3 Suns seen in China


3 Suns seen in China




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  • Amna

    According 2 my point of view actually these r not suns these r just planets bcz only there is earth tht moves around the one n only sun so these r may be the planets n the another reason for neglecting them as suns is tht when a single sun blows heat so we feel great hotness so how can more than one sun effect the land Except this if there is another logic beside this sent from Allah so we should just worship him truly n ask 2 have his pleasure,satisfaction n help

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006929825630 Ibrahim Khan

    there is no truth behind this.this is complatly lie.

  • Ali

    HE is talking about something abnormal though no reaction on his face. I mean three suraj was not able to shock this news caster. I mean jaab suraj maghrib se niklay gaa aur uskay baat tobah ka darwazee band kar deyee jaein gae that would not shock many of Pakistanis kewn kay there hearts are sealed. Allah ka khauf karo aur tobah karooo kewn ka Asman se nishaniyaan namudar hona shru ho gai hein. Allah forgive us for our sins and keeps us in Your refugee

  • mirchi

    Sirf teen suraj nikalnay per itni hirani hai…pakistan mein to itnay saray aqal kay chand zameen per ghomtay ba-asani dekhay ja sakte hain

  • mirchi

    Pakistani qoam ko kisi qayamat ka intezar nahi…woh to already uss say guzar rahi hai

  • mirchi

    Sirf teen suraj nikalnay per itni hirani hai…pakistan mein to itnay saray aqal kay hand zameen per ghomtay ba-asani dekhay ja sakte hain. Lol

  • https://www.facebook.com/raja.moneeb.14 Raja Moneeb


  • MAX

    SUN IS ONLY ONE DUE TO CLOUDS RADIATION SHOWS IMAGE AS THREE climate of china is like that clouds make many amazing style in the sky

  • https://www.facebook.com/ulvi.mammadov Ulvi Mammadov

    two of them are MADE IN CHINA, but only one is original :D

    • Sarmad

      i agree

    • treinte y nueve

      hahah that's actually a good joke

  • Sadia Khalil

    Not a new thing! This is called sub dog: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_dog

  • Mubshir Ali

    ye hai allah ki shan-e-qudrat ke wo jo chahai kar skhta hai q ke wo hi to hai jo nizame hasti chalrahai hai

  • nibiru

    planet nibiru …. end of world … google it u dumb ass pakis..

    • hamza

      i googled your dumb ass, thank god you're locked up in a mental asylum :)

  • riaz

    ?? ????????hi

  • https://www.facebook.com/I.am.what.i.am.711 Effi Aiian


  • Khurram Asif

    thats sun dog please search that in google you would find the realty…

  • stupid indian


  • AAA

    This movie uploaded was 20-Jan-2011 on youtube and today as usual Geo TV create drama that it's happened today.

  • nasir
  • Samad

    Its called a sundog. Its not 3 suns rather its an atmospheric phenomenon.

  • Danial

    its fake like every thing in china. a cheater nation

    • https://www.facebook.com/aiman.rani.923 Aiman Rani

      why r u saying this? what make u think like that?

    • shan_ak27

      if your tiny brain cant absorb shit its called fake

  • instakill

    HARAAAM!!! Ye sub wajibul qatal hain… Allah hu akbar… 3 sooraj … nahin aik sooraj hai….. sooraj dunya ke gird ghoomta hai aur dunya flaaat hai.. ye fatwa hai

    • Lol

      Flat really ?

      • instakill

        Sarcasm bro. LOL! Saudi Mullah Bin Baz gave a fatwa declaring earth to be flat. i was mocking that

    • Hewlet

      You are nerd…

    • same

      oh my god u dont know
      about science ,moon is moving around earth not sun ,and the earth is not flat .i think u r not reading the quran with translation.

    • https://www.facebook.com/aiman.rani.923 Aiman Rani

      suraj dunya k gird goomta hai? earth flat hai? ye ap say kis nay kaha?

      • https://www.facebook.com/neutroneo Ahsan Tariq

        quran main likha hai keh qibla ka tawaf duniya ki..iss puray jahan ki har aik cheez tawaaf kurti hai.. scientifically speaking.. earth rotates around the sun.. but you are forgetting that earth is also spinning around its own axis.. which no other planet does.. soo if you are imaginative enough.. and you have been a science student.. just imagine earth spinning on its own axis and simultaneously its spinning around the sun.. which makes the sun to move (do tawaf) around the earth.. this thoery is proven scientifically as well.. go and google it..
        dont deny what Allah has mentioned in quran..

        • instakill

          Ladies And Gentlemen, Please welcome Ahsan Tariq (PhD) in Pseudosciences. A simple google search can tell you that son DOES NOT revolve around the earth. This is basic elementary astronomy.

          • sonk

            Son? LOL

          • instakill

            I admit that was bad typo. LOL! SUN incase someone didn't get it.

        • geofrendz

          Bro! For your kind information other terrestrial and lot of extraterrestrial planets have rotatory motion. Geocentric theories is failed n haleocentric theory is valid for todays science. Please do not contaminate the pure spirit of Islam thru your lame n pseudo ideas. N always give reference to your quotes please

        • geofrendz

          And the most funny part is…….. u can see thousands of suns (stars) in the night sky. U are not agreeing of three ;). It was a comment anyhow.

          • https://www.facebook.com/safiullah.mehboob Safiullah Mehboob

            yeah he is ri8 every star is a sun and bigger thn sun

      • Amir

        Earth Flate hai ya aik nah Indian agent na kaha haj

    • shan_ak27

      and Charas is a bad drug lol

    • DAJ

      I hope you were being sarcastic

      • instakill

        Yes I was.

    • syed

      who give this fatwa

      • instakill

        Saudi Mullah,, Ibn Baz

  • idrees

    just reflection of sun…

    • sabi

      reflection,is an easy defination