3 Suns seen in China

3 Suns seen in China




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3 Suns seen in China, 8.2 out of 10 based on 62 ratings

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  1. Amna says:

    According 2 my point of view actually these r not suns these r just planets bcz only there is earth tht moves around the one n only sun so these r may be the planets n the another reason for neglecting them as suns is tht when a single sun blows heat so we feel great hotness so how can more than one sun effect the land Except this if there is another logic beside this sent from Allah so we should just worship him truly n ask 2 have his pleasure,satisfaction n help

  2. Ibrahim Khan says:

    there is no truth behind this.this is complatly lie.

  3. Ali says:

    HE is talking about something abnormal though no reaction on his face. I mean three suraj was not able to shock this news caster. I mean jaab suraj maghrib se niklay gaa aur uskay baat tobah ka darwazee band kar deyee jaein gae that would not shock many of Pakistanis kewn kay there hearts are sealed. Allah ka khauf karo aur tobah karooo kewn ka Asman se nishaniyaan namudar hona shru ho gai hein. Allah forgive us for our sins and keeps us in Your refugee

  4. mirchi says:

    Sirf teen suraj nikalnay per itni hirani hai…pakistan mein to itnay saray aqal kay chand zameen per ghomtay ba-asani dekhay ja sakte hain

  5. mirchi says:

    Sirf teen suraj nikalnay per itni hirani hai…pakistan mein to itnay saray aqal kay hand zameen per ghomtay ba-asani dekhay ja sakte hain. Lol

  6. MAX says:

    SUN IS ONLY ONE DUE TO CLOUDS RADIATION SHOWS IMAGE AS THREE climate of china is like that clouds make many amazing style in the sky

  7. two of them are MADE IN CHINA, but only one is original :D

  8. Sadia Khalil says:

    Not a new thing! This is called sub dog: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_dog

  9. Mubshir Ali says:

    ye hai allah ki shan-e-qudrat ke wo jo chahai kar skhta hai q ke wo hi to hai jo nizame hasti chalrahai hai

  10. nibiru says:

    planet nibiru …. end of world … google it u dumb ass pakis..

  11. Khurram Asif says:

    thats sun dog please search that in google you would find the realty…

  12. stupid indian says:


  13. AAA says:

    This movie uploaded was 20-Jan-2011 on youtube and today as usual Geo TV create drama that it's happened today.

  14. Samad says:

    Its called a sundog. Its not 3 suns rather its an atmospheric phenomenon.

  15. Danial says:

    its fake like every thing in china. a cheater nation

  16. Abdul Rehman says:

    Qayamat Ke Nishani

  17. instakill says:

    HARAAAM!!! Ye sub wajibul qatal hain… Allah hu akbar… 3 sooraj … nahin aik sooraj hai….. sooraj dunya ke gird ghoomta hai aur dunya flaaat hai.. ye fatwa hai

  18. idrees says:

    just reflection of sun…

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