Whose footsteps Malala is following

Posted on October 31, 2013 Articles

I salute two persons in Pakistani media in this crucial time one is ANSAR abbasi and other is Oreya Maqbool jan you two are doing a perfect job keep it up and ALLAH give you strength and help you in this WAR against evil.
This malala issue remind me one of SO called HEROIN who was also against islam and her views and book was widely accepted by West her name is Ayaan Hirsi Ali published “Infidel,” an autobiography that documented her journey from repression in Muslim East Africa to the freedom of the Netherlands. In that book, Hirsi Ali claimed, Muslim women must renounce their faith and their cultures. Rife with awestruck veneration of the empowered West, Hirsi Ali’s recipe for liberation for Muslim women was eagerly consumed. The book became a New York Times best-seller and its author a celebrity. Malala is doing the same thing and is following her footsteps in the guidelines of her father Mr Zia.

Malala was only one of thousands of brave girls in the Swat Valley seeking an education by attending school, still at an immediate threat of the Taliban. “If malala is praises because Taliban shot her, then honored should be given to each and every girl shot by the Taliban. Malala only got [a] magic bullet and magic surgery that didn’t [give] her even a small scar, there are girls [in Swat who] lost their lives and many others with their limbs [lost]. They deserve more.Pakistan local Western agents only sees malala work for education to be frank what she did???Why they ignore the real elements ,in the field of education Dilshad Begam is a well known name in Swat she is district education officer in Swat,motivated and enrolled 14,000 girls and 17,000 boys recently after an intensive door-to-door enrollment campaign led by local teachers.According to her the threat from the Taliban was exaggerated, she added.

“I have been working for female education for 25 years, and never received a threat,” she said.
One intresting fact is that Malala has retained one of the world’s biggest public relations firms, Edelman, which is seeking to transform her into a ”global brand.”According to Edelman that there is now a “two-month waiting list” for people who want interview Malala. My question and all other brothers like me want an answer that why Pakistani media is Projecting her as daughter of the nation and why they are comparing her with respectable Dr Afia ,Why our so called Media and Libral want to win the race when there is something against Islam and Pakistan either it is the case of Malala or Mukhthara mai or someone else .