpose. DEFINATELY DAJAAL IS HERE IN MANY SHAPE AND FACES.

  42. Baloch Al-Pakistani says:


  43. J.K says:

    Its not easy to digest fame ,money ,respect for everyone and Malala couldn't cope very well"I am Malala"has nothing to do with this book Azizi/Junaid saleem are right book name should be "I am malala father” inside book material doesn't match with Malala claims, stories it is the stone been thrown on malala name into the dark that might be hit target which went wrong in shape of disaster, now its depends on peoples mental level how their approach towards this book contents but for the ordinary person it is not acceptable the way many things been discussed unnecessary

  44. waqas says:

    azizi zinda bad

  45. Pakistan says:

    I agree with them .. they are right .. i read book .. totally rubbish book.

  46. manawar says:

    learn some knowledge, it is lanant on your birth, but you are are a student of a maddrasa , who are ony taught to say lanat or say qafar wtoutht rationalizinig some one else arguments. please create some tolarance in your feelinigs or jajbats, this nation only need tolarance

  47. Nadeem says:

    Very good show on disclising Mala-Mal drama .All viewers are happy and satisfied on this show. Obviously Hasbe-Hal is most popular show, which give true feelings of common people, not few traitors

  48. manawar says:

    i heard about qadiani coments, i think this is the chepest maner to raise your rating . this is the mind set which take pakistan where it is now .

  49. lanat says:

    bewoof juszbati walee kuom….aik cheez key pichey bag petey hein….mulala fobia hoo giya tha ain pakis kou…abb rotey hein….ais mulala ka peo puka berozgar tha sura hoya tipical pakistani….husretoo ka mara houwa …ais ka tou kuwab tha kala coat aur uk ka red passport….baray juzbatee rona roney waley they mulala key liya…chund paree hai saroon key bothoo per….yeh pakis kee juwan larkiyan mulala kee bari supporter thein….chund mari hai mulalla ney saroon key bothoon per…..chtakh chtakh yeh chund kee awaz hai ….

  50. Usman says:

    Good Azizi Sb
    I hate Malala or Malala Father

  51. Imtiaz says:

    Its a part of Malala bashing program. And Malala bashing is part of Talibaanisation.

  52. aqrathore says:



  53. save pakistan says:

    good show

  54. Nassib says:

    What The Hell Is Going On I Think I Will Need A Holiday No Games No Ipad
    So I Think This Is Going To Be Awsome Wow

  55. nasir says:

    Today hasbe haal team brkoke my heart. Pure talibanised view about malala.

  56. pheena says:

    you shity indian,,keep you ugly eyeball away from our tv shows…. rats must stay remain in their own holes

  57. Neo says:

    Malala and OBL will part of History books for next years… it will remain as tight slap on the face of Each PAKI.. or that kind of mind set.

  58. K.D says:

    Nice and just simply a patriotic show

  59. Inam Sheikh says:

    Azizi is the best comidian!

  60. Rocket A says:

    Panjabi Bhaads.

  61. pakpathan says:

    buuuuuuuuuuuuut i am not depending his father for ure .i just dont like they way he talk and trying to explain thing in his ugly eccent !!

  62. pakpathan says:

    you will understand junaid paaai when you wake up after coma B),and ask where m i?you are in ukara .WHERE IS OKARA???B) then you will understand what it means to get shot in ur brain

  63. rabia says:

    a very good show

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